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Mary-Kate Olsen

Human Torch

3/29/2009 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She only weighs 48 pounds, so it wouldn't take much for the highly flammable Mary-Kate Olsen to go up in smoke. Hence a bad idea to pump gas with a cell phone in hand.


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Isn't the whole cellphone, pumping gas thing an urban myth? I don't think it's important...we should be focusing on the animal breeding on her head.

2000 days ago


Her hat has little horn warmers.

2000 days ago


Nikki, POST #29

I don't know how things are where you live, but we don't have any big noticeable signs warning against cellphone use at our gas stations. I haven't noticed any in the states I've driven through either. There may be a sticker of a circle with a silhouette of a cellphone and line going across it stuck to the pumps or a post, but if so,it is pretty small. If it were truly a danger, which it is not, there would be large warning signs you wouldn't be able to miss. I usually purchase my gasoline at Costco and the attendants don't even ask people get off of their cell phones, I am quite certain that they would do so if
their own lives were at risk.

You can check the mythbusters website and/or snopes website to varify that using a cellphone will NOT ignite a fire,

Furthermore, if you correctly comprehended what I wrote, which you obviously did not, you would have realized that I said SOME parts of hospitals don't allow for cell phones. I also did NOT give a reason WHY they are prohibited in SOME areas of the hospital. I merely stated that there are areas of the hospitals I have been to in which they have posted signs prohibiting the use of cell phones.

So, Nikki, before you go publicly criticizing someone, you might want to brush up on your comprehension skills a bit first.

As for working for TMZ. I'd love to. What a cushy job it must be to work as a reporter who could get all of their facts wrong, not be out of job due to it, and still get paid? Not to mention the fact that they all seem to have a great time while at work. I'd love to have a job like that.

Bottom line, TMZ is not CNN. They are merely here for our entertainment, and making fools of themselves and others is in fact, quite entertaining to many of us. An obvious fact since they are still on the air and apparently doing quite well.

So, don't take everything so seriously.
Life's too short and laughter is one of the most enjoyable parts of it.
Being too serious can cause you to miss out on a lot of it.

So "Thank You" TMZ. You not only entertain us, you also provide us with tons of stuff to laugh about, including each other.

Peace and Blessings to all

2000 days ago


Thats Ashley. Not Mary-Kate

2000 days ago


At least she's not wearing fur.

2000 days ago


At least she's smart enough to know that you don't put diesel into your gas powered engine ( a la halle berry). BTW guys, the cellphone thingy is not such a big deal. You can actullay even leave your car running when you get gas. Static electricity is what sets off the fumes and you gotta have a lot of fumes.

2000 days ago


That is Ashley...nice job TMZ way to be on top of things

2000 days ago


If you are going to follow people around and post stuff about their lives online you should at least get their name right.....maaannn....I'm dissapointed and I'm sure ASHLEY would be too

2000 days ago


Having a cell phone next to a gas station pump is not dangerous. This has been proven. It's just another myth. In fact, I believe Mythbusters as well as a few other programs have debunked this one.

But you did get one thing right, Mary-Kate weighs less than a pack of gum. She's gross and has a serious problem.

2000 days ago


Is she wearing the Finnish flag around her neck?!?

2000 days ago


ET, phone hooooooooome!!!

1999 days ago


These chicks have a ton of money. Why do they insist on walking around looking like damn fools?

1999 days ago


That's Ashley.

1995 days ago


I am surprised these celebrities don't have a pumpstump to help there gas.

1441 days ago
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