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Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle: So Shady

3/27/2009 6:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite rumors they broke up, and looking like they stepped out of Hipster Weekly, evangelical Christian dandy boy bander Joe Jonas and his equally overly-accessorized platonic girlfriend Camilla Belle had lunch in Beverly Hills on Thursday.

If they do break up, who will keep the skinny jeans?!


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The economy is bad in America and so many children are homeless because their parents lost their jobs and all you can find to talk about is Player Joe Jonas' and his girlfriend that probably won't last another week sunglasses. Truly Sad!!!! and shallow.

2034 days ago


#15 if you want to hear about homelessness watch the news. People come to TMZ to read about celebrity gossip / silliness.
No one comes here for worldly news.

These two look like brother and sister and that is the worst incognito outfit for him. They are drawing so much attention to themselves dressing so similar and those sunglasses make them look alien like. He needs to scrape those skinny jeans off and give them to some homeless 6 year old girl that #15 comes to TMZ to read about.

2034 days ago


haha, nice beany dork. i guess he was worried about those robert pattinson rumors and took and note outta his style guide...Jonas Brothers Suck!

2034 days ago

Sarah M    

Damn i'd tap that..twice. (Joe, not Camel toe Belle)

She needs to chose a man (not joe) and stick to him so she can stop being a whore that people hate

2034 days ago


What a total homo. Looks like two chicks out shopping talking about how much they love the sausage.

2034 days ago

Illinois person    

Who's the girl in this relationship?

2034 days ago


12. The only thing they're hidin' is the stiffy party they have in Belle's butt... evangelical...yaw right.

15. #10... if he was really evangelical, it's wouldn't be in Belle but in some other lad.

lol & lol

2034 days ago


Is that his f@g hag?

2034 days ago



2034 days ago


The only reason she is dating him is to get famous. She is a nobody so what better way than to be seen with a Jonas Brother, why else would a woman in her 20's date an 18 year old virgin. Do people actually believe this is true. She finally found sunglasses large enough to hide those huge eyebrows of hers.

2034 days ago


first thought "OMG he's trying to look like Russell Brand"
second thought "wear jackets that fit you noob"

2034 days ago

Lippy Loo    

The dude looks like a lady. Jonas bros' are the worst boy band ever. They cannot hold a note if their life depended on it. As Randy would say "it was pitchy dawg". I agee with #26, that is so true. Why would a woman her age hang out a with a skinny little virg?

2034 days ago

Bill Cosby    

Why the F#%! is he wearing that!!?? I cannot STAND these "store-bought" hipsters! I'm in my early 30's and people from my generation would call him a POSER! You see, back when I was a kid there were such things as SUB-CULTURES. People identified with certain movements and it meant a lot to them. These days there's no such thing! Everything can be bought at a store. Oh! You want to be a goth you say? That's fine, go to Walmart or wherever and buy the "Goth" kit. You want to look like a NYC hipster? No problem! Go to the store of your choice and get one of these dirt bag hats that Jonas is wearing and a pair of 1980's sunglasses! Did these kids even EXPERIENCE the 80's!!??

My point is, there's no integrity anymore. No more individuality. Dressing "different" or "unique" USED TO BE an important way for teenagers and various sub-cultures. It was part of their IDENTITY AND NOT JUST AN ACCESSORY. Now in the glorious age of the internet everything has become formulated and robbed of it's essence. What is this kid that is EVANGELICAL doing dressed like this!!!?? A lot of my friends were just regular 'ole Catholics and their parents gave a damn what they wore. On another note.... Is this kid REALLY setting an example by dressing like an a-hole and driving a Lamborghini? Is that what Evangelicals do? I don't know because I haven't met many.

2034 days ago


seriously... does EVERY tmz jonas bro post have to include the word "evangelical" and some abstinence reference? i'm not offended, just bored. you're WRITERS, get CREATIVE!

just sayin'...

2034 days ago


@@@@@@ She is so lucky I would lick the hell out ofhis sweet hairless @$$ from top to bottom @@

2034 days ago
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