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Michael Vick

My Doggone Life

3/29/2009 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like former Atlanta Falcons QB and current dog-killing inmate Michael Vick is following in O.J. Simpson's footsteps -- he's shopping around a book about his life and crimes.

The proposed memoir of Vick's rise from poverty to stardom would likely be an attempt to show the NFL that he's sorry enough to be let back in the league. You know, sorry about the dogs, dog fighting and dog imprisonment, but also sorry for going to jail for 23 months. Remember, this is the NFL... it's almost impossible to get suspended forever. They still like O.J. and he killed his wife got imprisoned for stealing memorabilia.

The book will likely be a mixture of the "Da Vinci Code" and O.J.'s "If I Did It." Except with more dog torture. And 100% ghostwritten.

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Animal Lover    

To those Vick fans... you guys are also sick in the head... I can't believe you guys are cheering for him.. You guys are ignorant... You too deserves to have bad things happen to you... You guys are blind to see what that f*cker did... I bet you are same people who think OJ Simpson is innocent to the murder of Nicole Simpson... You guys are heart-less piece of sh*t...

2000 days ago

Animal Lover    

i agree with es1289... I too eat meat... But I eat meat to survive and for nutrition... But when you hurt animals for pleasure, accessories or to seek entertainment then you cross the line...

2000 days ago


TMZ leave the man alone, I'm so damn tired of you racist aholes always demeaning black men. He served his time LEAVE VICK ALONE YOU stupid azzez, and the rest of you white folks who treat your animals better than you kids.

2000 days ago

Animal Lover    

To user "leave vick alone!" you are really f*ck*ng stupid.... Why do people like you think the society is picking on a black man... Negative things are being said to this man because he did something WRONG... not because he is black.. I hate when people like you throw that card around and people are being racist... I bet you are most racist of all... So F*CK OFF

2000 days ago


I could just picture this person grabbing his thing and his eyes getting bigger with each dog that thrashed and got cut up by another. using that low gutteral sound some of his kind have been known to make when absolute delight takes over inside of them...with him it was animal violence and no doubt he orgasimed to it.

I would love to join a PETA like Organization or others that choose to harrass him and those in the NFL who support his "return". Take it to the streets, to the places these decison makers live, work and worship. Its the only way these days for a group, company, organization, sponsor, or official to truly get the message.

Bus tours to AIG employees homes in CT and those employees neighbors worked wonders. So to could a nice visit to a GM or Owner or Television Announcers home with a busload of animal lovers.

Heck, I'd drive the dang bus and set up a tent and sleeping bag in the GMs yard and their neighbors. Nothing like bringing work pressures home now is there?

Boycott, in person, all those who would choose to allow this man to get rich off his animal cruelty notoriety.

2000 days ago

George Herbert Walker Chicken    

Non-issue???? Since when have you seen 99% of the country come together to damn Vick and the scuzzballs who stick up for him? Black, white, eating meat, none of that has anything to do with the fact that Vick is a sociopath and a felon.

Here's an idea: one of you supporters start a pro-dogfighting site. Line up some corporations who are stupid enough to be sponsors (if you can find any) and watch as they impode into bankruptcy quicker than you can say "Mike Vick laughed as he electrocuted the cute little Schnauzer"

2000 days ago


See my post at No. 39. Oppression and damage of any LIVING BEING is wrong. If people believe that a dog is dispensible and can be raped, electrocuted, etc., because he/she is "just a dog," what prevents someone from discounting a woman, a jew, a black, etc. It's about respect for life in general.

"48. TMZ leave the man alone, I'm so damn tired of you racist aholes always demeaning black men. He served his time LEAVE VICK ALONE YOU stupid azzez, and the rest of you white folks who treat your animals better than you kids"

AGAIN, it is not a "black man" issue, or are you just plain stupid?

Oh, and No. 48, dare I say most of us stick around and take care of our keedz. Kleenex is coming out with a new color next month, how can you turn that into a race issue that affects the plight of the black man?

2000 days ago


Why is this a race issue? HONESTLY. If he were white, black, arab, asian, or mixed... I DON'T CARE! Any person of race is capable of doing evil and callous acts. Because Michael Vick committed horrible crimes, and I am against him, doesn't mean I'm racist. I don't understand why people use this as a defense. It's absolutely ridiculous and you're only trying to get a rise out of people. It's not working because most people understand that race is not the issue at hand. It's the fact that he's obviously a sick-minded person that doesn't value life.

2000 days ago


Re. response#48 We who love our PETS are not racists demaning black people, but I have never seen a friend of mine abuse an animal like your hero did. If I saw somebody doing such a thing I would do eveything to stop it within my capabilities. I hope you never have to go through what a wierd human being can do. Would you stop anybody trying to hurt your children? Why do you give any less respect to an animal that walks on four legs.I'm just about sick of listening to you people that don't realize that we have to act like we have soom sense. Do you even know how the english language works? I would like to hear your opinion on this.

2000 days ago


The Watcher and Paco

But it is a Race issue...you got a whole dang Race not calling out publicly loud and proud when behavior is so over the top that the silence condemning it from that Race is deafening. To wit; OJ getting off, you all cheered....Imus calling a group nappy headed ho's you all demanded justice---yet say nothing when Chris Brown beats his woman...silence on Vick...silence against the Protesters in Oakland glorifying a convicted murder for killing 4 white police officers....A whole Race not condemning "Dont Snitch"...

When are you all going to get real and quit following Sharpton and Jackson who are nothing but racist shakedown artists? As a Race you all wont come together when it involves one of your own doing wrong....

Whatever---its your life to live...if you stayed mired in a certain level for so long dont wonder too long anymore why...White Man blaming is getting old. Mexicans and Asians have passed you all by like you were standing still and they didnt even know the language.

Oh and which one of you were a Slave and which one of us was a Master? Its over...get on with it and start calling out bad behavior by your own as a group for once instead of cowering into silence as some kind of "we're in this thing together man" kind of solidarity.

You all are getting laughed at each time a Black guy does something so outrageous and none of you as a Group speak out against it.

Speak up for once instead of acting like pulling together even when a man has been a savage to innocent animals and as a Race you clam up.

As Black Author Juan Williams wrote of in his book "Enough". Read it, you might learn something about why poor blacks remain poor blacks generation after generation.

Why aint the middle class blacks, you know the ones that run Atlanta, ever saying anything? They still in the hood too like Vick claimed?

Whatever, no skin off my back as they say----just saying...I got a nice life thank you, wish I could make it nicer for some of you all...I tried and in some cases did succeed as a hiring manager in the hi tech industry...I mentored, promoted and watched as those who wanted it excel and even exceed me in career, so its very doable...but many get accused of "acting white"..dang get it together as a Race will you all.

Those on here have computers and access to the net and know how to write and spell so most of you already probably have semi decent lives....

Now get mad and hating like as is a typical response instead of understanding why you have lost a whole generation to crime and drugs, prison and getting over...I recall the days of black folks truly wanting an education---not anymore...most want to get over and run HO's. I never recall that being the eye on the prize king and other spoke of.

How did it come to where being cruel to animals and glorifying cop killers were the things to value? Good Grief no wonder your Race is so different from all others----you all cant call out the bad stuff by your own. But quick to go after a Don Imus where it didnt make that much of a difference when you did.

2000 days ago


NOT STICKING UP FOR ANYONE JUST WANT TO KNOW: Will it ever be OK to let a human being work to take responsibility for bad decisions made and incorporate knowledge for better more positive life choices? He paid a high cost for his actions...time will tell if he has changed for the better. Slamming a man who seems to be struggling to find a way to continue living might invite some unwanted "karma"? eh; my comments only...

2000 days ago

J D    

Maybe when or if he gets back on the field he will try to eat a cheerleader or something like that and they will spank him for that???????????????????????? Because he can through a football or run fast!!!!!!!!!!

2000 days ago


And keep in mind beastiaity isn't what animals prefer either; PETA pervs...

should not be respected... Someone should do it to him what he to those poor animals... He is not sorry... and he'll never learned his lesson... He is sick in the head... I hope bad things happen to him and carries on through out his life... Also, he should not write a book... That bastard is just finding ways to make money... cause now that he is broke... What idiot would read it???... One more thing "F*ck Michael Vick"....

Posted at 4:22PM on Mar 29th 2009 by Animal Lover

2000 days ago

Just my opinion    


He served his time.

2000 days ago


I wish VIck all the best. Hopefully he is truly remorsefull and he will be able to interpret that publicly. I think that alot of people dont understand that the book can do more help than harm. It can get the facts about dogfighting and animal cruelty out there. I think Peta is mad because they want their name and stamp all over it. Peta will never stop all people from wearing or making fur and you will not ruin Michael Vick. You will try but I think that he is going to be granted a second chance and it will be up to him to do the right thing with his life. I think that sitting in a jail cell for nearly two years is enough time to sit and think about what he did wrong. He has a lovely family and I think that from now on he is going to do his absolute best for him and his family. He loves his kids and I think that is what is eating him up the most. He will be o.k. and If he does go through with the book I will buy atleast 3 or 4 copies. I love Mike Vick and I hope he comes out and does the right thing.

2000 days ago
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