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Barney Frank's a Big Boy Now!!!

3/31/2009 2:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Happy birthday to 69-year-old Barney Frank. The congressman from Eastern Massachusetts will have a "nice, private dinner" with his boyfriend tonight. As for gifts, the Chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services reminded us of that pesky federal law ...

Barney Frank: Click to watch
We think we like this Barney even more than the dinosaur!


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Another waste of space! Bawney Fwank, is a total wanker!

2034 days ago

go figure    

Means well? Are you serious? He is supporting Obama in one of the most radical socialist agendas this country has ever had to battle. What is wrong with the people of MA to keep voting this guy into office? He is the poster child for all of us to demand term limits! Visit the Politico website to view accurate unbiased news about who is trying to destroy our Democracy. And for those of you still supporting Obama, Socialism has never worked in the history of mankind. Socialism only allows the power brokers to get rich while the average person's lifestyle goes to sh*t. Ask anyone who is living under the rule of Hugo Chavez.

2034 days ago


Where the hell is Kiki.........................Kiki sweetie, this is one of the reasons this economy is in the condition it is! We can all thank this idiot.

God I loathe this homo!

2034 days ago


Kiki the welfare queen that blames everything on Bush?

2034 days ago


Oh how sweet. Little Barney the Fruit's another year older and still dumb as a box of rocks! Will he be going to P-town to swish around with the other produce prancing around in fish net stockings and black leather halter tops and undies and big platform shoes?

2034 days ago


How in the world did this guy get voted into office?

2034 days ago


I Drink Beer Not Koolaid ~ Yes!!! She is the one. Probably down at the welfare office!

2034 days ago

Linda Mott    

Barney Frank tried to help many people get home loans. His heart is in the right place. He is getting money back from the banks and always in DC, working hard. He isn't corrupt, but at times may have let his heart work overtime trying to help people. Many people are to blame for the mess this country is in. I wish him a very Happy Birthday!

2034 days ago

Pimp juice    


Yeah right Linda. The only way you can say a crook has his "heart in the right place" is if someone steals to feed themselves and their families, but they're still criminals. Mr. Frwank was stealing because he's a corrupt, greedy, lying sack of sh*t who should be in jail for life. He's a pervert, crook and is practically single-handedly responsible for the housing bust. Which as you know triggered the recent economic crisis. Lock him up and throw away the key. Stop lying to yourself Linda. Surely you're smarter than that.

2034 days ago


Happy bday jerkoff. thanks letting fannie mae and freddy mac go nearly completely unregulated, and stopping any regulation efforts that were tried.

2034 days ago


Barney frank is half the reason we are in the mess we are in now with the economy. Now he is trying to blame the people that he told to make bad loans. I have been a democrat all my life but we need to get rid of him and Nancy Pelosi before they take down the whole party. People from Massachusetts are idiots for voting him back in after his first term.

2034 days ago

She is hot    

Linda - You have to be joking with us I am sure or you are 10 years old playing on mom and dad's computer!!!

2034 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Every time I see and hear Barney Nasty Twit on TV, I want to gag! What a miserable nutcase. He's among the worse of our corrupt politicians - and most of our politicians are Corrupt. I don't trust any of them.

2034 days ago


Barny Frank is a good guy. I feel very good having him in Congress. And he doesn't look 69 at all. Happy Birthday, Congressman.

2034 days ago


Barney Frank is a disgrace. This country is in a recession because of Frank's love of Freddy's Fannie.

2033 days ago
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