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Wow, What Big Ears You Have!

4/13/2009 12:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Obama and Bunny


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i do not care how much michelle obama puts on her face nothing can help but this easter bunny mask might

2020 days ago


here comes obama fails hopping down the spending trail hippity hoppity debt is on its way never ending spending spree and no more freedom there will be obama is hopping down the spending trail never ending debt our children will see

2020 days ago


1st First Lady ever to manhandle the Queen of England in her own home. 1st President of the United States of America ever to bow down to Saudi Royalty.

I am not proud at all.

WHO is in charge of schooling these newbies in protocol, and why does my 8 year-old know not to touch the Queen and that we Americans don't bow to anyone ever?

2020 days ago


Based on the comments is seems white conservatives are still peeved Barack won. Damn bigots, will you just shoot him already! He is not going away and the country is better with him in office. Please leave! We will be better off if you just leave! Your comments prove we are not a Christian country. We never were and we never will be.

ps. Secret Service. I was not serious about what I think these knuckle draggers should do.

2020 days ago


8. Mommy, why is President Obama taking the eggs I found and giving them to the kids who didn't look for any?

Answer: Because you found them dear, they didnt belong to you and he is giving them away because he is a Christian. Now, take your greedy ass away from me, find some more eggs and give them to the least amongst us you Jew bastard! Mommy still loves you.

2020 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

April Fool's was two weeks ago,
S'all good, though,
You still entertain us

2020 days ago

JustInTime anyone else terrified that this mhmmm moron is posting over and over with different names? What a scary freak, he's probably building a pipe bomb as we speak. Is Obama perfect? Of course not - but he's taking ACTION to fix our f'd up country. The countries that hated us under Bush's leadership are NOT "laughing at us," they are actually willing to give us another chance now that we have a leader with an IQ in the triple digits. Your "peace and love" statement is completely shot down after the President instructed the Navy Seals to use deadly force to rescue Captain Phillips. Not a word from the Republicans about that...but had it been Bush in the same position, we'd be hearing about what a genius he is (MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! DON'T MESS WITH THE US! YEEE-HAW!....)
Do you actually think that our children weren't faced with debt before Obama came into office? Nice job rewriting history! He isn't going to raise taxes any higher than they were under Clinton, and is also looking at ways to work towards balancing the budget (something I don't recall ever being on Bush's to-do list). Does Obama bring perfection? No. Hope for the country's future? Absolutely! Mhmmm needs a psychiatrist - not a psychologist, a psychiatrist who can prescribe some nice happy pills.
P.S. His ears aren't even that big! Kate Hudson's stick out at least that far.

2020 days ago


be careful what you say people...the fbi, secret service and every other brother is watching one is supposed to say bad things about harming the president. our last one has been so easily forgotton, but respect is still the order for a president...imagine some of you folks that don't like our current president...what does that tell you about honor and your country?...please do not forgot that the electorial college has been notorious for voting exactly who they feel is qualified for the job and they gave it to obama...the American people gave it to obama, so get over it and show some respect for your country and your president, I AM SICK OF YOU MEAN PEOPLE SAYING BAD THINGS!!!!


and that is a cute arce bunny!!

2020 days ago

She is hot    

How about optimism--
1. Obama's "ACTION" is causing more debt to our childrens children then any of the presidents in history combined! Bush liberated two countries, killed a dictator and his evil sons, and brought us back from 9/11 and didnt spend as much as Obama in 100 days
2. What is Obama's IQ, I am just curious if you know? The rest of the world is laughing at us because Obama was elected by the ignorant and people that bought into "hope" and "change" without even asking themselves what "hope" and what "change"?
3 Your right about the pirates, I am sure Obama wanted to negotiate with them but then the captain tried to rescue himself and evidently Obama had not given the green light yet because that is when we should have taken them out. He had to do some more thinking before giving the ok
4. If Obama is not going to raise taxes then how in the HELL are we going to pay for all this spending? That's right, Obama does not plan on paying for it, my childrens children will be paying for it!!
5. Balance the budget? Are you frikin kidding me! That is just hilarious if you buy that

We do not need happy pills, we need a congress and a president that understand that you can NOT spend your way out of a recession! What about all those jobs Obama promised he would keep in the USA but then says that well those jobs going over seas would not come back and that we don't really need those jobs because they do not pay enough. You do not believe me? Look it up? Our dear leader is a moron and a fraud.

2020 days ago


Yeah optimism, your HERO President is a regular badass. Judging from how clueless you sound in your rant, I'm sure you're pitifully uninformed on anything. Are you even aware that the terrorist pirates were all 16 year old boys? So your Rambo of a President ordered the slaughter of young, confused, misguided teenagers. CONGRATS!!!

Why do I suspect had Bush gave the exact same order with the exact same result, that you, along with TMZ, would be calling him a child killer? Oddly enough it's quack liberals like yourself that murder hundreds of babies each day with abortions.

You gotta love liberal hypocrisy!!!

2020 days ago



No one knows Obama's IQ, nor grades, since he's too ashamed to share them with us. I wonder why the liberal media didn't demand to see all his transcrpits like they did with Bush? Funny how Obama gets a complete pass on this. I suspect Obama's IQ isn't even as high as the avg. college students'. If he was a fraction as brilliant as how kooks like you and the media protray him as, then we'd all know every single grade he's ever made. Face it, Mr. Purple lips is a fraud. He was only able to TRANSFER into Columbia in the first place because he's "black." He couldn't even get in straight out of high school. Affirmative action at it's finest!!!

2020 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Every time I see Obama on TV, I turn him off immediately. His Dictator speech patterns are annoying. In fact, there is an e-mail going around that compares Obama's background with Hitler's background. It's scary.

2019 days ago


Just for the record...I'm only using one name to post you idiot! Problem with this country is that so many people are uninformed and take the mainstream medias word rather than researching for ask how other countries allowed themselves to be fooled and come under dictatorships? THAT'S HOW PEOPLE...DON'T BE FOOLED. THIS IS NOT A RACE ISSUE...BARNEY FRANK AND PELOSI ARE PROBABLY WORSE THAN THIS GUY...IN FACT..HE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A PUPPET FOR THESE PEOPLE AND THEY ARE GOING TO BANKRUPT THIS COUNTRY. We need to take it back. Take a stand for your rights as an American and come out against big government...we need jobs..not handouts!!! go to a local tea party in your area...plenty of pissed off democrats who voted for this fool will be there, too!

2019 days ago
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