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Lutfi Sis -- I Set Up Brit and Sam's Secret Phone

4/1/2009 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sam Lutfi's and Britney SpearsSam Lutfi's sister (who knew he had one) testified in court today that she played middle man to help Britney Spears stay in touch with Sam -- and her version of the story sounds like a James Bond movie.

During a hearing in L.A. Superior Court regarding the temporary restraining order (TRO) against Sam, Christina Lutfi said Britney called her in mid-January. According to Christina, Britney said she wanted Sam to get her a new lawyer, and a pre-paid cell phone.

Presumably, that would allow Brit to circumvent the TRO and talk to Sam without her dad Jamie's knowledge.

Now imagine this scene: Christina says she met Brit on January 16 in the sauna at a posh Beverly Hills hotel to deliver the cell phone. She claims the drop went down while Brit's mom and bodyguards were nearby in the hotel.

Lutfi also testified that Britney said she "felt like a prisoner," was "afraid of her father" and that he was threatening to take away her kids.

Despite the testimony, the judge refused to lift the TRO. The hearing was continued to April 21 when closing arguments will be heard.


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As I said when the conservatorship went into effect. Britney shaved her head because Kfed threatened to test her hair for drugs and use results to take away her kids. they are using the kids to get her money. All that needed to be done from the beginning is them to have stopped Lufti from drugging her. Her mother instead of calling the police and immediately stopping him, she waited to use it for the conservatorship request.

2038 days ago


I believe Lufti has a sister, a goldfish and a pet pink turtle.

2038 days ago


no matter what she is more sane then she has been in 2 years. Whatever her dad is doing he is doing for her..I remember on this site and others where people were screaming for Britney's parents to step in and now they have. If Britney has an addiction to Sam she is still sick and clearly going through the motions. Her dad took on a huge undertaking when he stepped up took over. Britney should appreciate where she is at the moment because if she gets rid of her dad it will only be a matter of a few months before she is ready for the nuthouse. Her father loves her and you know what if I made millions I would be helping out my parents, no questions asked. They made her the success she once keep it up Mr. Spears you saved your daughters bad if she is backstabbing you because it indicates she is still very sick. Why is Sam and that paparrazzi guy still trying to interfere that is my question..what is wrong with them. It seems there are a few people out there who truly miss her money but her dad isn't one of them..

2038 days ago


Lufti is a loser. Does the phrase, "get a job" mean anything to him? That dude is the epitomy of what a "douche bag" is. hahaha ... what a joke.

2038 days ago


If Brit's Dad loves her why did she have to work to support the family since she was a child? He "took a huge undertaking when he stepped in" He took a huge paycheck! The whole family is living off the Brit gravy train. "They made her the success" She was a child who had to give up her childhood because her Dad was a drunk and lost his business. Her brother and sister-in-law work for her too. I'm not saying Britney is not mentally ill, but what is her illness? She doesn't sing in her shows and can barely walk. I talked to some people backstage at her Pittsburgh show and they said she couldn't walk and talk at the same time. She is extremely out of it. If Britney is bipolar the worse thing for her is stress and a live show several times a wk must be very stressful.

2038 days ago


why do my comments not get posted sometimes.?????


2038 days ago


My comments are not posting, yet, THIS comment will! What the hell. PLUS, your page takes FOREVER to load.
Way to go at annoying your faithful blogger!~

2038 days ago


Brit literally is calling out for help! Daddys conservatorship IS NOT working!!!!!!!!!!

2038 days ago

I hate k fed    

Why is this 'forced labor' being allowed in America? Why doesn't Britney Spears have any CIVIL RIGHTS? She got a divorce from a creep she should have never married and what now? She pays with the rest of her life? If she is so CRAZY and so OUT of it, how come she is the only one working to support ALL THESE PEOPLE? Why isn't her ex being court ordered to get a job? None of them(blood sucking lawyers, her family, kfat, etc.) will EVER say she's okay, cause the paychecks will stop. This makes me so sad, what this young mother has to go thru, just to see her children. Lots of people go nuts in divorce/custody situations, but I have NEVER HEARD OF anyone paying the price, as much as Britney Spears. And Mary, you are so right. Britney HAS, worked all her life!

2038 days ago


She needed her dad in the beginning, but not as much now. Jamie needs to take a step back out of her life, give her some freedom, no one wants to live by their parents rules all their life, neither does she. Does she needs to be monitored, or does Jamie needs $16,000 a month? That's really what's behind this conservatorship now.

2038 days ago

Wanda W.    

Who cares about what train wreck said what to what train wreck! There all white trash and deserve each others torment and abuse, Dysfunctional adults in charge of children who will grow up to be more dysfunctional adults, and people will ask why. Im sick to death of ALL OF THEM AND THEIR NEVER ENDING DRAMAS. That "father" of hers is a leach,that ex husband of hers is a born baby making/take care of none of them loser,only out for a buck. The sister and "mother" seem to be out of the fray only because of geography,but they are equally white trash. Please someone make THEM ALL GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2038 days ago

I said it    

Nice try Lufti.

2038 days ago


I honestly don't think we've heard the last of Britney's meltdown... I love her and wish for her only the best, but I don't believe she's really all there in the head. Once the touring is over and she's got too much time on her hands again... It's a sad, sinking feeling I've had in my heart for some time now.

2038 days ago


heyy i have a serious question: when perez blocks you, what happens? cuz i keep getting page load error and im wondering if he blocked my ip address. anyone know??

2038 days ago

i love the 80    


2037 days ago
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