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Farrah Fawcett's Son Arrested on Jail Grounds

4/5/2009 1:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah Fawcetts sonWhile Farrah Fawcett is reportedly fighting for her life -- her 24-year-old son is now fighting two brand new drug charges.

Redmond O'Neal was arrested around 9:30 this morning in Castaic, California -- and here's the rub, he was on jail grounds at the time of his arrest.

According to cops, Redmond had just dropped off two friends at a detention center to visit a jailed buddy, when an officer stopped his car to perform a routine security check in the jail parking lot.

Authorities say when the cop came over to the car, Redmond informed the officer that he was in possession of narcotics.

Redmond was immediately searched and then arrested for possession of a controlled substance and bringing narcotics into a secured jail facility. We're told one of the substances was heroin.

Redmond is still behind bars -- his bail has been set at $25k.


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"Can't fix stupid!" Oh yeah, he's right up there with the robber at a cop convention!

2034 days ago

leave the gun, take the cannolis.    

That guy is so stupid. He is such a stupid addict.
He needs to be near his mom (so when they give Farrah morphine, he can steal some from her).
Maybe some left over klonopin and vicodin too...yum yum.
candies for everybody.

2034 days ago


al baby...what an amazing pig and what an ignorant thing to say. I really like to believe everyone is entitled to their opinion but you are just a pig. The woman is dying and all you can comment on are her physical attributes. Men like you make me so glad I am not a straight man. You disgust me and are an embarrassment to all straight men.

2034 days ago


#24 - INNY

I don't drink. And you're the hypocrite. And I still hope you're sterile.

2034 days ago


I find it odd that TMZ uses the word "reportedly" regarding Farrah's health, when -
A) It is a known fact that she is in the hospital and very ill
B) TMZ thinks they are the end all/be all of "news" - all of a sudden they use the word
"reportedly" since they can't get Farrah's people to verify her current status - which, BTW,
is none of our business -
Give me a break.

2034 days ago


I can't believe Farrah is that sick. It's truly heartbreaking. I feel so sad for her, the only family she has is her son and god knows he hasn't helped her with this fight.

2034 days ago


What is wrong with this kid. He must have a death wish. Hasn't he learned his lesson. He's an idiot.

2034 days ago


As a mother of two sons I feel so bad for this lady. One child and he turns out to be one of the biggest losers of all time. Well, no wonder, the father has screwed all his kids up royally. They're all nothing but drug addicts, and I feel bad for Farrah having to deal with this crap for years , let alone on her death bed!

2034 days ago


Let him loose and let him DIE!! Everybody would be better off. What use is he ton this world???

2034 days ago


Let him loose and let him DIE!! He's no use to anybody!!

2034 days ago

Amanda Parten    

What a selfish ass. I cannot believe he wouldn't be at his mother's side at this point. Oh, but wait, "I am FF son". So he has a pass for being a good son? The family seems pretty mixed up in the scheme of things.. but it really comes down to Farrah. All the best and know in your heart of hearts that life throws us a bunch of curve balls.. sometimes we catch them, sometimes we don't. The important thing to remember is that you are loved. Wish you well.

2034 days ago


Nothing but a low life looser, he should be dying, not his mom.

2034 days ago


This rotten kid has been in and out of drug rehab since he was 15! The amount of pain he has caused his parents is unforgivable. His beautiful mother is dying in a hospital and he is STILL F-king up. I hope she leaves him out of her Will. He would only snort-smoke-shoot-up her hard earned money. This loser should be locked away forever and forgotten. My prayers go out to Farah. She has had a long hard battle with Cancer.

2034 days ago


What is this guys problem? He is constantly in trouble. He's from a wealthy family, nice home, wants for nothing and he obviously appreciates NONE of it. Hey Ryan and Farrah, if you want a son that will appreciate you and what your wealth can bring then please by all means kick this JO to the curb and adopt me. I PROMISE never to humiliate you with my stupidity, or make you ashamed of my behavior in any way! I know the difference between right and wrong and will gladly take the burden of privilege.

What a schmuck!

2034 days ago


Good Idea ,He SHOULD be the one dying! Too bad Farah only had one child.

2034 days ago
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