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OctoBabies: Check Out Our Double Wide!

4/12/2009 11:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom Nadya Suleman's strollers can each hold four babies -- her uterus held eight. Victory: OctoMom.


Along with some hired muscle, Suleman took at least 10 of her kids to a local park in La Habra yesterday, presumably to field an entire baseball team.

Just your normal, average day at the park...


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faaw-q attitude    

thanks for the info, i will be going back and sign ing that ALOT.... NO MORE OCCTO PIG!!!!

2017 days ago

FiFi LaRue    


Especially if that stranger is your own mother......hehe

2017 days ago

faaw-q attitude    

it's about time for her to go to the makeup store again and spend a grand on her face, then turn around and say.... i am getting wic for my kids and i don't care who says what!!! that thousand for your face you can't fix would have bought some formula AND milk. i can see why we are mad!!!

2017 days ago


She is on Twitter now.....who in their right mind has time??? Right...she is not in her right mind. Always playing up to the camera and fussing with her hair or tugging at her top. I agree those children are never smiling. I saw a video with one child wanting to play with a dog......can't have a dog now.. not with 13 other siblings. I feel so sorry for those children. I don't know Octomom, but from what I see I don't like her at all.

Check out

She is even referring to herself as octomom and her postings are so stupid!

2017 days ago

Wake up people!    

I think we're all mad ( especially in this state) because there are so few jobs and people are becoming unemployed every day. People that, like me, have tried to do the RIGHT thing- you know, like use our college loans for COLLEGE , PAY THEM BACK, WORK, and NOT HAVE CHILDREN WE CAN'T AFFORD. People like us, who get screwed because we tried to do the RIGHT THING. I think this is why everyone is so upset. If she had 8 kids when she were employed, and didn't try to scam everyone by turning her children into human chattel, I think things would have turned out differently. But no, she had to be greedy, and with the economic climate as it is, it couldn't have been a worse time. No wonder we are so upset that she gets to bilk the system and avoid taxes, all while using the children as pawns. If she were the "average citizen" getting away with the questionable tax practices and financial fraud, the IRS and Attorney General of the state would be knocking down our doors.

I guess if you sell enough copy in this town, you're immune to justice. SO sad.

2017 days ago

faaw-q attitude    


2017 days ago

faaw-q attitude    

ok i will take the job tmzz, he crashed the vehicle but won't get out, traffic backed up on the freeway, stay tuned, i'll let you know who it is,lol.

2017 days ago

Shirlaine D.    

14 children for an only woman.

This monster is an insult to maternity.

The doctor who inseminates her should be in jail for what he've done to this 14 children and for enable this insane woman to make her "baby bizness"... because he clearly knows that she don't have enough money for give a good futur for her 7 first baby, no husband for helping her every day 24H/24 7days a week,.. so why did he do that!

Now, the american people who have to pay for this!!!! Shame!

I'm schocked... and I think to all these lonely mothers who have 1 or more kids (but not so much than her), who has been abandonned by their partner and who will be unfairly considered because of this "profiteer"


2017 days ago

faaw-q attitude    

omg i went to her twitter site,lmao..... she is so sick, and yeah i live alone and have to find time for the computer, when she is not on camera, she is on here?!?!?!?!? how do you find the time octopig? they were going to get her for child abandonment but found she was hidin easter eggs!!!! wtf? we will have the last laugh i hope!!!

2017 days ago

faaw-q attitude    

ok.... i get it now lmfao the first one isn't her, the second one is lmfao.... love the first one hahahahahahahahahahah hahahahahahahhahaa made my day!!!!

2017 days ago


#114 ... I agree with you! That doctor should certainly be held accountable....

2017 days ago

faaw-q attitude    

wtf? tmz post it! the second is her, the first is funny as hell

2017 days ago

foolish girl    

I found this comment on and thought it was funny but truthful:


Have you considered that a donation site for Nadya Suleman is actually a very good idea.

This is no longer the time when gullible well-wishers who think that money will be going to the benefit of infants instead of BeBe at the mall are any longer kept in the dark.

If you are die-hard enough to give that shop til your nanny drops creature your money, than go do it.

She is no longer anonymous and the tax collectors in Orange County will be as aware as you are regarding her spending habits. Especially since she has already defrauded worker's comp of at least $165,000. As long as photographers get paid to show her shopping, there will be a visual record of what she spends and where she is spending it.

Besides, what options does she really have?

As a person, she is too boring and too unattractive to hold anyone's attention based on her charming personality.

She shops, she sucks lattes, she's mean to her mom, she grabs the nearest kid and plunger suction-kisses them, she tells the world she is a better person than they are because she has GOALS. Oh, and which oppressor de jour is out to get her this time.

That's it. And it's All About Nadya. Yawn.

If that loop were interesting anymore, radaronline would still be dumb enough to pay $1000 a minute for it. And since she has made it very publicly clear that with her no good deed will ever go unpunished, at least you can't say you weren't warned when Czech land-sharks your wallet.

Lets face it, when you get dumped by the on-line gossip site for the National Inquirer AND Dr. Phil, noted tree surgeon and eminent psychoanalyst --all you've got left are radio shock jocks and whoever it is that would think a reality show about Toxomom is a better alternative to watching paint dry.

Not to mention what sponsor would ever want to underwrite her? There will be people who feel as I do that anyone who pays for that reality show is participating in the exploitation of children and will refuse to buy their product forevermore. Not exactly an inducement to sell your product. About the only person who will make money out of that is whoever puts up a website listing which sponsor to boycott.

Nobody is going to publish a book nobody want to buy. Nobody is going to make your movie because it is soon to remake Alien.

Or think of poor Hollister. How much business they must have lost as a result of women suddenly realizing that wearing Hollister now equates you to a tacky-looking , too ill-fitting tight, too much droopy cleavage, too age-inappropriate Nadya Suleman. You might as well put your clothing line on a trailer-park walrus.

Figure on suddenly a whole lot of thrift shops getting a bumper crop of Hollister around now.

And as for Bebe, what better sleazebling could eight babies possibly throw up on?

Toxomom will have an eighteen year sentence to remember how she chose to squander money when it was there.

And she will be in poverty with 10 teenage boys and 4 girls to have to figure out how to feed, clothe and house while on decades of public assistance. The Suleman Family Motto is going to have to be "Do You Want Fries With That" because of her trusting in worthy individuals like Jeff Czech. Who undoubtedly is every bit as good a lawyer as he has proven himself to be a PR flak.

And those kids will not always be voiceless. She is exploiting 14 people who will as soon as they become adults have reason to treat her in the way she has shown them how to treat an aging mom. If she deserves it, that's her problem.

She'll, of course, be broke. But they'll all probably by then have figured out how to sue Jeff Czech.

And that's precisely why they call it karma.


2017 days ago

faaw-q attitude    

funny but true, that is so right, when it all comes crumblin down where will the bigassfishlips go then???

2017 days ago


Goodness gracious, I need to improve on my speed reading, took me nearly an hour to get through the posts. I must say, I enjoyed the few laughs. I liked the one about 14 kids and no orgasm! I also thought the one that said there were no babies under the blankets very well may have had a valid point. Afterall we surely do know that it purely was a photo-op for octo-bitch, yet we have no actual confirmation (or pictures) that the premies were in those strollers. Kinda like the ole, talk on the dead air cell phone trick she pulls. Had she truly wanted to spend quality time with her children, leave the babies at home where they belong, and take ALL 6 of the older children to the park (still a photo-op for the bitch) but noooo, god, no, she couldn't handle that now could she? Well no, they may require too much "Mommy" time. FAKE, FRAUD, BITCH!

2017 days ago
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