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Suri & Violet:

Babies' First Inanimate Object

4/2/2009 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Toddler scenesters Suri Cruise and Violet Affleck have ushered in the latest Hollywood trend taking over celebuspawn playgrounds everywhere ... munching on flip flops and cell phones!

With their birth mothers Katie Holmes and Jennifer Garner at their side and no chocolate in sight, S & V are making teething look cool again.


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Suri is sooooooooo cute. Violet is not sooooooooooooo cute.

1997 days ago


Yes first of all, most children chew on something, but these children are approaching 3 years old and it is time in their development ( It seems. ) to STOP chewing on things especially a flip-flop that has been on the ground and all the germs that entails, remember Xenu ( Xemu. ) has many ways to strike at your children!

1997 days ago


They aren't teething- they have teeth. The bigger question is why do you paps keep harassing these kids? What if your kids had paps repeatedly yelling their names at them and had flashes going off all the time? You guys are paid stalkers- but at least the adults can hide if they wish. You should avoid taking pictures of these kids. And edit them out of shots. It isn't their fault that their parents are famous- but there should be laws to protect those kids from having their pictures used all over. It is child abuse to deny them an unobserved childhood.

1997 days ago


What is it with the incessant "birth mother" crap, TMZ ??

1997 days ago


Katie is probably carrying Suri all the time, cause she is surrounded by heaps of stupid paps and Suri could poss get hurt in all the carry-on and shouting! And Katie is not even looking at Suri, she would of taken it out when she saw! Do you people complaning have kids. Also Erica, at least Roxanne had a comment, and just did'nt post FIRST!!!

1997 days ago

Spandex never looked better    

It's perfectly normal for kids to put things in their mouths. I'm sure that the majority of people criticizing Suri put dirty things in their mouths as children, and you're still living to tell about it. Another thing, the shoe in Suri's mouth has probably never touched the ground since her parents never allow her to walk. Think about it folks.

1997 days ago


Is that a shoe in Suri's mouth??? EWWWWWW!!!

1997 days ago


Violet is adorable-she looks exactly like her mom. Suri is cute too but is being indoctrinated into a crazy cult and has the nut Tom for a father.

Oh and Katie? She's aged about 20 years since she won the role playing Tommy's wife.

Barely recognizable from 5 years ago.

1997 days ago


They are too old to be chewing on stuff. It takes 2 years of saying "Don't put that in your mouth!" to train your youngster, I wanted a machine to say it at increasing volumes many times a day when mine where little. Now they are young women and I want to say it again but can only hope the early training will hold. I think Violet is momentarily freaked while Suri seems to be just freaky, Shoe sucking! yuck in any normal universe. They are both very, very cute kids.

1997 days ago



1997 days ago


@ least they don't have poo in their mouths??? WTF??
She is chewing on a shoe, who's to say she doesn't have poo in her mouth. You don't actually have to see poo on the shoe for it to be there. This is just absolutely gross and reckless. With MRSA running rampant in my city people need to watch their kids. I understand you can't have an eye on their every move, but if you are right there and your child is putting a SHOE or a CELL PHONE that has been in your dirty hands in their mouths then whatever they get you deserve. They should be added to the list of dumb parents.

1996 days ago


These children are 4 years old, and are treated like infants, suri is always being held can't she walk on her own, and I seen a picture of her the other day with a bottle and a blanket, (last months Star) I've done daycare for 30 years and belive me I have seen much cuter looking kids then all of thses stars kids, and I'm sure they are much smarter.

1996 days ago


katie holmes makes me sick letting this kid drink from BOTTLES AT 4 YRS OLD. WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS WOMAN?

1996 days ago


Well i think kids are kids but it ture about the bottle Katie is a lazy mother not getting her daughter off the bottle at 4 yr old..

1996 days ago


Don't worry Erica Erica, Roxanne and Aussie girl post spam comments for Scientologists all over the internet constantly, IT IS THEIR JOB! Yes, this is why you see her post so fast and so often. She might actually be both handles with many more, that is what Scientologists do. And don't let her nasty attitude affect you either, though I'm sure it hasn't, it just shows you the way scientologists operate. They post all the time on JustJared too and only for Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri posts. Even under those exact same two names, and one with the stars, I've seen the poster HA there too harrassing people for not liking the Cruises or other scientologists. It's just that you caught her and she didn't like it. She most likely works for the church. Good for you for calling her out!!!! She is just one of many trolls out there who's job it is to spam comment sections for sci celebs. Just let this be a lesson in how nasty scientologists are. Nothing spiritual about these people at all! They don't call it a cult for nothing! And when you see them trying to take threads over and bullying people, definately fu*k with them, it's hilarious to see how crazy they get. Then stay as far away from scientology as humanly possible. And they actually call themselves the "most ethical people on the planet". Go over to JJ sometime and watch them go, it is a sight to behold!! Good luck and take care***** If you get a second, visit or

1996 days ago
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