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Sarah Palin's Sis-In-Law Turns Alleged Outlaw

4/4/2009 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin's sisterSarah Palin's sister-in-law is accused of breaking into a house not once, but twice to steal money.

Anchorage police say Diana Palin was arrested Thursday after she allegedly broke into a house where the gun-toting homeowner was waiting. She faces two counts of felony burglary and misdemeanor counts of criminal trespass and theft.

The bust went down in Sarah Palin's hometown of Wasilla.

Police say there is evidence that Diana is associated with a Tuesday break-in at the same house where 400 bucks was taken.

Sarah Palin has no comment.


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all you moaning and whinging idiots curently whinging about obama need to look at your alternative because this could be your first family come 2012. !! hillybilly alaska is coming at cha and whats more you will vote for it... just to prove to the world that americans are dumb and bush wasnt a mistake ...

1997 days ago


Shut the F up Malia. There have been plenty of members of famous families who have done something. Get off your high horse puta.
This lady probably has a drug problem like Al Gore's son and Biden's daughter. So what, you call Palin's family trash. The apple does not fall too from the tree when it probably comes to you.

1997 days ago


I can name plenty of people who have done something who are famous. Go F yourself when you make fun of Palin's family. Her daughter got pregnant, big f'ing deal? At least she isn't on drugs or an alcoholic getting a DUI.

1997 days ago


How about that loser teenager who hacked into Palin's e-mail? He is the trash that is the son of a Democratic congressman. They are in every family.

1997 days ago


Why do all of you out there think that it is really any of your business? Can any of us say that we don't have a "black sheep" in the family?
Our current president has an aunt who is in this country illegally. Any comments on that?
Maybe we should pay more attention to how we live our lives and get back to the things that are more important.
Maybe you would like TMZ, or other so called media outakes, check into your small-minded lives, and plaster it in the news.
No one can be held responsible for what others do, no matter how stupid that act.

1997 days ago


Sarah Palin is a skanky hoe and she can go f@#k herself and all her trailer trash hillbilly relatives! We shall make fun of her as much as we like. Sarah Palin is a nasty a$$ ignorant heffer!

1997 days ago


Go F yourself Susan. Heifer is spelled this way. I am so sure that your family is so perfect. Quit being so judgmental.

1997 days ago


Sarah Palin's maiden name is Heath, and this woman is her husband's sister. or married to one of his brothers. You need to reread the post Malia sweetie. That is what I said. This woman is only a relation through her marriage to her husband.

1997 days ago


Hey Dionne,
I think you should rewrite your post. That should have been toward Marae. Or maybe is it Malia in disguise again.

1997 days ago


#69: I don't need to shut the F up. We are all on here posting our opinions. I am pointing out hypocrisy just as you think you are. If you can't handle the heat (or only have time for your own opinions) get out of the kitchen.

Geez Louise: my apologies if I didn't read your post right. Now the numbers don't even match up (typical TMZ) and I can't even find what I was originally responding to. I remember being under the impression you were calling Palin herself white trash, when it seems to be her relatives by marriage who seem to have the real problems. My bad if I read it wrong.

1997 days ago


#77 (hee hee): What are you babbling about?

1997 days ago


At least the home owner had a gun to stop her. And it's fine to get criminals off the street no matter who they are related to, so lets start getting the ones in Washinton off the street now! If you break the constitution you are the biggest criminal of this country, democrat or republican lets lock them up.

1997 days ago


As if things could ever get any worse for the Sarah Palin and clan! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! This story will make my day!

For all those defending Failin' Palin, I have one thing to say: BIRDS OF A FEATHER, FLOCK TOGETHER! Remember people, this HER family. As if the comedians needed MORE material on this clan!

Republican values hard at work!

1996 days ago


Some Republicans miss the point as to WHY these many stories of how white trash this family is, hit home for us Liberals.

These are the same people who run their platforms on pointing their fingers to all that is bad with America. Teenagers preggars, welfare, gays, taxes and religion. They think they are so right, and that we all should be living with the upstanding morals of THEIR party.

So, you see, when its proven that the Palins are just as screwed up as the rest of us, we like to point it to you! Because you spent a better part of a year running our values, or lack of, into the ground. Now its your turn to eat the crow! I LOVE IT!! Wink wink!

1996 days ago


71. Why do all of you out there think that it is really any of your business? Our current president has an aunt who is in this country illegally. Any comments on that? Posted at 12:01PM on Apr 5th 2009 by NewGrandma

Excuse you Grandma, if this story were about Obama and his family, would there be any mercy? Insane McCain's schoolyard tactics, sense of entitlement, dirty plays and early defeat is what put this wasilla hillbilly and her entire family out there for the world to see. I'm sure had he known of the backwoods filth associated with the palin's, we would never know who these people are nor would he be the laughing stock right along with her. Was her house built for free? Were the costs & materials figured in with those of the hockey rink built? What could she possibly say about Levi living with them in Bristol's room? Is this were Tripp was conceived? Todd & the cult they both belong too? Levi's meth addict mother? Todd's cat burglar sister with her 4yr old daughter in the car? Suppose the resident accidentally shot the little girl? Troopergate brother-in-law? Bridge to nowhere? Sara's lack of education? $300,000.00 on clothing for her entire family during the campaign? Come on now, she's as dirty as they come, her entire family & in-laws give a whole new meaning to the phrase "trailer trash hillbilly". Levi goes on talk shows & fills in more of the blanks...tells the truth this family tried to hide. These hillerbilly's are total Jerry Springer repeat guests!! Just think, how many more skeletons are fighting and falling over one another to get out! This woman is done, put a fork in her!! Hey, but she can see Russia from her house!!

1996 days ago
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