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Eddie Cibrian's Wife:

Thank God for Bliss

3/29/2009 9:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Cibrian: So, honey, we canceled the subscriptions to those magazines a few weeks ago, didn't we?
Brandi: I'm pretty sure we did. I haven't seen one of those in a month.
Eddie: Okay, wanna go to dinner?



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His wife is a fool. Her husband had/is having a fling with Leann Rimes (major yuck) and she stays with him. I'd kick that to the curb in a heartbeat. Talk about downgrading for an affair.

2034 days ago


His wife must be getting something out of this because if I saw video of my husband cheating he'd be gone! And the fact that when the pap asks him about it he smiles ear to ear! What nerve! Unless it all was just for publicity...but who would want that stigma of being known as a cheater?!!

2034 days ago


He's hot and they have two kids. She's not just going to get up and leave! She is obviously going to try to work it out first - two kids! And he doesn't have the cash to get a divorce now - wait til he makes more money - then she will get a divorce. Now it would just be stupid! He has nothing, she gets nothing!

2034 days ago

Nikki M    

You guys think you're hard hitting journalists asking the tough questions don't you? You are morons who continuously bring up infidelity with the guy's poor wife right there! So what if he is a d**che bag? She didn't deserve it, and doesn't deserve it being shoved in her face by you guys!!!

2034 days ago


I think it was all a publicity stunt for that god awful movie no one would have known about otherwise.

2034 days ago


To some extent I agree with NIKKI It is not fair to get the wife involved in this fiasco, give LeAnne Rimes some hassle she deserves it, who discusses during lunch with a friend that the married man ( with two young children ) you are sleeping with wants to leave his wife before their 8th Anniversary in May. What kind of woman with morals thinks that alright. Apparently Mr.Cibrian has not been faithful to any girl since he was 15 years old. one his friends said. Nice man, does Miss Rimes think she will be any different. I also feel sorry for Miss Rimes husband, I do not know whether he is gay or not that is not the question, she married him and I personally think he is a nice man and does not deserve this treatment either.

2034 days ago


Ewww...He could do SO much better than either one of them! His wife looks like she just tried out for a Charlie's Angels role.

2034 days ago


Does anyone still think that Eddie banging LeAnn was just a stunt? They've been going at it for five months, starting just a month after her seventh wedding aniversary celebration. LeAnn Rimes obviously need a lustful douching and Eddie Cibrian was her douche-bag. I wouldn't be surprised if he called in the media because she was getting serious and he wanted some leading man mileage out of it to promote his career. Rimes is not only an adulterer but a dumb one at that. He is less than something I'd scrape off the bottom of my shoe. Mrs. Cibrian is in a tough spot. She should leave him for a few months and sue Rimes for alienation of affection. Rimes wouldn't let it go to court and would pay-off. Then Mrs. Cibrian would have enough money to drop Eddie into the saniftary napkin bin. As for Dean Sheremet, I think he loves Rimes but she publically cut his manhood off so he would finally consent to a divorse. Suck it up and be a man with a little pride Sheremet....nobody is worth the menal abuse and embarrasment she has caused you.

2034 days ago


disrespectful!!this camera guy needs/deserves a severe "talking to"!.to learn exactly what "hard hitting" reporting is all about!!karma catches up to douchebags with cameras!!

2034 days ago


KR and EC have decided to combat the affair exposed by US weekly by putting on a united front with their spouses. The best way to have combated the affair rumors would have been to not have one in the first place. LR and EC did the damage when she didn't deny the accusations and EC danced around them claiming that US weekly took their dinner out of context. How long will it be before LR and EC have yet another "just friends" dinner where they kiss, suck each other fingers, and hold hands? He is smiling as if nothing happend. His wife was trying to get away from the papz and he stood there basking in the attention. So because of this affair and at the expense of his wife's/children's happiness, he is now a star.

2034 days ago


I wonder how long it is before we hear they are seperating. I can't imagine living with my husband if he cheated. Ladies, not all men cheat. There are some good ones left. I found mine at 19, married 22 years this June. Trust, he has never cheated, as I haven't either. Its something you can feel, a woman just knows when her man is up to smack!

He'll do it again, its a high for these guys. The thought that they are desired, and the right one comes along to rub his ego and there he is, a cheater. Weak, very weak.

2033 days ago


Leave Eddie alone! He did nothing! He has to much class. He can't answer your questions, because they are so moronic!

2033 days ago

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