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Jamie Foxx Won't Fend Off Blonde Intruders

4/6/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The last time we heard about Jamie Foxx, he was struggling to keep some person out of his hotel room -- but last night at The Bank nightclub in Vegas, it looked like he was trying to accomplish the exact opposite.

Jamie Foxx


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Jamie Foxx is a racist pig who loves white women.....................preferably, blue eyed blondes!

2026 days ago


Um who cares if he prefers blondes. I will never understand why some black women get so bitter when they see a black man with a white woman. You don't have to go insulting anyone just because that is what he chooses to have on his arm.

2026 days ago


lala : I am not excusing black women's rage against black men who date white women, but I understand it. Black women are not complaining about black men who work at K.F.C who date white women.. They are upset that the educated and wealthy black men feel that a white woman is more worthy of their affection than them. It is an insult to their mothers and themselves first. It is not an insult to black women if black men have self hatred issues.. Vice or versa. Black women have been very kind to black men. I think it is just stupid to hate anyone because of their race or their sexual preference. I am a black man and I don't feel the slightest bit insulted when I see a black woman with a white man... Good for them

2026 days ago

Jim in LV    

While being talented, this guy is a complete douche. Even though he's north of 40, all he wants to do is hang in Vegas nightclubs and be the center of attention while trying to score young 20'something blondes. Hopefully his star will fade and everyone will soon look at him for the joke that he is...Jamie, time to grow up.

2026 days ago


Black women are so jealous and racist toward other women of any other race esp. white women. You are so pathetic! Why are you bitching about Halle Berry and her blonde haired blue eyed, to die for man? You m frs! I can't believe anyone would want such hate mongers! I have a friend who only dates black women - he does it cuz he says they will do things sexually that white women would never do. I used to work for drs who said that black women had the most sexual diseases, so what's with all this skank jokes - look in the mirror dude - girls. So many men of all races think black women look like dudes anyway. Of course they run to the blondes - they are feminine.

2026 days ago


ME : You sound racist.. Don''t deny it.. I use to be a hater of the white race, but I found Jesus.. No black person can see the gates of Heaven if they hate white people, and the thing applies to white people.. You should try praying to God so he can free you of hate. Hatred is Satan's biggest religion.. You need to be born again...

2026 days ago


ME : Typo... ^^^^^ No black person can see the gates of
Heaven if they hate white people, and the same thing applies to white
people. You are spirtually right now.. You are so far from God. You
need to read your Bible and ask Jesus into your heart

2026 days ago


all those blondes are a bunch of fakes like they juss wanna b black and they rnt they need to go bak to tv and the hills!!!!!!!they a bunch of wanna b's and they nuthin but drt!!!!srry blondes but it tru!!!!

2026 days ago


these are the same women who will wonder why guys treat them like skanks. IF it looks like a star chasingt skank, and it acts like a star chasing shank, and smells like a star chasing skank... then is a star chasing skank.
BTW, not all star chasing skanks are blond
I hope he played it save and wore two rain coats while riding those

2026 days ago


To Me

You are so pathetic that you're not even worth responding to! But I will because you are terribly misinformed. First off your lame ass white freind that dates black woment because they do crazy sexual things. If you're stupid enough to believe that a guy is going to get into relationships with a person of a specific race because of sex you really dumb. He could just get a prostitute or escort that's black. In reality he's probably a guy that rejected you and the only way he can save your self esteem is by making up any excuse for his preference in black women. Also everybody says that girls of any race will do things sexually that others wont. I've heard (Asian,Black,Mexican,White) women will do kinky things! Secondly the doctor thing is total crap. The only reason black women have a high rate of STDs is because there are many black men living on the DL and spreding their dieseases to their wives/girlfreinds.
Get a life bitch!!!

2026 days ago


Me. You are an ignorant, uneducated, sick, racest, and silly broad and your opinions are not valid and have no meaning...esp when it's concering black women, and untill you become a black woman (which'll b NEVER), you should keep your damn mouth shut.

First off, I love me some Jamie Foxx, for me, he can do no wrong. You can't believe everything you read and only half of what you see. I'm sure Jamie like most celebs who get PAID to go to these night clubs or after hour joints, purley to blend in and party with their fans...and nothing more. It's all about their promotions. So if those Farah Fauset knock-offs and Heather Locklear wanna bees are in his face..I look at that as advertisement, Jamie has white fans also. Hopefully he left that trash in the club when he left to let the janitors sweep up and take to the dumpters.

I love you Jamie!!

1999 days ago
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