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Jacko Faces the Cameras, Turns Kid Blue

3/24/2009 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unmasked and flashing the remainder of his reassembled parts, former King of Pop Michael Jackson left his home away from home -- a Beverly Hills medical building -- shielding one of his doomed kids with a surgical cap on Monday.

For safety, the 50-year-old held on to his child with his human hand.


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Yuk, forget the nose....those creepy hands with the long nails??? Wha's his excuse for THAT?

2038 days ago


Talk about child abuse. Why does this wacko have these kids? If he was your average person he would have been committed to an insane asylum by now.

2038 days ago

Obama is Gay    

not his kid, he found a gay midget he wants from behind

2038 days ago


This is done for protection from the paparazzi and phychos like YOU here. We've seen what happens on this site and the web when they are unmasked: "oh, their noses are too big, no they're too small, oh they're black, no they're yellow, no they're red, no they're purple!"
Leave those kids alone, if you cared you wouldn't even comment on their appearance! Now you'll have to always see them masked in public for the years to come. Bravo! Well done!!!

2038 days ago


That should be child abuse!

2038 days ago


There is something EXTREMELY disturbing about a child being masked almost each and everytime they go out in public. Why is no one concerned about the pychological effects that this has on these children? There is NO WAY that this is good for their well-being! If they are subjected to masks out in public, then what are they subjected to elsewhere? I'm just saying...
How will these children cope in the "real world" as adults? They won't.

2038 days ago

Papa Bear    

If you look through the blue hat, you can clearly see a white piece of tape covering the kid's mouth! I can't believe no one has said anything about that! NOW THAT is cruel and wacked! Someone needs to take those kids away ASAP!

2038 days ago


whats with the jaw bone running into the cheeks. It's just bizarre.

2038 days ago


He is a very sick man and those kids should be taken away from him as they are not even his children; THEY ARE WHITE!

2038 days ago


Michael, you rock!! You made my day dude!

2038 days ago


How bare all these people talk so much crap about this great performer and person he is just trying to protect his kids from danger from the press , kidnappers and i think there is many more people in this world that have done so much evil in this world and people come to insult this great wonderful artist who has done nothing to kids only to help and help heal the new generation of kids in this world with his great influence you press just cover the bad not the good like when he go's to children hospitals and orphan homes and the over 5 million he has given to children charities.

2038 days ago


good for MJ to do that! keep doing what you are doing is these bastards that dont know what it is to be harrassed that write negative things. Personally MJ does not care what anybody says and hes doing the right thing by protecting his kids from the media and paparazzi. I would also do the same if I was famous and did not want anybody writing negative information or selling my kids pictures for lots of money and that's what these paparazzi do they snap pictures and sell them for lots of money. Hes not crazy hes doing the right thing which is protecting his offspring. All these people that write negative comments are just jealous and will never have the money MJ has.

2035 days ago


I think CPS should be called (again). That is just CRUEL to put that cover over the poor kid...

2003 days ago
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