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'Britain's Got Talent' Lady Needs Support

4/16/2009 11:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Internet sensation Susan Boyle will probably get a record contract after wowing the world -- and Simon Cowell -- with her singing on "Britain's Got Talent" this week, but what she could really use is a brassiere.


The 47-year-old got nippy outside her Scotland home.

Susan's natural talent is sure to bolster the music industry's sagging sales.


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TMZ, I am a huge fan and general laugh at all your jokes but NOT this one. She already admitted to never being kissed which was humiliating. Then watching the young girls in the audinece laugh at her when she said that was awful but then for this, give her a break. Don't take her moment from her! She deserves some good in life!!!

2019 days ago



I just vomited in my copy of OK magazine.

2019 days ago


"She looks like every other normal older woman in the UK..."

How insulting are YOU? And no, she doesn't.

2019 days ago


What a talent. She has the voice of an angel. I wish her the very best.

2018 days ago

she looks like her son    

I love you TMZ and I wish you wish stay with the Hollywood crowd, the egomaniacs and the attention seekers.

Susan Boyle is a humble human being that had the courage to step forward with her talent to do something that her Mom wanted her to do. She said she has been grieving for two years over the death of her Mother and somehow found the courage to sing again and go public.

Why in the world would you disrespect a humble non attention seeking woman that garnered strength and courage to walk on a stage knowing she would most likely be made fun of? Fortunately, she had a true gift and the laugh was on them for judging her appearance first.

I am not one for censorship but this should be taken down out of respect; she deserves some positive things in her life.

2018 days ago

she looks like her son    

I meant would not a second wish in my statement above...

2018 days ago


#121 Over the line.

Touche. Nicely said.

2018 days ago


Are you kidding TMZ? You follow Britney, Paris and Lilo to see if they are sans panties but this is a lovely woman with 100 times the voice of your fave 3 and not wearing a bra is a personal choice, not yours. You go Susan, I will buy your record.

2018 days ago


all these ignorant comments on here are just the reason why what this woman had the guts to do is so extrodinary. our world is so cruel, it was an inspirational story that i will never forget-lesson learned-Thank You Ms. Boyle

2018 days ago


That is really low you guys. If you read up on her, you know that she has a disability. It is not very professional of you to talk about her like that. Why can't you just say she has a great and surprising voice and leave it at that?

2018 days ago

another over 40 mama    

I'm 46 and I wish my breast stood up half as much as hers do. She is an incredible woman with an awsome voice. So what if her nipples stand out. Most 46 year old women have nipples that droop down to their kneecaps. I hope she becomes a multi-millionaire, has the time of her life, gets a makeover (only if she wants one) and lands the sweetest, best-looking, richest, and most handsome man on earth and lives happily ever after. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! TMZ is only jealous.

2018 days ago

USAF Vet Dan    

Laugh all you want... Susan's going to laugh all the way to the bank with her combination of singing talent and innocent charm. She isn't the first frumpy-looking "Ethyl Merman" type to make it very big in music. I hope she turns down TMZ when they come crawling for an interview after she lands her first multi-million Broadway contract.

2018 days ago


You guys are a load of immature sob's. Like your show that I stumble upon and quickly turn off every now and then you come off as a bunch of pompous cooler than cool big shots. Stick to insulting those who actually deserve it like Billy Bob.
Leave the real people alone and let them have their moment. Grow up.

2018 days ago


She is great...

2018 days ago


TMZ kinda reminds me of High School bullies-they love to pick on folks
and think they're better than everyone. I honestly think that the men
at TMZ have teeny tiny penises and the women there are ashamed that
Miss Boyle doesn't have to have fake tits, botox and starve herself to death do whatever they had to do to get a job-Shame on you TMZ-there's plenty of Hollywood idiots to smear with your jealousy-leave this
woman alone! TMZ is digusting and I'll be real surprised if TMZ is still on the air by 2010.

2018 days ago
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