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Wow, What Big Ears You Have!

4/13/2009 12:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obama and Bunny


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Note to late night hosts who say no jokes can be found re Obama. TMZ finds them, so can you.

2018 days ago


You must be kidding?!?!?! I don't care if you liked Bush or like Obama. He is now our President. Other countries love to see us at odds. TMZ -- very low taste.

2018 days ago


OMFG, get over the teleprompter issue, is that all you can come up with? Bush used it as well, as did his father. I am proud of the Presidents response to the crisis in Somalia. The captain is safe, the pirates dead, a message sent. One thing is for sure folks...he didn't continue reading his book, he didn't go after a country that had nothing to do with 911, take a stroll through his texas ranch with Bin Laden & then quietly & switfly get him safely out of the country on 911! He was cool, calm & collected and look how well things turned out, with little loss of life. Give it up to him! Very well done!

I only hope he doesn't take on the responsibility of dealing with the others. Some of these other countries need to step up to the plate, instead of cowardly waiting for the U.S. to step in. Let these people use their own military, spend their own money, bring their soldiers home in bodybags for a change. And as far as these people of Somalia, cut them off. Stop sending food to them. They are allowing these pirates to get in the way of their aid? Let them figure out what to do. I am so sick of this country spending our money & sending our food to these 3rd world countries who hate americans, while americans themselves are losing their homes, jobs and can't feed their families. When will this country learn to take care of our own people. Meaning Americans first!!! Illegals need to be deported, other immigrants need to figure it out on their own or return to their country as well. Do away with Welfare completely. Make better cars so that people will buy American made cars instead of opting for the reliability of a foreign made car. Sorry, but that's just how it is. American made cars are crap, don't last long and cost a fortune!! And stop stealing from social security & retirement accounts! Focus on the people who work everyday for a living. Focus on those who are truly making the best of this economic disaster, deal with the homeless situation & medical insurance for all americans who work. Those who don't work, perhaps will figure it out once they are not supported by the government. Forget helping these other countries, because when push comes to shove, who is the dominating force? THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, BUT WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR TAKING CARE OF ILLEGALS, IMMIGRANTS & OTHER COUNTRIES WHO HAVE THEIR OWN RELIGIONS & BELIEFS, LET THEM FIGURE IT OUT OR DIE TRYING!!!! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER, IT'S JUST TOO BAD THE LIFERS IN WASHINGTON DON'T SEE IT THAT WAY! Kinda like AIG, don't their insure govt retirement accounts. Sure protect Washington's money, while american taxpayers are just sol!!!

2018 days ago


That's lame, TMZ. Leave the Prez alone. He's a good man and doing the best that can be done with the mess that was left to him. Stop picking on him!

2018 days ago


Maybe Vick is one of these people who voted Obama into office for all the "free stuff" that us hardworking taxpayers are paying for. How about people taking responsibility for themselves instead of these girls having a bunch of babies on welfare or people living beyond their means. Everyone wants instant gratification and nobody wants to sacrifice. This is a capitalistic country! You get from it, what you put into it. No one owes anything! what we need is jobs and not handouts! You don't like it, move to Europe...good luck!!! I'll be really surprised if this clown makes it through his first term. All those countries who hated us...are laughing at us now. I for one, did not vote for him because I do not believe in big government...they can't run anything properly. I tried giving him the benefit of the doubt but he's done nothing but lie about what his true intentions are.

2018 days ago



If you knew anything at all you'd know Bush held hands with the man because he is crippled and has a very difficult time walking you moron. Bowing down like a kissass, submissive coward is what Obama did. B-I-G difference.

Nice to see that Mr. Blue lips' ears are bigger than the f'n bunny's!! Our fearless leader doing what he does best....AVOIDING ACTUAL WORK!!!!

Thank God this fool will be sent back to his criminally infested thug "communites" of Chicago in less than 4 years!!!

2018 days ago


Vick is your typical democrat. Talking out of both sides of her stupid face. Name calling and fear mongering. Gassing people? Calling people gay because they see your ignorance? Wow, yep, you make your party proud. Sorry, not gay but no homophobe. Think everyone should have equal rights based only on intelligence. No other criteria. So most gays would be fine, you, you would be hurting.

2018 days ago

Bash a Pap    

mmhmmm you just keep making crap up! Where were you when Bush was photographed HOLDING HANDS with the same king Obama bowed to? You upset about that? OF COURSE NOT BECAUSE YOU A RE A LOSER, LIAR AND A HYPOCRITE! And you think the world is laughing at Obama? That just make you plain STUPID. Do you think your beloved Bush would have drawn crowd like that outside of Texas? It's time for sad little people like you to realize the world has changed. So crawl back under your rock and evaporate already. You are a pathetic excuse for a human being.

2018 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Oh My God
Barry Obama
From Stud to Dud

2018 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Wow "hahahaha" you are one raging racist. I hope to God you have not raised any children. I would hate to think what life in your home must be like. Perhaps you should seek professional help in dealing with your hatred towards other races. Good luck. I will be praying for you.

2018 days ago

allen antrim    

It is just a rumor but I heard that by now the rabbit was vetted and he/she owes back taxes for dye sales not claimed and not paying child support on 50,000 little bunnies. No matter, congress says that the slumping economy needs a bunny.....errrrrrr, rabbit like this one, other wise the ground hog will never see the light of day. Kennedy was heard to say that he wishes he were 50 years younger. CNN will report nothing, as usual. And TMZ whitewashed the whole deal.

2018 days ago


You know Vick..or..NOT...or whatever name you're using...I must point out one major difference between you and I: I can spell AND form a sentence. Please, learn the facts and get an education. Until then, you have no business debating anyone as you will lose simply because you are a loser. Put those welfare dollars to use and get yourself an education so that you may contribute to society rather than leech off it.

2018 days ago


It feels all warm and fuzzy here today with all of the tolerant liberals.

Oh where to start where to start:

1. Vick- your a limp wrist liberal who couldn't even put the "smack down" on a wet paper bag. Now get up stairs before your mommy gets on to you for not cleaning your room, you 30yo panty waste.
2. AmandaOakPark- That was one weak weak weak attempt to use the "race card". I think you looney left wing democrats used all of those up during the 2008 campaign. It is a shame you will have to actually come up with something else to use against people who see B. Hussein Obama for what he is, and do not worship at his alter.
3. As for the person asking TMZ to leave B. Hussein alone "he is doing the best he can with what he was left with", sorry but Hussein and his fellow democrats in Washington helped create this mess. The under qualified community organizer wanted the job, the media made sure he got it, now be prepared to watch him go down as the most over hyped under qualified duffus in American history.

Lets all get some pop corn, sit back and watch amateur hour in the W.H. for the next 3 years and 8 months. Yes our country will be bankrupt and our children will be living in a socialist hell trying to rebuild this once great country, but at least it will be a great show was we watch Hussein's worshipers slowly come to their senses and throw him out like Bubba Clinton's last night hooker.

2018 days ago



How exactly am I being racist when I'm bashing a white man? You know, the same man that came out of a WHITE vagina. Was raised by his WHITE grandparents. And grew up on the very NON-BLACK island of Hawaii. So again, how am I being racist??? Mr. Blue Lips is no more black than Beyonce, Tiger Woods or Mariah Carey.

2018 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Michelle is the first First Lady to have a full-time makeup artist, according to ET. The makeup woman applies her false eye lashes, does her skinny eyebrows, puts on her lipstick, - the whole face , every day. My question is this: Are we taxpayers paying for all of this or are the Obamas ? They have only been in office for 3 months (seems like 3 years) and I'm already sick of them. They really like to preen before the cameras, don't they? They need to hire someone to teach them how to show a little class.

2018 days ago
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