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Chris Brown -- Let's Make a Deal

4/6/2009 7:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BrownChris Brown's lawyer and the prosecutor in the Rihanna case have been engaged in "serious" plea bargain negotiations and according to one source, a "deal is close."

We know Brown will plead not guilty today, however the plea may just be a formality.

Sources say Rihanna has made it clear she does not want to testify in the case and wants Brown to cop a plea. We're told one of the reasons she's in Barbados right now is because "she wants to be as far away from this case as possible."

As we first reported, Brown was inclined to plead either guilty or no contest to a misdemeanor, provided he got no jail time -- but since we broke that story, the D.A. and Mark Geragos, Brown's lawyer, have gotten down to the nitty gritty.

We do not know if Brown changed his view and would accept jail time to avoid a trial. Brown will be in court today for the arraignment.


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I think that CHris Brown is guilty...however he hasn't done anything else illegal. I think that just because its Chris Brown and he "beat up" Rihanna, and because they are famous he should do time. However if it was just the average human being, I'm sure they would get a fine and be off with their lives. Think about it that way...if they weren't famous do you think it would be such a big deal if he went to jail or not?

1992 days ago


There is a great anti-Chris Brown song out there..."My Flow so Tight" ask you local radio stations to play it.

1992 days ago


I miss the meebo chat, wtf

1992 days ago


Neither one has taken any responsibilty for their actions!! One does go into hiding, while the other one will pled not quilty!! No respect for themselfs or their fans! Just shows how really inmature, dumb and just plain stupied these two are! I will always see these two not as entertainers anymore but as two people who get off on abuse. Really sad!!

1992 days ago


OK< here we go again Chris haters, than God give you a chance to live, i'm sure some of you have done worse,you'll don't know if he will do it again, only God knows I believe, he went to God and ask for forginess, his Pastor have been couseling him, again i said its like a time bomb out here, check the news, you do not have to be in a abusive relationship, as strong as the evil forces are today, a love one closest to you can snap all of a sudden. You better watch the hate its not good for the heart, you do not know whats up the road for you. Your love one may be the one that ends up in JAIL, not Chris, I am praying for Chris and Rihanna, I will be standing in the gap on APRIL 6th God will give him a second chance,

1992 days ago


People need to get over themselves. RIhanna knows she's the aggressor here and the one who has been physically violent in the past, TMZ reported that. She feels bad about that and just wants the whole circus to end. I dont blame her either. Her fans and his fans still support both of them so Im not sure their careers are over as people here are sayin. i suspect all the hate on this site is from people who were never fans of theirs before so their opinions dont really matter....about the careers that is.

I wish them both well.

1992 days ago


Man, this guy is just a kid. Give him a chance to learn from his mistakes! He grew up in an abusive family, he needs help. I know most men strike again. I totally DISAGREE with Rhianna going back with him as I would not. But you guys have to remember, he's a teenager, an immature teenager. Hopefully with all that money he has, he can take a class or two on anger management. I have known a couple of men that have hit women before that did it only once and never did it again...even years later. He can be helped.

1992 days ago



1992 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Hilter harvey SS BS-you can`t cop a deal on assult thats a civy right volation.GET real tmzz put UP your preSS

1992 days ago


He was wrong for what he did..


I don't think he should go to jail. No one else who is involved in domestic violence goes to jail on their first offense for more then 20 hours. I know this from experience with my ex..

Just because he is famous does not mean he should walk free, but he should be treated just like everyone else....

1992 days ago


Where is the outcry from the Black Leaders, both elected, and unelected on this abuse towards that Races women? The silence is deafening, yet the outcry for nonsensical comments made by an old washed up white man, IMus brings people to the brink of revolt.

Something is seriously wrong where a culture allows their women to be beat as if its a right of passage.

Shame on you...shame for rallying to go after Michael Richards and the likes of IMUS, yet not a peep about Brown. Rise up as a community against your own, when your own abuse your women.

1992 days ago

Frag The Paps    

Way to stand up for women Ri. That sets a great example to a very pubic case. Sorry, but I have no sympathy for you now.

1992 days ago


"Sources say Rihanna has made it clear she does not want to tesitfy in the case and wants Brown to cop a plea."

If so, why did TMZ keep posting the exact opposite, that she was fully willing to testify? Bad sources?!

1992 days ago


his only shot at getting back the image that he had was to own up to his mistakes, do some jail time, do a lot of community service and anger management classes, and then produce a killer album.
making a plea deal will only make him look like an immature, unmanly, woman beating douchebag trying to get away from punishment of his actions due to his celebrity status. which is exactly what he is.

1992 days ago


Rotting in jail is probably too much but 3-6 months would be good. There is far too much spouse abuse/child abuse in this world to let this guy off so easily. I am very disappointed that Rihanna is so silent about such a serious issue. Could someone be threatening her?

1992 days ago
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