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Michelle Obama Gets Waxed

4/7/2009 5:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First Lady Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is a total stiff!

Michelle Obama

The 45-year-old fashionista's wax figure (left) was unveiled at Madame Tussauds in DC on Tuesday.

Being married to the Prez requires a tough skin.


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My God! Don't they pay her husband enough money for her to have one visit, just one visit to a makeup artist and get THEM EYEBROWS TONED DOWN?!! She looks like a MAN trying to look like a woman! Doesn't anybody SEE this?!!? That woman needs all the help she can get! For starters, LOSE SOME WEIGHT! That alone will make her look more feminine! Lord! No more pictures!!!!

1961 days ago

fly on the wall    

They gave her a face lift. If your going to wax a person, make it look like them, color and all.
She is no beauty as some would have you believe.Her remarks that she was never proud of our country and that the U.S. is mean did it for me. can't stand to look at her on T.V. or in wax. She is disgusting and if you read her college thesis you would know she is a racist but you will say I am one because I am not glorifying her or the wax figure. To me she is made of wax.

1961 days ago


For the first time in my adult life, I hate the First Lady of the United States.

1961 days ago


Jackie Kennedy? NOT.

1961 days ago

I am Me    

Well, they got one thing right with the wax.... Her HUGE teeth...c'mon michelle, get some braces

1961 days ago


I have never read such vicious, cruel and unwarranted remarks in my life. It really does speak volumes about the readers on this site. Such classless, clueless redneckery can only be found at TMZ...

1961 days ago


This woman is not attractive in any sense of the word. And comparing her
to Jackie Kennedy is LAUGHABLE. Not even close!

1961 days ago


When did she turn into a white woman??? oh..nevermind..

1961 days ago


Does havining "La" infront of your name make you special? Why do people do that? LaBrenda, LaTina, LaNancy, etc. Wax figure looks like a nice person - real version is classless.

1961 days ago

stewie griffin    

OH PLEASE PPL!! If the artist had made her skin darker, you people would be complaining that she was made too dark, and that's racist..whah whah whah...when will the whining ever end with you?

1961 days ago


The first thing I thought of after looking at the Wax version of Michelle Obama was Michael Jackson.

1961 days ago


The need to add more cocoa to the wax mix, dontcha think? They gave her better teeth, bigger eyes, less wrinkles, and even made her white. It guess that's what it took to morph her from the likeness of a knuckle-dragging primate. Anyone have a match?

1961 days ago


The color of the wax figure is the least issue with it. In reality, her forehead is much higher as is the hair - and the nose is all wrong. Noted to, is they slimmed her way down along the thighs and rear....

1961 days ago


OMG the wax figure is a little on the light-side! Failing to show someone's true ethnic heritage in their own wax copy is as derogatory as the world referring to Obama as the first black president. Lets be honest - he is the first bi-racial president and his WIFE is the first black first lady (as I understand it). That being said, it is truely sad to see her so light. She deserves better. *Reminds me of the covergirl ads where Beonce's pics kept getting lighter and lighter. UNBELIEVABLE!

1961 days ago

I'm puking    

No wonder this woman is such a racist biooootch!!! We now see how she sees herself. Just further proof every black chick wishes they were white. I bet she told the artist to make her 10 shades lighter like Michael Jackson. If he had been accruate she'd look like a Snickers candy bar with eyes and teeth. Hilarious!!

1961 days ago
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