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Jessica Simpson -- Can You Pass the Braid?

4/13/2009 12:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We don't know what she ordered inside, but whatever Jessica Simpson had at Beso this weekend came with a side of Ken Paves -- as in, someone totally re-did her 'do at the dinner table!

Jessica Simpson: Click to watch
Not everyone loved the mid-meal hair change though -- how else to explain the jackass who randomly pelted her with Q-Tips on the way out?!


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Who really cares about this worn out ho bag? Maybe her sister, but her 15 minutes also ran out long ago.............

1956 days ago


Here's the thing... Eva Langora is the owner of the restaurant she ate at. Stay with me here. Don't you think the paps. know that and hang out waiting for the celebs. ( any celeb) to show up? So my point is why didn't they make arrangement to go in the back door? Why? Because they love being in the lime light. Don't let them fool you. They would be horrified if no one took their picture anymore.

1956 days ago


Why do some people say she's fat? She's not fat at all. She looks nice. Only people who think she's fat are jealous types or the types that like anorexic boy looking women.

1956 days ago


how vain to sit at dinner and have someone fix your hair. Do you constantly need attention??? you and that big honker. You act like the cameras are a problem, you know your sick-o father called and told them you would be there. How stupid. Go away, far away, and take your sister and her butt ugly husband with you. Tell your mom, ugly stretch pants at dinner are not the item to wear. Giver her some of your clothes, you have a whole line

1956 days ago

nothing better to do    

What a bunch of pathetic excuses for human beings!
You should be ashamed of yourselves for posting such hate filled crap.

What has she done to deserve your hatred?
Is it because she is beautiful? Rich? Has a famous athlete for a boyfriend?

She's NOT fat, she's NOT a 'ho', she's NOT trash or trashy.
Why don't you save your ugliness for Lohan posts? That's an example of someone that has gone out of their way to be trashy. Or Pam Anderson, or Paris Hilton, or Lady Gaga, or New York, or Brett Michaels, or the Hogan's, etc etc.....why pick on a sweet, pretty woman who has done nothing horrendous when there are SO many much more deserving low-lifes out there???


1956 days ago


you guys are mean. wow!!!

1956 days ago


I would be willing to bet, if you classless, smack talking morons took a pic of Jessica at her WORST and compared it to your BEST she would still look better. I can tell by some of the idiots posting on this topic that you most probably have no room to talk. Your mind and words are ugly so I can only imagine what YOU losers look like!

1956 days ago


I have to agree with you #46
I feel really bad for her, people can be extremely rude and inconsiderate
Put your self in her shoes

1956 days ago


How much more is Romo going to take here? If he doesn't dump her now he never will . Them new pics are not good for his career.

1956 days ago
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