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TV Choreographer Accused of Multiple Rapes

4/5/2009 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Da SilvaAlex Da Silva, one of the choreographers from "So You Think You Can Dance," was arrested on Saturday for alleged sexual assaults on four of his dancing students.

Police say Da Silva lured the victims to his homes in North Hollywood and Van Nuys, CA from May 2003 to March 2009.

The LAPD believes there may be more victims.

Da Silva's bail has been set at $3.8 million.


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Seriously? Come on, this isn't all.

2025 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

He'll be "dancing" with the inmates soon . . .

2025 days ago


Yes it is. I want to know this kind of info. This man is evil and sick. What a cruel perv. You belong in jail pig.

2025 days ago

rabbit on the moon    

Innocent until proven guilty, Lala.

2025 days ago


WTF is wrong with james & #2? I hope he cant afford his bail, sick bastard.

2025 days ago


6 years worth huh? If found guilty put this rapist away for life----given his background he'll have to be in protective custody in State Prison---thats 23 hours in a cell a day. Not much room to dance in there.

Uh, we'll await your side of the story....put this guy in with that Indian clothes designer thats up on the same charges from last year---using their "in the business" jobs for pressuring the unsuspecting for sex...its called will do very very hard time the remainder of your days if you have in fact been doing it for 6 years.

2025 days ago


That's why I don't like dancers..they are all rapists.

2025 days ago


I knew he was with a lot of women but i never figured he would do something like this. He is well known in the salsa scene and people look up to him. WOW he really messed up. I knew something was creepy about this guy. Well as much as i love his dancing, he deserves to go to jail for what he did.

2025 days ago

YA YA    

#9 nidia . You need to go back to school. You can't spell for sh-t...

2024 days ago


Honestly, none of you guys know Alex like I do. He is a nice man, and would never do such a thing. He's a dancer and that's what he like most. So I don't know what kind of slutty tricks would like to go and ruin other peoples life, because they have nothing better to do. People never think about other people. Those girls are so cruel. Who ever they are really needs so stop. I know I know i'm pretty much rambaling but really You guys don't know him. Alex da Silva is the best person ever. and I'm really aggrivated that these girls did that. You guys are messed up for just putting him down, like you personally know him. I do personally know him, and I'm a girl. He's never ever touched me in inappropriet ways. Maybe a hug, but that's it. So please people think about it. For the people that really know him and want him to skeep dancing support him. He's one of the greatest dancers in the world. I honestly can say he's one of my heroes. and I don't belive he rapped anybody. So that's all I have to say.! Thank you!

2024 days ago

Jeff Schrembs    

INNOCENT until proven guilty. Now, lets check the "conviction odds chart". Is he rich? politically connected? did he vote Obama? If most of these answers are yes....he will get cleared. If not then you''ll be "dancing behind bars"!

So saith Jeff Schrembs

2024 days ago


holy crap!
I love that show

2024 days ago


I know him and have been with him at times where girls approach him and he say's no thank you... I know people love to run with stuff like this and make it bigger than it is. But knowing him like I do for over 8yrs I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE THIS..... I cant wait until he is cleared and is out.. His life will never be the same, but free is free. Let's wait and see whats happened with the women and then pass judgment on him, I just don't think he would do this. And for the police to open flood gates to angry women who now know what his so called trick is... I could walk in and say he raped me when he took me to his house. COME ON...Alex is no saint but he is also no animal.

2024 days ago

pink floyd    

i bet that these girls thaught that if they had sex with this guy it would help their chances of winning. and it did not so now they are pissed.young girls now a days will do anything for money and in point check out the porn star sites and see how many 18 to 22 year old girls are in the business they only stick around for about 2 years.just a quick cash morales anymore.

2024 days ago

pink floyd    

attn jeff schrembs re to #15 once again please this time in english.thank-you

2024 days ago
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