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Michelle Obama -- Fashion Diva or Disaster?

4/4/2009 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sweatergate 2009! Michelle Obama wore a sweater when she met with Queen Elizabeth II this week, and her wardrobe choice has kicked up major drama in the fashion world.


The First Lady often wears affordable American brand clothes to events, and apparently Oscar de la Renta isn't happy about it. He told Women's Wear Daily, "You don't...go to Buckingham Palace in a sweater."

But in this economy, if the First Lady wears clothes most Americans can afford -- isn't that a good thing?


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It is embarrassing! They have no class.

2026 days ago


People just need to get over her fashion choices. I agree with #13 people just want something to complain about. And #4 it was the CLASS of Laura Bush and her imbecile husband that's gotten the country in the mess it's in. Republicans are SORE losers. They don't care about the country only about getting back into power. To do what? More of what Bush gave us for 8 years.

2026 days ago


Meat, it is you A$$Hole

2026 days ago


Ridiculous. Look at what the Queen is wearing - she's not all gussied up, either. I think her choice of outfit was perfectly acceptable.

As for Laura Bush - she was such a trophy wife. Michelle Obama is smart, educated woman who speaks up.

2026 days ago


I am an inbreed but do have class. Why my sister, who is my mother, knows everything about being classy. She would have worn a beehive, fishnets with sparkles. Everyone knows that.

2026 days ago


Dear Meat (#104)

It's you. You are ignorant and you have nothing to offer society besides ignorance. I give it to you though, at least you can spell. Or did you use spell check?

104. Is it me...or does Michelle not look like the Green Goblin from the Spider Man movies?

Posted at 4:13PM on Apr 4th 2009 by Meat

2026 days ago

ya right    

Hater alert!!!! Only thing inapropriate is De la Renta's comment.

2026 days ago


You wouldn't wear Oscar to meet the Queen, either.

2026 days ago


I don't like her ideals, but Mrs. Obama looks terrific. I think it's wonderful that she and the queen got along so well. Mrs. Obama is starting out very well and I am impressed.

2026 days ago


I don't see anything wrong with that. Hell, I wouldn't see anything wrong w/ her wearing jeans and a t-shirt. It's just clothes people, get over it.

2026 days ago


As far as exchanging gifts, I believe the latest rule is, "no gifts valued over $100.00." I have been a clothes horse since the third grade and still going strong, however, when I look at what the queen was wearing, somehow Michelle's sweater does not seem to be too much out of place. Personally, I would have preferred she wore a simple, waist length, straight, round neckline, open jacket, instead. But, that's me. No one asked me. I'm just saying. When comments are made against someone's physical appearance, it is no different than poking fun at a disabled person struggling to hold on to his or her dignity while coping with a wheelchair or other apparatus. It is cruel and humiliating. I hope it stops.

2026 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Barry certainly knows his role. Everyone thought Reagan was the actor/President until we saw how eloquent Barry was reading the script off his teleprompter.

2026 days ago


Thank GOD she has her mouth closed!!

Is the Queen 3 ft 2 or are those 2 people HUGE

2026 days ago

Monkey Boy    

Just clothes????'Just clothes' you'd wear to the mall, or to a movie....but, to meet the Queen of England???? She has no taste!

2026 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Lots of folks getting shot up lately for fear that Barry's going take our right to bear arms. Think we'll be safer when law abiding people sign away their right to defend themselves and the crooks take over? Sh'yeah, right. Okay, I'm done.

2026 days ago
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