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Hulk: I Took the High Road -- Didn't Slash Wife

4/16/2009 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan says he was taken out of context when he was quoted as saying, "I totally understand OJ"... referring to the conflict with his ex-wife Linda. But Hulk's explanation may have made things worse.

Hulk Hogan: Click to watch
Last night in Clearwater, FL the Hulkster said his Rolling Stone interview was a 3-day long affair, in which he said he was really the anti-OJ Simpson. But here's the thing. Last night, he explained, "I didn't do the OJ Simpson thing. I took the high road."

The high road -- not slitting your wife's throat.


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Paulie Wants a Cracker    

Even if he felt this way he should of kept it to himself. To pull Nichole into this is tasteless and the fact that her kids could and will see this is mean of Hulk. This comment just gave credibility to his wife. Sometimes the things we think or feel don't always need to be made public. He is an idiot, his daughter is now a pole dancer(and bad at it) his son is well His Son. Why don't they all go away. Good going Hulk for making your entire family look bad again. Kudos to you idiot.

1979 days ago


The funny part of all this, many of the people that are in a snit over what he said have probably said far worse things that that when they comment here. Familiarity breeds contempt.

1979 days ago

To #26    

Well then, that makes all the difference in the world. Let's give the idiot a gold star...and then get his ex a restraining order.

1979 days ago


If Hogan was so confident that his comments were taken out of context, he just should have just shut up--other than telling people to read the article. Not only would he not make things worse, he would have sold more copies, which would entice other mags to put him on their covers.

Good point "who cares" #3, what has become of Rolling Stone that Hogan is on the cover? #4, "Kay" I agree. It's a disgrace to Ron Goldman as well

1979 days ago


I wish all the best for Hulk!!! His soon to be ex wife LInda needs to get a job and needs to stop robbing the cradle she is lucky she is getting anything out of this devorce!!!! Im for Hulk 100 %

1979 days ago

guy rich    


1979 days ago


wow when did hulk start dating his daughter?

1979 days ago


Oh my, what a large mob of angery people... Are you personally in touch with terry or the rest of family? NO, so what gives YOU the right to pass judgement... I anser to only 1 higher spirit and only him. Take the judgement and look at YOUR personal families, Lord knows NO ONE has a perfect one... If you believe in our so called legal system then OJ's innocent and he was set up by the so called system, they couldn't win in court so it's the way of the so called law inforcement they do what they can to get the guy 1 way or another... And please Ron wasn't innocent, money sex no comitments... glasses my ass and she was sleeping and partying... HELLO, she was a mother she NEVER should of went that way... It should of been about the kids on both their parts, you sacrafice for your children... THAT"S WHAT A GOOD MOTHER DOES!!!!!!!
Hey I fully understand Hulk shouldn't have made the statement so does he but when he's do everything for the money and some money grubber thinks she should get it when she is the one who broke the vows and is laying up with he son's friend... NO COOL!!!! We are all allowed our own thoughts, but their hearts are broken and their family has dealt with alot this past you I am human and as such I feel for others as well as my own families feelings... Basicly what I am saying is if you love YOUR families then think before you write or speak!!! YOUR words are more powerful then you realize.... PEACE, Tee

1979 days ago


I don't see why anyone is getting butthurt over Hogan's comments...
If we are to believe the jury, OJ is innocent anyhow...(NOT!!!)
However, Hogan is protected by the same RIGHT to free speech that every other American is, and others have said far worse in divorce cases...
Linda should be forced to fare for herself, and her boy toy, if she chooses to continue her parade of mental deviance...
There is no reason Hogan should be forced to fund her future endeavors, since she has the attitude that she can do it all without him...
IMHO, there's nothing Linda did throughout the course of their marriage that warrants her getting anything from Hogan...There is no payscale for being a stay-at-home mom, or many others would be rolling in the dough at their ex's expense...
Time for Linda to grow up, and yes Hogan needs to shut up...Neither is considering what this is doing to their already flawed children...

1979 days ago


Yeah, he should keep his mouth shut, but I really do fill sorry for him! Linda is taking him for everything.

1979 days ago


I understand where the Hulk is coming from but he should have kept his true feelings to himself.

1979 days ago


Did anyone hear the complete interview? (You can view the entire interview at Check it out.
If so, this would not be an issue. Give the guy a break, he's been thru alot. Just put yourself in his shoes....... work hard all your life, then have everything fall apart, wonder what you'd do???????? No one is perfect.

1979 days ago


And who is surprised that Nick is the way he is? Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. HH has made his way in life by bullying and steroid using. No wonder his wife wanted out!! She couldn't take it anymore. If anyone let's this idiot on TV again after 'this' fiasco, shame on them. Anyone who can use the OJ story in any relation to themselves, is one SICK person. Hope the Goldmans speak loud and often!!!! Hope Linda has bodyguards and people watching out for her. Not that he would have the 'balls' to do it (Steroid users have none I'm told) but he could get one of his Roid buddies to take care of business. What a disappointment for all the people who idiolized him in his hey-day!! Done done done. Sliter away one wants to see you let alone hear you. Put a period at the end of this and move on....

1979 days ago



1979 days ago

King of Kings    

Big deal, like anyone, including TMZ writer losers, have said something like that. I luaghed when Mel Gibson ripped on the Jews, I laughed when Kramer said racial slurs, I laughed when Dana White told that woman reporter to F off, and I laugh at this, it is the media making a big deal out of nothing. The high road, yeah he did not commit murder.

I am more hip, the media should be Benoit'ed.

1979 days ago
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