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'Can't Hardly Wait' to Get a Restraining Order

4/19/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hey, remember the time you introduced a woman to your girlfriend, and then things got sexual between the three of you, and then you broke things off, but then she tried to steal your girlfriend, so you allegedly beat her up, and she allegedly threatened your life, so you both filed restraining orders?

Of course you don't -- but all of that allegedly happened to Victor Togunde, the guy who played Reminiscing Guy in "Can't Hardly Wait."

Both Togunde and a woman named Carrie Langhans filed for a temporary restraining order against the other. Togunde's is rather bland, but Langhans claims he punched her in the face and head while she was sleeping and dragged her out of bed by the hair.


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2012 days ago


But seriously I loved this movie always will its soo funny and all the unknown characters are famous now like Jessica Alba and the awkward read red head girl that was also in six feet under not to mention the already famous seth green who was super funny tryin his best to be a black guy lol I'm black and I say good on you seth good on you lolz

2012 days ago


and btw second

2012 days ago


My god, whart a man of man who loves another man per his own our country turning into men who love men? which is fine as long as these men will fight to protect our land?.......I tend to think this man and those of his perusassion will not fight to defend and protect us...........I think a revolution will be will involve men who have AR15's and Gold and provisions....I'm sorry if this offends some of you, but this is this future, and Anderson is not part of it.........Peace...but do be armed and ready...Thank You.

2012 days ago


....ummm what????

2012 days ago

Luke Warmwater    

That's where I decided that Jennifer Love Hewitt was the girl I'd most like to have consensual sex with...only she wouldn't consent to it.

2012 days ago


This is a lesson for all you guys out there who like seeing their wives/girlfriends in bed with another woman. One day she will make a decision which way she permanently want to go. And she might just decide to GO without YOU.

2012 days ago


Ain't Love grand?

2012 days ago


Jessica Alba was not in Can't Hardly Wait, Misspotential. I think you are thinking of "Never Been Kissed". But I do agree, CHW is one of my all time faves.

2012 days ago


TMZ, you've been REALLY BORING the last few days.

2011 days ago

lilly robinson    

Wow!!! lindsey graham, his casting director girlfriend reallly needs to get her life straightned out!!! this is crazy!!!! lindsey graham in a situation like that?????

2009 days ago

Kyle Rogers    

I bet the bitch deserved it! trying to scheme in on an already healthy relationship!! dumb bitch!!....Lindsey graham? hmmm.....

2009 days ago

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