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Michael Vick

My Doggone Life

3/29/2009 10:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like former Atlanta Falcons QB and current dog-killing inmate Michael Vick is following in O.J. Simpson's footsteps -- he's shopping around a book about his life and crimes.

The proposed memoir of Vick's rise from poverty to stardom would likely be an attempt to show the NFL that he's sorry enough to be let back in the league. You know, sorry about the dogs, dog fighting and dog imprisonment, but also sorry for going to jail for 23 months. Remember, this is the NFL... it's almost impossible to get suspended forever. They still like O.J. and he killed his wife got imprisoned for stealing memorabilia.

The book will likely be a mixture of the "Da Vinci Code" and O.J.'s "If I Did It." Except with more dog torture. And 100% ghostwritten.

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I understand he "served his time" but he shouldn't be able to be a NFL player any longer. One, it won't look good for NFL, the team, the team members, the sponsors, the city, and the nation. Second, as a NFL player, you are a huge influence to your fans (which include children) and a representative of our nation. I sure as hell don't want my kids to idolize of look up to a man that tortures and kills innocent animals. I don't care how good he plays football.

2036 days ago



2036 days ago


May he live a hundred years and never play in the NFL again! Crummy criminal dog fighter!!!

2036 days ago


Ok this loser doesn't even deserve a job at McDonalds. Grip, you must be Michael Vick himself.

2035 days ago


I'm sorry I said #48 because I meant #50 response. I'm in your court #48. I love your diatribe but can we keep tha discussion on a nice plane? I agree with the people that are against the horrible things that MV did.

2035 days ago

save the kids    

Michael Vick will not have begun to pay his dues until he has been electrocuted, slammed to the ground, strapped to a raping post, made to live with a heavy chain aroung his neck, made to fight for his life, had all of his teeth removed in the most painful way, etc,etc. This PIG will never be sorry for what he did, he has no soul. He's only sorry he got caught and now he'll cry a river and say how sorry he is ONLY because he wants to be able to play football again. He's a waste of oxygen and if it wasn't for him being able to throw a football, he would have been in prison along time ago. Probably doing 25 to life.

2035 days ago

shut your foul mouths!!!!    

phedophlies get only a few years for touching people kids and then back out on the hunt aagain. I see no reason why Mike Vick should have spent one day in Jail.. This is what I would have done. Let him continue to play for the falcons and order that his salary at least 80% of each would go towards dogs for number of years. the 20% or less he could use to eat a god meal so that he can wake up the next thinking and knowing that he is working to take care of dogs. the same dogs he abused. They should off let him play. It serves those dogs nothin gfor him to be in there. See already served is time and most likely will be back in the NFL. Yet I still want to point out that I have three dogs but the stories of kids being raped and abused is more important than animals. Kids abuse don't get the spotlight like this. I saw a baby with two back eyes and bruises I htink thats more important than dos don't ya think?

2035 days ago

Loud and talentless    

Rope! The solution for this problem ... rope.

2035 days ago

George Herbert Walker Chicken    

The pro-dogfighters are trying to inject race into this when it doesn't belong. Yes, Vick got and served more time than some rapists, murderers, etc,. That is unfortunate, but irrelevant as it doesn't mean that those of us who object to Vick re-entering the NFL are a bunch of racists. Those 4 dirty white cops who shot a black man, Amadou Diallo, in the back 41 times and lied about it in court, THEY never served a day and you can count me as one of the people who'd like to see those 4 corrupt jerks spend some time in the wrong end of a dogfighting pit.

So, no matter what the pro-dogfighters and pro-animal torturers say, just because a majority of decent Americans despise Vick and what he did does NOT mean we're a bunch of racists.

2035 days ago



Whether you like it or not, this talented athlete will be in the NFL, earning more money than most of us could ever dream of! He has served his time. Roger Goodell is NOT on the Supreme Court. If he has taken Pac Man Jones and some of the Bengals back, he'll take MIKE VICK back.

Michael Vick may have killed animals. But he is a bona fide SEAT FILLER! And for the NFL, thats all that matters.

2035 days ago


you people make me sick. seriously. i hope i don't live near anyone who supports this. that's disturbing. and who the hell says that "he's going to make more money than any of us ever dreamed". you should be ashamed of yourself. it really shows how childish and ignorant you are. is that what matters?! MONEY? that's what got him in this predicament in the first place by placing bets and gambling the lives of innocent dogs. you don't even deserve to speak because you are so incompetent. football is a made up sport. these dogs NEVER deserved to be treated that way because of a f*cking sport. how can people be so insensitive? it makes me sick to my stomach. literally. i pray for people just like you.

2035 days ago


Sarah Palin shoots wolves and moose from airplanes! She also kills helpless animals for sport. These are animals in the wild minding their own business.

WHERE IS ALL THE OUTRAGE??? Where are the people calling for a 'rope'? Where is PETA? Where are the protesters? lmao...

WELCOME BACK MICHAEL VICK! May God bless you in all of your future endeavors....

2035 days ago


82 That you Manny, just being Manny?

That about the dumbest thing said on this board today---and there have been quite a few dumb things said, so congratulations for repeating a party line that isnt true. Now go worship your Messiah who will soon be fitting you for a beret and uniform---freaking Comrade, you'll look with an armband.

Me? I'm staying free, armed, informed and away from the nonsense. I got guns, gold, and freeze dried food and a place to hide out when the big trouble comes.

I will not wear the beret of the Messiah. You can, but you all need a leader and someone and a group to think and decide things for you----I and many like me do not. And we wont give up that freedom easily...come and get me Comrade.

2035 days ago


He bettter not write a book about his life. I agree 100% should go towards education about animal protection. He really got off easy. He should never be let out of prison.

2035 days ago


Look, I think any one who derives pleasure from inflicting suffering on anything living is a serious coward and low life, not to mention stupid. However, lets think about this for a moment. What is Football if not a semi violent sport where people pay good money to watch people tackle each other, slam each other and ram into each other. People--not animals. There are 1000 deaths attributed to High School foot ball injuries each year, Pediatricians will tell you a high scholar's skeletal system is not mature enough for this sport and it is risky for teenagers to play. Does that stop us from encouraging our own children to go out and beat the crap out of the opposing team members. Hell no. So it's OK to put our children on a field and watch them go at each other for entertainment purposes only but if it's a dog then god forbid. We are a hypocritical bunch if you ask me. I personally find Football to be offensive, boring and a useless activity. It makes me think of the Ancient Romans who used to have men fight to the death in Gladiator games..extremely brutal. So think about your selves before going all self richeous on Vic. By he way, there is a gigantic difference between killing animal and killing humans, people who don't get that really make me nervous (PITA are you listening)

2035 days ago
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