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Note to OctoMom: Buy Makeup, Meet Producers...

4/8/2009 6:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom Nadya SulemanOctoMom Nadya Suleman is full of it when she says she's not doing a reality show -- our sources say she's been in talks with producers as recent as... today, but no deal has been struck -- yet.

There is one hitch... Octo has told several producers she wants to limit face time for the babies -- but don't think she's now a candidate for Good Parent of the Year. We're told she took heat from Kaiser Permanente, where the OctoBabies were born, after she allowed media access to the kids, bright lights and all.

We called Lifetime, TLC and Oxygen -- reps said so far there are no plans to put Octo on the tube -- tube, get it.


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He's just another Idiot    

She is one SICK person. I've never seen such a Media Whore - she's even worse than Paris, Pam and Jessica. Can't the Department of Human Rights step in? All of those children need a home with a loving family - not some Crazy Clown trying to be famous. She's a disgusting Dimwit ! She should see a Shrink immediately.

2025 days ago


This woman is a piece of crap and any reality show that she thinks thats going to happen will be shown on Biggest Losers or COPS. Thats the only two shows that I can think of that she belongs on. Maybe she coul;d be on JAIL or Prison Nation where she belongs but other than that I don't see it happening! We the public don't want anything to do with her and I hope that a reality show about her and her greed never happens!

2025 days ago


I am so sick of seeing this woman's face. Please, people, don't support her by watching anything she's on (i.e. Dr. Phil, reality shows). If people no longer pretend they care about her, she'll stop getting the media attention she craves and no tv show will bother touching her for anything. Don't let her keep exploiting those poor, innocent children!

2025 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Ocotslut says that wic cost 2000.00 per month and that half of America is on government assistance and she should be on it also,I say that we should have sew up her Pu**y so he couldn't have kids,the Dr should lose his Licence for impregnating her

2025 days ago


She is the last one that should have mom as part of her name, the name that pops in my head is wasteful slut

2025 days ago

carissa davis    

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2025 days ago


How can you build a reality show around someone who is out of touch with reality?

2025 days ago

Glen Alan Garner    

When is TMZ or anyone else for that matter going to look into that doctor who implanted the seeds for those babies? Those babies (all of them) should be taken away from her immediately because she has serious mental problems and I'm sure everyone can see that.

2025 days ago


Lmfao everyone is all concerned about their "TAX DOLLARS" being used by her, So why are you complaining if she does a darn show. Then she'd have her own money & everyone can stfu about their "MONEY" being used.
Idiots, you can't have it both ways.
& you brought her getting her own show on yourself when you guys deliberately follow her around & give her all this attention, it was a matter of time before someone saw how much people are into her (even though they claim they aren't) & give her a show.

2025 days ago

spare me!    

It's no wonder that networks are hesitant to sign a deal with Nadya Suleman. Yes she's outrageous, yes she's got a face full of bad plastic surgery, yes she has 14 children. People will watch her because they love her, hate her, or are just curious. But when all is said and done, how "entertaining" is it to watch a woman with a personality disorder exploit and neglect her children on national television, while deluding herself that she's a big star (Angelina, perhaps)? What if some of these babies end up having serious medical conditions? What if one of these babies dies? How uplifting will it be to watch the older kids plead with Suleman on national television to tell them who their father is? Suleman can live happily in her own fantasy world but these kids would have to face their classmates at school and struggle to function with this whole circus going on around them. I imagine others feel depressed by this prospect the same way that I do, and still others feel sickened by the sight of this woman and won't watch. A third group of people will be bored after the first episode. I hope that in this instance, "reality" will trump "reality television" and the children are removed from this home and placed with families who can care for them properly.

2025 days ago


"I don't want to hear anything more about this psycho woman until the authorities step in and remove all 14 of the poor children." Posted at 8:37PM on Apr 8th 2009 by elle


2025 days ago



2025 days ago


i have not bought a single piece of grocery checkout reading material since late january because of this broad. a show? not at all interested. but why write to whatever sucker picks this turd up? let the ratings speak for themselves. the sad part of it is, there are jackasses out there that will watch.

2025 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

When Gold Digging, Dirtbag K-Fed learns how much money Octomoron is raking in, he will probably start hitting on her. Are there more FREAKS in California than any place else? Sure seems that way. The majority of Americans will hate these two money mooching idiots for the rest of their lives.

2025 days ago


Oh gawd - if she does get a reality show I can see it now......they'll find a love interest for her.....marry her off.......and then back to the IVF doc she goes. Seriously, they probably would be stupid enough to do it. It's all about ratings, remember?

All I can say is if a show of ANY kind comes to pass, I am going to fax and email the show to the point where their email storage is exceeded and their fax machine breaks down. Then I'll do the same thing for all those sponsoring the show. I wish they'd just cart her off to the funny farm [but detour by the outpatient center to get sterilized, please].

2025 days ago
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