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No Charges for Alleged 'Dance' Rapist

4/7/2009 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Da SilvaL.A. prosecutors have declined to press charges against Alex Da Silva, one of the choreographers from "So You Think You Can Dance," who was arrested last Saturday night for alleged sexual assaults.

Da Silva has been in jail since he was arrested, but is expected to be released sometime today.

Prosecutors say further investigation is needed and a spokeswoman for the District Attorney's Office also says more alleged victims have come forward who have not yet been interviewed.


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First! So You Think You Can Say No?

2025 days ago


Hey, that leaves plenty of time to investigate the LA cops! see

2025 days ago


He has been up on charges in 2003,4, and 2005 for the same thing----each time the charges have been dropped. There is something wrong here. Women of the World stay away from this Brazilian here in the US trying to use his dancing skills to rape you. He is dangerous-----why the police cant get this guy is beyond me...he will strike again given his pattern. He can no longer help himself. He is driven to abuse.

2025 days ago

pink floyd    

these girls are saying he raped them,bs.they had sex with him because they thaught he could further their did not so now their pissed.

2025 days ago


California legal system is an absolute joke. Your jails are full of potheads, while the real criminals roam free.

2025 days ago


Rape is a fake crime anyway. We are animals. It's the natural order of things.

2025 days ago


Maybe he should have hit Rihanna too. He's been up on the same charges repeatedly yet the charges are dropped? The Shamwow dude beats the mess out of a woman in the process of committing a crime yet the charges are dropped? Howard Stern kills Anna Nicole using drugs yet there's a question whether he'll be charged. Chris Brown with no record of priors supposedly beat Rihanna even though the story makes no sense yet the charges stick. The Los Angeles police department is's be proven time and time again.

2025 days ago


HEY!Da Silva...How many NOTCHES you got on your "gun"???4?5? i've got 6 and catch me if you can..."pigs"

2024 days ago


Why did they let this guy go? I don't understand the legal system!

2024 days ago


This is sick, to think a man can rape or sexually harass a women and possibly get away with it! Very messed up! And its not just one women its like eight and they say more are coming forward, I sincerly hope that they charge him and he is sent to prision because what he did is dispectable and degrading towards women and he needs to pay for his crimes. I don't honestly think these women slept with him in hopes he could further their careers he is a choregrapher he can only teach them how to dance! I mean what did he say oh I won't teach you this real cool move unless we have sex first duh!

2024 days ago


Marie-----you are and IDIOT!!!!!! "maybe he should have hit rhianna too".....are you f##king serious???? The y have ways to detain people or prolong release, which should have been done in this case. as for the shamwow guy, go suck his puss ridden sores you ignorant pig!!!

2024 days ago


he gets out of jail with that many women coming forward and in prior years? chris brown, hardly no jail time, OJ no time years ago, brittney, paris, lilo, nicole, there is only one reason why they don't spend any time in jail. MONEY! and a GOOD EXPENSIVE ATTORNEY!!!

2024 days ago


How do you set a bail amount at $3.8 million (meaning you certainly didn't want him out of jail( only to then LET HIM GO at the arraignment??? Especially when supposedly more victims have come forward? And if you're letting him go because you don't have enough evidence, why charge and put him through all this in the first place? Couldn't an interrogation have sufficed?? Unless... unless... they KNEW they didn't have enough to hang him, but had strong suspicions his was guilty anyway, so vigilante justice was to give him bad media and tarnish his career. Hmmmmm. Job well done I suppose.

2024 days ago


And hey Mindyourownbusiness--you are a coward. end of story.

2024 days ago


I cannot believe what complete morons have written on this page!
#1 Moron--Ball istic--your comments do not really even deserve a reply, but I am betting you are single still living at home with mommy.
#2 Moron--Marie--please get real, Chris Brown is black but so is Rihanna, and if the LA Police are so racist, why did OJ get off for killing his white x wife???? This guy will get his, they are just ensuring that his rampage is over until they can get him behind bars, and as for Howard K Stern, he will get his.
#3 Moron--MindyourownBusiness--whatever, what bloody ever!!

2024 days ago
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