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Prez Barack Obama -- That Damn TMZ!

4/12/2009 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obama's dogApparently President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle were trying to keep the whole Presidential dog thing under wraps -- and then we came along...

The White House had offered The Washington Post a "puppy exclusive" when the time came, according to The Washington Post! But last Friday, we got all the details.

-- the pup was coming from a Texas kennel
-- the kennel had sold Senator Ted Kennedy 3 Portuguese Water Dogs in the past, all from the same lineage
-- the dog the Obama's were getting is also from the same lineage as the Kennedy dogs
-- the Obama dog was originally sold to a private owner, who returned it
-- the dog was named Charlie, but the Obamas planned to rename it
-- the dog was going to be "re-homed" to the Obamas from the kennel, and presented to the Obamas by the Kennedy family
-- the reason it's important that the dog was "re-homed" is because the Obamas could not accept the dog as a gift, and re-homing averts the problem.
-- the dog will be officially presented to the Obamas by the Kennedys on Tuesday

So that's what we said Friday. And sure enough, The Post is now saying the dog was renamed Bo, after Bo Diddley.

We got a pic of a pooch that appears to be Bo. Today, The Post ran a pic of the doggie with the Prez, Michelle, Sasha and Malia.

BTW, there are reports that Ted Kennedy gave the puppy to the First Family as a gift -- untrue. It was re-homed by the kennel and the Kennedy family only facilitated the transfer.

So, we didn't break Watergate, but Puppygate -- we're all over it!

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No Avatar

the sea    

Looks like the dog is already at the White House, and the Obama's have already named it. WHY does it have to be "officially presented"?


2029 days ago


Good for them.....

2029 days ago

Mike Hunt    

There is not ONE "who's the world's biggest AZZHOLE in the world" contest that Harvey Levin would not win!

2029 days ago

Mike Hunt    

To numbers 1 and 2. Why don't you 2 "real men" enlist and kick some pirate azz yourself? Nevermind, I already know. You're both bending over fruitbaskets who can suck a pair of balls instead of having any yourselves...

2029 days ago


Wow the man actually spent some time with his kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2029 days ago


You white people are a hot mess. Anytime you aren't in control of something you can't stand it and try to find some way to tear somebody down. Makes me hate your race even more!

2029 days ago


Bo? Oh no... Go BEAUregard, man's best friend, faithful hound, from deep in Bubba territorrity, the Okeefenokee swamp. Go BEAU!'s just locally spelled so as not to seem too Frenchified... Leave that to those other lovely black and white pets, Mamzelle Hepzibah and Pepe le Piou. Did I say black and white? Oh the semiotics! What a BEAUtiful academic choice, First Family! Can I write the First (Dog) Dissertation?

2029 days ago


So "Whatthehell" poster, what have you done lately to help your fellow human beings? Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.....whatever happened to the idea of stopping finding fault with others and focusing energy on cleaning up your own act?

2029 days ago

philip weberman    

we have had a pwd for 8 years. she is a wonderful pet. the obamas could not have made a better choice. they are fun and great with kids. for all those people who are turning this into a chance to throw political fire bombs at the president...LIGHTEN UP! please allow this family and the kids to enjoy this experience. to the obamas, enjoy this time to the max.

2029 days ago


It is is shame that the Obama's didn't have the decency to save a dog from the pound. Stuck up democrats!

2029 days ago


TMz- you suck!! White house dogs, are part of history, so for you to expose this is tactless. Anyone that knows history, surely knows this.

So damn what, if they chose this dog, its their dog and thier business. They were provate citizens first, so let them pick out what they like. Amazes me, at the number of critics, who have nothing better to do than criticize a dog.

2029 days ago


TMZ needs to stop helping the Obama's with their little spin on the story. The dog was not re-homed. A PWD, at 6 months, could still have very well been sold. This is Obama going "look at me! I can be a Kennedy, too!" Anyways, it's obvious they already had the dog picked out and let someone take it home for 6 months so they could claim they "re-homed" it. Please, we're not that stupid. I'm offended because not only did Michelle Obama lie about adopting a dog, but now the family has the balls to make America look even stupider by trying to convince us that a dog from a kennel is still an adopted dog. Just fess up Obama and say you wanted to buy a purebred.

However, someone else pointed out that if they didn't think public schools were good enough for their kids, why would a shelter kid be good enough?

And is it wrong I find it a little ironic Obama got a black and white dog...

2029 days ago


I was hoping they would take a shelter dog and there are plenty of purebreds available. It would have set a wonderful example and given homeless dogs the publicity they need Also a Portuguese Water Dog is not the dog for anyone with allergies and is a very high maintenance. I think it's a poor choice.

2029 days ago


I thought when the Obama's first said they were getting a dog that they were going to adopt a dog and not get one from a breeder.

2029 days ago


Bo?? For Bo Diddley??
I thought that BO stood for Bail-Out!

2029 days ago
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