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Dylan McDermott Can't Give His House Away

4/18/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dylan McDermottDylan McDermott is having major trouble selling his L.A. home and has had to slash over $4 million from the initial asking price.

The former "Practice" star listed the 4 bedroom/3 bath Brentwood home for $11 million in August, but still hasn't had any takers even after chopping 20% off the price to just under $9 million back in January. Now he's marked the 3/4 acre property even further to $6.9 million. No doubt his ex-wife Shiva Rose is eager for her share of the sale too.

In 1999, Dylan originally bought the 4,000 square foot home for $3.9 million from Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas.

The recession is a bitch ... for everyone.


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1951 days ago

Michael Madsen um... not a good time to sell...but here's a clue... unfortunately in this market four bedrooms equals four million... that's your magic number... git yer muny back. boy... and run... profit-taking peaked two years ago from '99 sales...
I know... I bought one in '98.
My ex-wife got property from me before the peak.. so I feel your pain.
Time for the "right" woman to make the scene... you can be happy...

1951 days ago

fans of President Obama    

I bought a 4,000 sq. ft. estate locally. And it is larger than 3/4 acre(s). It even sits on the edge of the river. He shouldve bought his home in Fresno and he would've been better off.

I'm just saying.

1951 days ago

Michael Madsen    

I think you need to get undressed by the weekend GayBOy

1951 days ago


Poor thing is having to cut himself down to a 3 million dollar profit. I almost feel bad for him.

1951 days ago


the incestuous hollywood home swappers deserve the same financial pain felt amongst us real working Americans. Too bad McDermott... oh, and what happened to your career? "Hot Shot!"

1951 days ago


#5 Your nothing but total BS, do us all a favor and jump in that river, you lying LESBIAN!!

1951 days ago


yure all a bunch of douchebag tools...go get a life and get the hell out of here!!!

1951 days ago


Unless he built 2 multi-million dollar houses on top of the original, how can the tard justify hiking the price up that much? Dumbass.

1951 days ago


welcome to the jungle

1951 days ago


Maybe the asking price was greedily inflated, and it has nothing to do with the recession.

1951 days ago


Since when is a 4bed/3bath 4000 sq. ft. house worth $11mil, or even $6.9 mil for that matter? I mean, the guy's a celebrity, he's not God. Try reducing the price to $2 mil or less, and ya might just get a buyer. Or he could consider keeping the damn thing, I don't know why celebrities think they can buy and sell houses like groceries. It's a house, it's meant to be bought, lived in, and kept.

1950 days ago

cry me a gay river    

Wow. Poor Dylan. I'm tempted to start a charity auction to benefit him and his family who must be suffering during these trying times. We could all chip in a buck or two to give him when his home sells at just under twice what he paid for it in '99. Poor schmuck!

1950 days ago

mellon bruse N    

with the damaged

1950 days ago


Hey Dylan! Your realtor might be an idiot if: 1. trying to get more money than market can bear. 2. showing house with people still living in it ( bad feng shui) =staging is okay, peoples negative energy NOT okay 3. not having decent photos of house exterior ( last time I saw it was a roof view....greeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttt) 4. make sure "curb appeal" landscaping and painting of the outside. 5. marketing the location and using Every media opprotunity , hey like posting a link as a comment here. 6. shameless open houses complete with Caviar and Champaign. 7. Invite new money hotties to parties , relocation from the east coast is best bet. 8. Sell to your family members at a discounted price, bilk ex out of larger share of profits... etc DUH

1949 days ago

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