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Fan-tush-ia Barrino

Tests the Power of Spandex

3/25/2009 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It ain't bad to be "American Idol" alum Fantasia Barrino right now ... girl says she's got a job, a couple of homes -- and a booty that just won't quit!!!

Fantasia: Click to watch
Take a wild guess which of the above our cameraman was most excited about.


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Damn some of yall need to get a LIFE ASAP!!! Leave her alone!!!She doing her thing, and all yall doing is being internet thugs!!! GET A LIFE!!!!

2002 days ago


Where was this picture taken? The zoo???

2002 days ago


this is one FUGLY HOE! How does she wipe her butt with those long nails without a selfdone episiotmony?

2002 days ago


#16 apparently you are unaware of what the term racist means. lol beleive it or not dear many people voted for obama not just for the color of his skin but his beleifs. no one is arging the fact of hs ethnicity and we are all well aware of the color of his parents. thanks for the lesson. i was not aware that you had the telepathic powers that enabled you to read the mind of all black americans who aparently all thought to vote for obama because of his color

2002 days ago


Ruben should have never won AI. He can't sing.. Where is he now , Huh? Probably flipping burgers and McDonalds.

2002 days ago


Sure wasn't her face-

2002 days ago


Diana Degarmo? LOL Are the Dianamites still bitter that their little chick pea didn't win? lol Anyone who thinks DiDi is a better performer than Fantasia has a screw loose....dayem the screw fell right out, forget about being loose. Bwahahahaha

2002 days ago


#21 I'm actually more aware of the definition, as well with everything else, than you are. If 98% of whites would have voted for McCain all we'd be hearing about on the news is how racist white Americans are, blah blah blah. But 98% of blacks vote for the fake black guy with no slave blood in him, and you don't hear a peep. Blacks are the most racist, angry, vile people in this country, as well the media knows and does everything they can to hide that fact.

If you need anymore lessons you know where to find me :)

2002 days ago


Leave Rueben alone!! He makes a mean Patty Melt at the Waffle House in Leeds, Alabama!!!

2002 days ago


Hhahahahaha, i can smell nothing but haters..

From my POV over here in the Uk;
Fantasia & Ruben are international artists, we know Fantasia/Ruben as thier songs/music videos are played here, as for Diana (who btw, ive never heard of) & "Clay" i've never heard of them, i've only heard of Akin through Nick cannons "Wild N Out" when they were making fun of him & on here on TMZ when they came out with the news that he was gay..

So i would say overall, Fantasia/Ruben won, artist wise.....

As for her arse, it looks toned & lovely, you ignorant fools are just angry/jealous becuse you've done 100000 crunches & still haven't got one.

Keep hating, she's still making money....

As for the fools calling her a "Jungle monkey" & other moronic names, please bring out your paycheque & compare it with hers....Then speak out your arse...


2002 days ago


her butt is toned and lovely? Yeah, like a marshmellow - why does her nose look like it has been mashed flat?

2002 days ago


#27 or CW ie crack wad, .. Go bite the belly rolls off of Ruben's stomach, you dumb moron.. You seem to think you know all about AI and the hasbeen losers from the show.. I think you need to get a freaking life , and leave your trailer park , every now and again.. Get away from the boob tube.. You BOOB!

2002 days ago


definately a but a face, everything looks good but her face.

2002 days ago


This is why I love spandex.

2002 days ago

tina nyc    

She makes me sick. She really sucks and can not SING..Call Keyshia Cole so she can teach you how to sing.

2002 days ago
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