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Claudia Jordan to Miss Cali:

Work That Gay Room

4/20/2009 7:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss USA judge Claudia Jordan tells us Miss California Carrie Prejean didn't play to her audience when she said "Marriage should only be between a man and a woman."

Claudia says, "She should have known her audience better. There's only like five straight guys in the audience at the pageant." You gotta love Claudia!

Launch photosThe former Briefcase #1 model on "Deal or No Deal" says, "I don't agree with what she said, but I don't think she's evil."

And we saved the best for last: "I've been in pageants, and I've been on TMZ, so I know what it's like when you screw up what you meant to say." First of all, love the honesty, Claudia. Second of all, exactly what part did Carrie misspeak?


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Why are there gay male judges picking a straight Miss USA? How many straights are on a panel for picking lesbian Miss USA's?

2011 days ago


God Bless her!!! She stood in front of a bunch of looons and spoke her beliefs!! What do you exspect from a room full of fruits

2011 days ago


With the way Perez worded the question, there was NO WAY for Carrie to answer HONESTLY without offending one side or the other. If you listen to the clip, there were a lot more people applauding her than there were booing her - which speaks volumes. It's too bad that the Miss USA pageant is now apparently run by activist - especially when the majority of Americans support Carrie's position. Her politically incorrect answer cost her the crown, but it earned her the respect of millions of Americans, and I'll bet she comes out of this with some sweet deals and employment opportunities. And I have a feeling the pageant's already declining number of viewers will be even less next year as a backlash of them trying to push their political agenda instead of running a legitimate pageant.

2011 days ago

um, no thanks    

Was she supposed to answer the question honestly or lie to try and try to please the judges. That woman will end up getting more attention, good and bad as a result of her answer than the winner but it is obviously a hot button political question and not appropriate for a beauty pageant,
She was not running for president or trying to get confirmed for the supreme court and Perez clearly abused his position.
He might as well have asked her if she was pro life, supported gun control, her religious beliefs or opinions on affirmative action.
There was a right or wrong answer for Perez but only a wrong answer for her.
Imagine how many years and how hard she worked to get that opportunity and a shot at that title.
He used her moment to push his agenda and sabotage hers.
Around 40% of Americans support same sex marriages and I am one of them but that is my opinion and she has a right to hers.
It's the Miss USA pagent.

2011 days ago


I am so proud of Ms. California for voicing her opinion. That is what she believes, and she stood up for it, and good for her. As for Mario (perez hilton) he is a disgusting human being and what he is doing to this girl will only come back to bite him.

2011 days ago


Gee, I bet Carrie is so relieved that a girl who holds up a briefcase on some TV show doesn't think "she is evil" for stating her beliefs. Gawd! Good for her for standing her ground though she is playing sacrificial lamb on the whole "I lost because I stated my opinion". She could have lost because she looks like a human Pez dispenser, too. Didn't watch the show myself but I heard from some people in the office that N.C. girl was ahead from the get-go.

2011 days ago


If this is what the pageant has come to, depending on where you stand politically, is what seals your fate of either winning ot losing the pageant...they need to shut down business. The libs think that EVERYONE agrees with their agenda of becoming a country of tree hugging gay socialists.....well, if you take a look around, American are beginning to finally wake up and taking a stand and the message is simple.....we aren't taking anymore crap from the liberals who are hell bent on destroying our country from the inside out. If you don't like it...You Euro pass awaits you! Caio, baby!

2011 days ago

John McIntosh    

Wow. This is a story. Who really gives a damn what Claudia Jordan has to say. What a stupid comment she said anyway.

2011 days ago


She can have all her "freedom of speech" she wants, but what really matters is substance which she is sorrily lacking. Anybody in this day and age should believe in equality, pure and simple.

2011 days ago


I think it's nice to see that, even in Miss USA pageants, there are girls who will not sell out, even if it will be enough for them to buy the tiara.

2011 days ago

Linda Mott    

If someone asks you a question, either don't answer or answer it honestly. Unfortunately most of the great guys are gay.

2011 days ago


Great news to hear Ms Ca is smart and normal

what chick in their eight mind really would want to eat another chicks stinkin taco or get pounded by a strap-on ?

Hey Babe let's met and I got some hot meat for you !

2011 days ago


Carrie answered correctly - because that was her opinion and that is what she was asked. The first mistake was having Perez Hilton on the panel (WTF?) I had no idea Miss USA was having such trouble finding quality judges. You go Carrie!!!!!!!

2011 days ago


Maybe Barry Bonds can be a judge next year and get the contestant's opinion on whether they think steroids in baseball is okay. Jeezus.

2011 days ago


How odd, perez hilton can voice his opinions as loudly as he wants, but when somebody doesn't agree with gay marriage, suddenly you're "homophobic". It's a free country, you're still allowed to voice your opinion, no matter what it may be. This is ridiculous.

2011 days ago
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