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TV Choreographer Accused of Multiple Rapes

4/5/2009 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Da SilvaAlex Da Silva, one of the choreographers from "So You Think You Can Dance," was arrested on Saturday for alleged sexual assaults on four of his dancing students.

Police say Da Silva lured the victims to his homes in North Hollywood and Van Nuys, CA from May 2003 to March 2009.

The LAPD believes there may be more victims.

Da Silva's bail has been set at $3.8 million.


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2005 days ago


if it's true,go to jail and forget the keys!

2005 days ago


alex's sister was deported for drugs, alex's cars are all hacked together from stolen parts,, and alex has stolen from friends, it not hard to believe that he raped as well.

2005 days ago


3 prior and similar accusations over 3 years, and it takes the 4th one to finally file charges? Wanna bet that his recent SYTYCD fame was an encouraging factor? He was only a local somebody during the first accusations, but now that he's gone national all of a sudden they can make a case. :/ If he's done wrong, then by all means, throw him under the jail. But it sucks that there had to be a victim 2, 3, and 4 before law enforcement properly pursued this.

2005 days ago


well, I always say innocent until PROVEN guilty and he has a long way to go before that happens, However, with multiples vics over several years... doesn't look good buddy.

2005 days ago


lets see if the media is gonna blow this up like they are doing chris brown situation i highly doubt it though

2005 days ago


I took salsa classes from Alex Da Silva back when he lived in Oakland and then San Francisco. I didn't know him well and I have know idea if he is guilty or not. But I do believe in the concept of Innocent Until Proven Guilty. And yes it looks bad that he has 4 accusers. But powerful, well known people can end up with a lot of people feeling jealous and powerless of them. That feeling of powerlessness can make them vulnerable to rape -- but it can also lead them to feel extremely hurt and angry if they are rejected after consensual sex. Then because they may have no other way to feel powerful they might accuse someone of rape. As a woman writing on the this subject once said -- people sometimes use whatever they can to feel/be powerful.

That means men sometimes use their physical strength to rape women -- and women sometimes use their power to falsely accuse men of rape.

2005 days ago

For the taking    

There are four victims that are set to testify and a possible fifth victim authorities are trying to get to testify. All of them don't know each other. However, all describe the same exact tactic of how he lured each into his bedroom (always the bedroom) and sexually assaulted or raped them. That's a fact (evidence). Rumors are, there are many more women, who were assaulted that will not even report the incident out of fear. (They will have to live with it.) This is an open and shut case. No need defending him. He's not just a rapist, he's a serial rapist with an MO.

2005 days ago


"So You Think You Can Rape!"

2005 days ago


Some folks in here need to look up rape. Pressuring people to have sex is not rape. If they are starstruck and screw him, it's not rape. If you screw him thinking you'll get a job and it doesn't work out, it's not rape. I'm sure women in these situations would be embarrassed, but it's not rape. If it were, then there would be a lot of women rapists running around unpunished as well.
Only when the sex is not consensual is it rape and that doesn't mean regretting it afterward. However, if he actually lured them to his houses (in the SFV? how unclassy) and then forced them to have sex, he belongs in jail.

2004 days ago


#50, something that is based on heresay is neither a fact nor evidence and even assuming it is a fact, not all facts are evidence. Further, what you've described is a very general situation, not an MO. If the purported facts are as you say they are, the case is actually fairly weak. I noticed you failed to mention whether the sex was consensual, which is in fact the only thing that needs to be proven in a rape case. The fact that he talked 300 women into going into his bedroom and sleeping with him means nothing if they consent to the sex.

2004 days ago


It's about time the truth be known about Alex Da Silva. He has had a reputation of being a rapist for years in the Salsa scene. No surprise. Only now the public is finding out. May justice finally be served and may any unknown victims please come forward. Put that Diablo into the snake pit where he belongs!

2004 days ago


It's more so the professional salsa dancers, those who compete and teach or are/ were on dance teams, that know of the horrible things Alex Da Silva has been doing to women for the past six years in the Salsa community. Many are afraid to speak up. There is also a current handful of professional male dancers who are sexual predators just like Alex Da Silva, using their dance abilities to take advantage of women. It's no secret. This bs has to stop and finally come out in the open. Stop hiding the truth Salseros. There is an ugly side to the Salsa community. It can only stop if the females this is happening and has happened to come forward because it's not right. Stop playing "hush hush" and contribute to making our dance community a safer, healthier environment.

2004 days ago


Remember if you have any information regarding victims of Alex Da Silva please call either 818-374-1926 (normal business hours) or 877-LAPD-24-7 as soon as possible.

2004 days ago


Alex is a good guy...not a rapist. He has invited me to his salsa club many times, drinks on the house for me (I'm a guy)
Anyone can come up with BS stories if they don't like someone or are jealous. This is not his nature.

2004 days ago
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