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Shawn Johnson Under Tight Surveillance

3/26/2009 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the LAPD will present the case against Robert O'Ryan to the L.A. County D.A., probably sometime this morning. It's likely that stalking and other charges will be filed -- that would almost certainly up O'Ryan's bail....presumably enough to keep him behind bars in the short term.

Shawn Johnson
is playing some serious defense in the wake of an obsessed and armed fan's arrest outside "Dancing With the Stars."

TMZ has learned the 17-year-old has a new personal bodyguard, who's already been spotted shadowing her around town. Sources tell us Shawn's protector is an off-duty police officer.

Robert O'Ryan was arrested after trying to get into Monday night's taping of the show. Police say they found a loaded handgun and a loaded shotgun in his car. O'Ryan remains in custody, held on $35,000 bail.

We're told Shawn, her "Dancing" partner Mark Ballas, and the rest of the cast were informed about O'Ryan after Monday's show.


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That's very frightening. That could have been a horrific live show. Glad they caught the sicko.

2016 days ago

Dick Gardner    

I heard she watches the "Stupid Mario Brothers" on youtube to calm her down. There is a lot of that going on.

2016 days ago

Michael Madsen    


Really? My Gawd... what a surprise... people kill people not guns... My, my... I'd better not get into a debate with you... your knowledge and insight on this issue are obviouly impenetrable.
Wait a minute... Mexico... a country where buying a gun is very difficult... and yet...
But you're right, Nexjn, the drug bandits are people and the innocent people they are killing with illegal US Assault Weapons are... also people... so yah... you know what? I do get it! By Gum! You have convinced me. See? Next time don't be so hard on yourself... you do have the power of persuasion!

And... to your point on electricity as a weapon? I just hope the Mexicans don't get a hold of any US made Table lamps... plug one of those babies in and you can do some real damage.

Boy...I'll tell ya... I've sure learned my lesson... I'd have to get up pretty early in the morning to put one over on you.

Yours insincerely,

Mr. Get Real.

2016 days ago


If DTWS would stop dressing Shawn in horrible overly-revealing costumes, like on this week's shows, then maybe the stalker creeps would leave her alone!
(this week's outfit was NOT flattering AT ALL...and showed a little too much of the 17 year old GIRL to the world!)

2016 days ago


His bail is too lw....they defiantly need to increase it.

2016 days ago


Mrs. Getreal - I wondered if you were misinformed or an idiot, but your last post tells me conclusively that you are the later. You made my point for me - and I thank you. If, as you say, it were not so difficult for the citizens of Mexico to own weapons to defend themselves, then there would be far fewer bloodbaths, because the criminals would know that there is a damned good possibility that if they start shooting, the citizens are going to shoot back - pretty simple logic. And did those illegal guns just get up and walk across the border all by themselves? I mean, if I follow your logic, a gun - on it's own - can kill someone. I guess then that on it's own, it can just cross the border and jump into the hands of the criminals. Obviously not - a criminal transported the guns. Your sarcasm is the typical response of a liberal with no facts to stand on. You can't truthfully and intelligently defend your position with facts, so you resort to sarcasm. I've had more intelligent discussions with small children than what you are able to offer, so go pray to your god Obama for enlightenment.

2016 days ago


its a shame, she's a very lovely girl, very funny and extremely talented, lets hope she doesnt get too emotionally scarred from this.

You rock shawn!

2016 days ago


JulieC3, I appreciate your comments about dressing a 17 year old in revealing style. However, this is not what makes a person stalk someone. Wearing revealing clothes is not what makes someone rape. Please be careful about placing any blame on the victim. This stalker has been obsessed since way before DWTS. Said respectfully.

2016 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Here's my logic, oh simple-minded Nexjn...
If there are no assault weapons with which to clutch and kill someone with... then gun battles and gun deaths, and gun murder and gun assassination and gun-killing and gun-seelling and gun-running and guns-for-drugs and gun evryhting ENDS. PERIOD.
No citizen on this planet needs to own an assault weapon... in case you haven't noticed... and I know you haven't... assault weapons have only one purpose... to kill people.
Obviously you own an assault weapon... and you're the kind of person most likely to take one into Macdonald's and make your next order.
But, again... maybe you're right. Sell assault weapons... just lock up the people who buy them.

The Obama refernece was also expected... coming from someone who masturbated to George W's 8x10.
My Gawd... this country's got some real freaks in it.

2016 days ago


In order to maximize surveillance...only members of the LOLLIPOP GUILD were employed.

2016 days ago


Mr. Getreal, once again, your flawed logic helps me make my point. Yes, if all guns were destroyed, there would be no more death by guns. However, criminals would then resort to other weapons, such as knives, clubs, chemicals and what have you, so the elimination of guns is a moot point.. Again, guns do not kill, people do. Unfortunately, there always have been, and always will be, criminals that will find the means to harm innocent people. It is the nature of man. Your utopian ideology, while admirable, will never be achieved because of this nature, regardless of any legislation the government enacts. Because of this, intelligent men and women must have the means with which to defend themselves. Yes, guns are designed to kill, and are very effective at it - a very comforting thought should a criminal try to harm my family or myself. You are incorrect, however, on a couple of points - first, I do not own an assault rifle. I do, however, own a shotgun and a pistol, and contrary to your assertion that I would use it to place an order at a fast food establishment, the only time either would be pulled out of safe keeping would be in the event that someone were trying to harm my family, friends or myself. You are also incorrect that I masturbated to pictures of George Bush. I am heterosexual and happily married. Also, I don't think he was a very good leader at all, and was glad to see him go. Again, you can't argue your point with verifiable facts, so you resort to sarcasm and insults, only to further prove your ignorance. Pray harder to Obama - you are slipping.

2016 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Hey Nexjn... run away 'cause you is sooo scared wit-out yer weapon? Most gun-lovers have a big mouth when their gun's on'em, ...
no can take the fight.
Truism: Gun lovers are cowards.
Only a coward chooses to settle arguements with bullets. It takes a real man to face adversity with intelligence and knowledge.
Nexjn... you're a fool. You'd drink the cool-aid at Jonestown...pathetic.

2016 days ago


You people going on about guns killing people and people killing people and dogs killing people are morons. One is a hunter or some other NRA clone wannabe and the other thinks we need to hold hands and think about how great it would be if the planet were as green and safe as life on planet Gore.

You are both idiots. Even more so for debating the point on the TMZ message board; which is trolled by loser promoting their websites, extremely obese housewives using NetZero to dial-up the Internet from their trailer and me. :-P

Now go to classymengel where they use activex controls to psuh trojans and viruses down to your computer. Many celebrities have their computers infected there.

2016 days ago

Michael Madsen    


We've been talkin' 'bout GUNS... not knives and bats and rocks... GUNS. Stick to the issue.
You say without guns - there would still be violence... duh... you so smart.
But without guns... there would be a lot less violence, a lot less killing, a lot less crime.
Try robbing a bank with a knife or rock or lightbulb... not as easy - give some criminal an assault rifle and bingo... suddenly he's a bank robber.
Gun escalate vilonce, lead to violence, and are impetus to create violence.
Ever hear about the morons who get insulted vebally... leave... come back an hour later with guns and kill the insulter...
That violence is particular to guns... didn't come back with stick did they.
Guns and guns alone cause more violent death in the USA than other weapon... period. End of story.
And if you only feel a shotgun and pistol are in order for protecting your family then I guess you wouldn't be against the ban on assault weapons?

2016 days ago


Have a nice day, Mr. Getreal.

2016 days ago
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