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Megan Fox: Hot Babe and Cheap Beer

3/31/2009 10:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Drink it all in.


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I don't understand why everyone is Soooooo in love with MF.

To me, she's average, at best.

Just WTF is so hot about MF?

Please clue me in.

2039 days ago


she's far from ugly but she's not hot...i agree with #65, Jessica Alba is hot

2039 days ago


Wow, so many haters on here. She's absolutely stunningly beautiful and I would love to see what all you haters criticising her look like. Damn, you wish you could look this beautiful for one day! You may not like tats, but cmon, you cannot deny she is beautiful.

2039 days ago

I have to stop myself    

This woman has had botox, a nose job, lip injections, small implants, and some nips and tucks. Why do people think she is so perfect? She is a typical skinny, plastic Hollywood woman. Oh, yeah, let's not forget the mounds of makeup, fake eyelashes and hair extensions. Yeah, I guess that's the new Hot. Yawns.

2039 days ago

Lady Z    

Beautiful girl, hideous tats.

2039 days ago


TMZ is OBSESSED with Megan!!

2039 days ago


She always looks smug, like she knows she's hot. More like a hot mess. I'm totally over the "hey look at me, I'm young and tortured just like Marilyn Monroe, so I got her tattoo, and she's just my idol" blah blah blah... Get a new role model ladies. She should just let her skin breathe. More makeup equals more zits, meaning more makeup to cover those zits etc etc.

2039 days ago

fuuuuck u peeps (:    

i didn't realize how much forehead megan fox has got goin on.

2039 days ago

Just Like I See It    

I officially do not like her anymore. She's just ---fake. I don't know, this pic makes me think she's a man. I think she is a very beautiful girl, but I think I'm through w/ her for now - let's move on, TMZ!

2039 days ago


TMZ personally I thank you for the obsession many here claim you have with Megan Fox. She is an extremely beautiful woman, why so many feel the need to express their detest towards her with insulting comments is rather small minded. Her pimples, tattoo, forehead, and shirt are the factors that would make one unattractive to her? Some shallow people out there. As for the plastic surgeries she's had, so what, if it makes her more content with herself than what harm is there. I think she was just as attractive before the surgeries but obviously she didn't. Take Megan Fox news over that of Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, or Paris Hilton any day.

2039 days ago


I think she could use some zit cream, or microdermabrasion !

2039 days ago


wow, I’d like to meet u’r friends ppl, they must be perfect

2039 days ago


that's some heavy makeup for daytime, might as well wear a gown since she's all made up

2038 days ago

Vintage Beauty Queen    

What is everyone so jealous of? Shes very pretty.. and shes also a person just like you and me. She might have a few spats of acne but I am sure the nerds obsessing over "how much they hate her and think shes ugly" aren't shy to what acne is or any of that. Ugly people have always ridiculed the beautiful cause there insecure.

2038 days ago


I'm sure all the negative comments are from females. I think Megan is absolutely gorgeous. So she has acne and made some bad choices on tatoos, but that's what makes her human. No one is perfect. Stop being so jeoulous.

2038 days ago
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