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Report: Shots Fired at Tom & Gisele's Wedding

4/5/2009 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

That popping sound you heard at the wedding of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen may not have been champagne bottles -- according to a local paparazzi, gunshots were fired!!

A local Costa Rican photographer claims security at the wedding fired at him when he refused to fork over his film. Doesn't look like anyone was injured -- besides the Suzuki.

Say cheese!


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1998 days ago



1998 days ago


damnit i thought i was first lol

1998 days ago


That is some awesome security!

1998 days ago


That is a warning for Bridget Moynahan and her crew talking smack about Giselle. lol

1998 days ago


yeah, he kind of deserved the shots
its not like they were aiming at him
but he should have stayed out
its their wedding for goodness sake

1998 days ago


Good, maybe this is a warning for people like TMZ who love to stalk people trying to live and get married privately. There are plenty of opportunities to take pictures of celebrities in public places. Leave them the hell alone when they are trying to do things in private.

1998 days ago


I'm sure Gisele called the paps herself just like she leaked the wedding invite to the Press. And then, play the whole "oh leave me alone, I'm so simple" routine. The reason they had it in Costa Rica had nothing to do with privacy, it had to do with the fact that had they had it in an accessible place like NYC or L.A, they would've been short of reasons for explaining why only family showed up. Not one Patriot except Bob Kraft showed up. The only ones at the wedding party were either blood relatives or people on their playroll (Will McDonough). Of couse the PR spin on that is "we wanted a small intimiate ceremony and invited only 25 of our closest friends".

1998 days ago


As for the person who said "mabye this is a warning for the likes of TMZ" and stuff. I do agree with you in that I think it's invasion of one's privacy. But you must remember Gi is the biggest hypocrite alive. She moved from a quiet and rather large apartment in NYC, and a gated neighbourhood into a ungated easy-to-access townhome on Barrow Street, West Village. She made herself and the Deadbeat Dad accessible to the press, so it's very hypocritical of her to now turn around and say "leave me alone". Also in the past - there are bigger celebrities (tools or not) who have been ok with the paps. Tom and Gi always ask for trouble because they act like a bunch of sourpusses with the paps. I don't blame Gi - she's used to it and heaven knows she'll continue to have it for as long as she lives (she is the world's richest supermodel of course), but I do feel bad for Tom. Tom and his Patriots' fans (read loons) need to get it in their heads that the only reason he gets this kind of attention is becuase he's with the world's richest supermodel. Once she's bored of him and his errandboy ways, she'll dump his sorry ass and it'll be bye-bye paparazzi. In the days of global media and global stars, a "3 time SB winner" doesn't amount to very much.

1998 days ago


I hope Gisele got a pre-nup to protect her money. SN is right. This guy is a deadbeat dad, and showed no interest in his son until he was a year old.

1998 days ago


I think we need to start going to SN for any information we want on Gisele and Tom. Since SN knows more than anyone on the web. And to think that I thought that Bridget got all her attention because of Tom...silly me. SN, you must be really close to the family or them since you know so many intimate details. Dead beat dad?....I think not! Bridget would never let Tom have John as much as she does if he was a dead beat dad. Think before you put this crap on here please. Try, hard as it may be, to be a bit more logical in your acusations of someone you really dont know!!!

1998 days ago


I'm sure Gisele's got a pre-nup. The woman may not speak Englsh properly or may not have had a formal degree, but she's been a "street child" from the age of 14. It isn't just looks that got her to where she is, it's smartness and manipulation. So I'm sure she's covered herself very well even with this "arrangement". As I said, it's Tommy Boy we should all feel sorry for. He's living the "dream", once she wakes up him by dumping him, it'll be tough to get back to reality. Bridget heaves a sigh of relief as we speak, glad she's not part of the media circus that is this marriage.

1998 days ago


The "Deadbeat Dad" applied to John's first year so I stick with what I say. The rest that I said was a fact. Too bad you can't cope with the truth.

1998 days ago


SN is so full of it, I'm surprised you can even type a coherent sentence. Deadbeat Dad? Obviously, you don't know the meaning of the term.

I hate to burst your bubble, but people can move anywhere they want. That doesn't mean they want people waiting outside their homes to take pics of them walking from a car to their home, going to the grocery store, vacationing or being on the balcony of their home. What is the fascination of seeing people walk from their car to the door of their homes, honestly?

Tom Brady doesn't need to be dating or married to someone famous for attention. He's a great athlete on a successful team. He isn't one to want alot of attention anyway. He could have easily dated lots of women over the past ten years, yet dated only two in the past six years. He's obviously a dedicated person who found someone he wanted to marry.

The lies that go around about this whole situation are ridiculous. No matter how many times the truth is told, it doesn't matter to some people, they just want to spread lies and everyone runs with it.

Bridget herself, via her publicist, in the middle of December 2006, said they broke up weeks earlier. Yet people insist on acting like Tom knew Bridget was pregnant and ran off with Gisele anyway. Gisele and Tom didn't start dating until December. Bridget didn't say she was pregnant until February. She had the baby in August.

Tom hasn't ignored his son, nor not financially supported him. He went out for his birth and is with his son often. Considering that two coasts are involved, that is wonderful. I see alot of people acting like Bridget is taking the high road by not having her pic taken with John and not talking about him. However, when he was only a month or so old, she was on the cover of People with him, implying she was a single mom without his father being involved.

Obviously, that didn't turn out to be the case. Tom has moved on and Bridget probably has too. That child is as much Tom's as he is Bridget's. I'm sick of women (and I am one) acting like a father is a second hand issue when you are no longer together. Like they should control everything and dictate what the father should and shouldn't do. I'm sure Tom isn't dictating what men Bridget should see and what role they should play in John's life. It should go both ways.

Just because Bridget isn't as famous at Gisele, or Tom, and doesn't get as much attention, doesn't mean Tom and Gisele are bad people because they get paparazzi taking more pics of them.

Do you honestly believe Tom would be with John as much if he was a 'deadbeat'? I'm sure Bridget is receiving plenty of support.

1998 days ago


This is what another site says - Gislut is really a greedy bride - probably did a deal so she didn't have to spend any of her money on her wedding and family:

Two photographers narrowly escaped death as they tried to cover Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen's wedding in Costa Rica yesterday. The local snappers, Rolando Aviles and Uri Cortez, were returning to their car after photographing the wedding at Gisele's beachside home, when they were confronted by the supermodel's security men. They frogmarched the photogs up to the Brazilian beauty's villa, and tried to convince the two men to hand over their pictures, because Gisele had done an exclusive deal for coverage of the wedding with a Brazilian magazine. The men refused, then escaped the security men and ran back to their car, with the goons in hot pursuit. As they started the engine, a live round pierced the back windshield of the Suzuki jeep, and hit the front windshield directly between the two mens' heads. They made their escape, and found the spent .38mm round lying on the floor of the car. "I couldn't believe it when I realized what they had done," Cortez told INF Daily. "I could have lost my life for the sake of some pictures that Gisele didn't want published. Are they insane?" No word yet on whether the men will be filing charges.

1998 days ago
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