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Billy Bob to Canada -- My Words Were Mashed

4/10/2009 10:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Bob Thornton still refuses to acknowledge how big of a jerk-wad he was during that infamous radio interview the other day -- the one where he got all pissy because nobody takes him as a serious musician -- but now he's backing off one of his stupid statements...

Billy Bob Thornton: Click to watch video
Originally, BBT said playing for Canadian audiences was like "mashed potatoes without the gravy" -- but yesterday he said he meant to diss the interviewer and not our neighbors to the North.

Nobody was buying his pre-show mea culpa though -- the audience reportedly booed the crap out of him and his wannabe band during a gig in Toronto.


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what a dumbass...first!

2025 days ago


i'll say it again,, just another schmuck

2025 days ago

Lover of the arts    

Don't try to sugar coat it at this point! You are a primadonna! You simply should have said what was bothering you instead of acting like an *sshole.

2025 days ago



2025 days ago


is this guys prides and ego so big that he can't sit down, watch the tape, take 5 minutes in front of the cameras following him and say, "wow, i saw the tape, that was a terrible interveiw - nothing i can really say, but i am sorry that it happened." why is that so hard for people anymore. i think the majority of people on the planet are actually very forgiving

2025 days ago


More like, dehydratred mashed potatoes not completely dissolved and most definitely, without the gravy...... but with brussel sprouts mixed in. Yummy.

2025 days ago


Come on people he was talking about the guy that was intervieweing him. Why would THIS guy ever back down? You really think he just hates canada? Please, he was in a pissy mood and was mad at the interviewer. He's not just scared of people's backlash. People are always blowing things out of proportion.

2025 days ago


I repeat BOOOOOOOOOOO!! billy bob. Take your cds and hit the border. Don't let the door hit your cowardly ass on the way out!!! Anyone can play the drums and your bandmates should replace you. They're awsome and would do great without you!!!

2025 days ago


I don't see what the big deal is. I don't think it was Billy Bob's inflated ego. I think as someone who was working in a profession that focused on him as an individual, his point was that he was trying to get the attention off of himself and redirect it to his bandmates. Maybe his communication skills are lacking, but it was obvious the interviewer just wanted to focus on Billy Bob as the "star" and he is actually trying to humble himself and allow the bandmates to shine. Think of how pissed you would be if you were a talented, no-name, guitarist, that said you only got attention b/c another bandmate was already famous. Sort of takes away the hard work you put in, not to mention, creates a riff with the rest of the band.

2025 days ago


TMZakaTedBundy, you sir are why the rest of the world hates the US...including Canada

2025 days ago

Connor Banks    

May every single person who has the misfortune to see this prick open for Willy Nelson boo him off of the stage. Loser.

You blow smoke in more ways than one, you faux musician tool!

2025 days ago


Billy Bob dont let the door hit you on your way back to the USA!

2025 days ago


You have to wonder what the other guys in the band were thinking during the interview. It may be in their best interest to find a new drummer. I hope he comes to my town just so I can boo the prick off stage.

Thornton is the worst kind of "celebrity". And Billy Bob-you're no Tom Petty.

2025 days ago


PRAY FOR OR HOLD IN THE LIGHT...CAPTAIN RICHARD PHILLIPS...who is being held in a lifeless raft in the middle of the sea by those lawless pirates! This must end in his safety and the world must now come together with a resolve to end the activities of these ruthless criminals.

2025 days ago


Canada, you certainly can ban this sorry excuse. What a doink. Give him hell at Border Control!

2025 days ago
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