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Hulk: I Took the High Road -- Didn't Slash Wife

4/16/2009 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan says he was taken out of context when he was quoted as saying, "I totally understand OJ"... referring to the conflict with his ex-wife Linda. But Hulk's explanation may have made things worse.

Hulk Hogan: Click to watch
Last night in Clearwater, FL the Hulkster said his Rolling Stone interview was a 3-day long affair, in which he said he was really the anti-OJ Simpson. But here's the thing. Last night, he explained, "I didn't do the OJ Simpson thing. I took the high road."

The high road -- not slitting your wife's throat.


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Wait... So, If I say FIRST, what does that mean? Hmmmmm.

2017 days ago

Linda Mott    

The high road is to keep your opinions to yourself. I don't understand how someone can have a relationship with another person and then bad mouth them after the break up. That is really low. Think about the good times and don't air your dirty laundry.

2017 days ago


As a man, I feel compelled to throw my support behind Hulk Hogan b/c our countries divorce laws are incredibly stupid, outdated and biased against men. Linda Hogan should've gotten a few million bucks and been told to beat it and not let the door hit her on the way out...instead, she'll probably wind up taking the vast majority of his assets ontop of the $30k-$40k she's currently wasting every month on frivolous goods & services just to spite him.

The US legal system can Die in a Fire.

2017 days ago


Hulk and OJ may have a lot in common, but keep Nicole Simpson out of this. Comparing her to Linda Hogan is a crime in itself.

2017 days ago

She is hot    

I feel Hulk's pain!! He was married to the woman for over 20 years and they divorce. Ok, that is life but for his ex to start galivanting around town with a 19 year old CHILD!! Driving his car, sleeping in his old bed, sleeping with a woman he loved for over 20 years!!!! Yea, Id be pretty ticked off too. So what he said what he said, he didnt kill her like OJ did. He was venting via his mouth and not a knife. He may have trouble though with Linda's attorney though now that is for sure.

2017 days ago


Dude! I know your lawyers are either laughing their a$$ over you or about to kill themselves. They have to be calling you every minute and screaming "SHUT THE F#$K UP! DON'T Say a F#$king thing you f#$king retard."
HH is a total moron. First he makes an INSANE statement to Rolling Stones and then he tries to explain it away by saying he took the high road.
But what should we expect form Mr Blended Blond as he stands there with his girl friend( who is a dead ringer for his daughter) running his mouth.
I wish the whole family would jump into his caddy SUV, that he's pissed about his wife's boy-toy driving, and they all drive off the end of a pier

2017 days ago



2017 days ago

thats right    

we've all wanted to kill our ex wives or husbands. i'm still married and want to kill him sometimes, well most of the time. it really is a thin line between love and hate. i get the o.j. thing too. sometimes you can just be pushed too far.

2017 days ago


Hulk Hogan is a piece of trash! Why would he even think of saying something like that! First of all Nicole had way more class then Linda and second it was in extremely poor taste to make a comment like that! I hope he loses everything! Him & his family make me sick!

2017 days ago


I think that people need to give HUlk a break. I live in Clearwater and have run into both Hulk and Linda around town. Hulk is the nicest man. Linda on the other hand is a total Diva. I am compassionate towards Hulks feelings and his statements are being taken out of context. I can't imagine having things thrown in your face the way this man has recently. Linda Hogan is a money hungry bitch who is giving women a bad name all the while making a mochary out of our judicial system. She is not in hiding, the dumb bitch is on vacation on Hulks dime!!!! I really hate her.

2017 days ago


Is it just me : ) Mr. Hulk looks like (Harry) From Harry and the Hendersons you know that big foot movie lol from 1987.

2017 days ago

Moan Ica    

When people are hurt, they end up saying very cruel things.

Linda Hogan trashed that family with her selfish, me, me, me personality.

Just look at the kids, both have wrapped themselves around a pole (one way or another).

Linda Hogan is a disgrace.

2017 days ago

Queen of the Damned    

Hulk, if you would just keep you mouth shut, you would not have to explain yourself later. What part of "shut up" don't you understand?

Don't be surprised if Linda goes back to court and asks for more money to pay for security guards because you can't think before you speak.

2017 days ago

Wanda W.    

Dam, and just when I thought that family had said and done everything possibly to dig their own hole deep enough to bury themselves.................................. that absolute white trash of a Hogan family patriarch went ahead and COVERED THE HOLE. That whole family is nuts. Why would he mention that mans name,and why would he say something evenly remotely like the crimes that butcher did? I cannot for the life of me follow his reasoning. So what if his wife has a much younger boyfriend (the main sticking point Im guessing), and he drives his auto,sleeps in what used to be his bed. Big woop! Life goes on, even after divorce moron. He seems to be getting on with it by the looks of that equally much younger woman friend of his hanging all over him and his every idiotic word. What an absolute waste of space he is,and a fool to boot !!!!!!!!

2017 days ago

Wanda W.    

An old adage has just leaped to mind,......................... "Better to remain quiet and be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt". It seems very fitting to repeat that here !!!!!!!!

2017 days ago
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