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Ferrari Owners to Fabio: You're Pedaling Lies

4/14/2009 1:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fabio's "failed brakes" excuse didn't cut it with the owners of the Ferrari he crashed this weekend -- because they just released a statement saying the car wasn't to blame for the accident.


World Class Driving's statement
: "After preliminary investigation, World Class Driving found the car was in excellent working condition prior to the incident and that brake failure was not an issue."

And to make matters more interesting, WCD also said: "The car in question also has computer data logging that is in the process of being checked to determine what caused the incident."


No Avatar


Get Him...Get Him!!!! dumb long haired freak...he was probably straightening his hair at the time ...hey!!! It's LA and he's....STUPID!!!

2019 days ago

Michael Madsen    


2019 days ago


the truth is that people take their sporty cars and sport bikes like me to that strip of mulholland and push their cars or bikes through the canyons as much as they can. that strip of mulholland has very tight turns and dumb ass people that dont know how to take the turns have accident, in this case Fabio.

2019 days ago

who dat    

I am trying to understand why anyone would allow that doofus Fabio to drive their expensive car. He is probably an accident prone, uncoordinated idiot.

2019 days ago

low key    

Fabio seems like the kind of guy that wouldn't know how to handle a stick shift except his own. Soak it to him WCD!

2019 days ago


Just what we need -- another semi-literate trying to make it in the field of journalism! You PEDAL a bicycle; you PEDDLE (meaning, to sell or convince) lies. What a moron. Hint: Buy a dictionary and a thesaurus, don't just rely on a spell-checker.

2019 days ago


Computers lie!!!

2019 days ago


Maybe he hit a patch of 'I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT BUTTER' on the road'..........HAHAHAHAHAHA.


2019 days ago


Let me see if I've got this straight. You take a $100,000+ car, put it in the hands of an inexperienced driver, tell him to "go for it," and he does. Then he gets behind the wheel, turn the inition, put it in gear, take off, and wreck it. And now YOU want to come before the people of the world and complain that he damaged it. IDIOT!!!

2019 days ago


He's so clueless he was probably pushing on the clutch--"I HAVE NO BRAKES" Duh, it's the one to the, not the gas, the one in the middle. dumbass.

2018 days ago


My brother tried the same line once when he was 16. He took a tree out with our dad's new car. He finally admitted he hit the clutch instead of the brakes.
The owner should do the same thing to him our dad did to my brother...wore his ass out with a belt and made him get a job and pay for the damage.

2018 days ago


somebody please give this man a haircut already!

2018 days ago


Yo, Fab....the one one the left is the clutch, the one in the middle is the brake!!!!!

2018 days ago


I thought this bone smuggler was dead from the Aids....waz up with that!!!!

2018 days ago



Then you know for yourself that just slapping any old person in a high performance car is not a good idea. Too many people think they know how to drive. They think a car is a car is a car. This was his fault, I don't agree with you there. Isn't this the second car he has wrecked?

Don't kid yourself folks, once a car like that has sustained that damage, it will never be the same. I think they need to keep Fabio in a KIA or Saturn, its more his speed. People who have no idea what they are buying, shouldn't be allowed to buy that car.

Do your homework before you purchase. Most of the normal population isn't equiped to handle this type of vehicle. Period.

2018 days ago
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