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Sober Driving

Mr. Pattinson

4/10/2009 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After partying it up at Kristen Stewart's 19th birthday celebration in Vancouver on Thursday, Robert Pattinson -- and his covered up luscious locks -- took a cab home.

It's good to see a 22-year-old celeb being responsible and not acting badly ... like he did in "Twilight."


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Lc marley    

GO #4!!!!!!!!!!! Jealous mofos. He's an amazingly talented actor, and gorgeous odnis like man. who has more talent in his pinky nail than you will ever have.

Go Twilight. New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn!!!!!!!!

We love Robbie Poo...........
and will you marry me????(jk)

1995 days ago


Yum. Robert is sexy AND responsible.

1978 days ago


Responsible and HOT! All that can be said. And who-ever is jealous needs to get over it. He's hot and famous. People like him for lots of thing. One IS his accent. The other, his looks.

1974 days ago


Omg..why r there so many fing haters in this world!?! True everyone has a right to their own opinion and freedom of speech blahblahblah, but why do some of you have to be so damn obnoxious. Quite being so hateful and release the anger from within...I promise you will feel better. He in my opinion, is very talented and isn't going anywhere so get over it! Oh yea, I don't believe that Stephen King would stoop down to a childish level and make that statement about Stephenie M...she is brilliant! So 2 all the Robert Pat, Stephenie M. Twilight haters please STFU. We don't want to hear your pessimistic views.

1972 days ago


The fascination with this guy is just like the line he says in the move "Twilight." As Edward says, "Everything about me draws you in. My voice, my looks, my scent." That's enough to draw many a woman close to him. There IS something about him.

1969 days ago

Hilarious Comment Guy    

what a d bag

2022 days ago


What;s up with bagging on Twilight all the time??? The teens love it and it's harmless.

2022 days ago


I don't get the fascination with this guy. He's barely an actor. If he were just an ordinary Joe with an ordinary job, he would be another smelly, pasty, un-bathed, in need of a belt sanding douche bag getting mocked by men and turned down by women. Come on ladies, why have you lowered your standards. His character in twilight isn't him. Having said that, good for him for cashing in and getting laid because it wouldn't happen otherwise.
J-F'ing Out!!

2022 days ago



2022 days ago


Hmmm---#2- J you are sounding jealous to me. He has something you apparently do not understand and most probably do not have. Sex appeal matched with talent.; and yes, I think most women ARE intelligent and can tell an actor's role from whom they really are in real life.
ABSOLUTELY LOVE TWILIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2022 days ago

i hate your guts    

hey Poppy, if you are a woman the you are proof that apparently a lot of women are stupid. Example, all the brainless drones fawning over this movie and it's books and the piece of crap writer that created them. in the words of Stephen King..."Stephanie Meyer can't write worth a darn"
In my words..."Twi-tards STFU"

2022 days ago


you kidding? he is gorgeous! I love his complexion.
And good for him for not driving drunk!

2022 days ago

stewie griffin    

#5, I'm with you!! I do think a lot of women are stupid...but, to each her own I guess. I personally don't see the appeal with this guy. And I do think the twilight crap is waaaay overrated.

2022 days ago


According to the all-knowing people that posted before me, I must be stupid, because I think Robert is amazingly beautiful! There's just something sexy about a dirty, rugged man. (And no...I am not in love with Edward.) I find the real man irresistable.

2022 days ago


He seems like a down to earth guy, so I will give him credit for that. I've not seen him act, nor do I follow his career, so I can't comment on that aspect of things. However, looks wise, I don't see what all the rage is about! Not in a million years would I equate him with being "good looking." He doesn't have the most symmetical face, nor does he have an appealing body. The fact that he appears unkempt and somewhat challenged when it comes to hygiene leaves alot to be desired IMO. Then again, people I know say it is the character he plays, not Robert Pattinson HIMSELF. In another words, if he was a checker at Albertsons, no one would give him the time of day. I tend to subscribe to that theory. However, it is a moot point because his star is on the rise. Also, I am not a hater, just stating an observation.

2022 days ago
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