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Claudia Jordan to Miss Cali:

Work That Gay Room

4/20/2009 7:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss USA judge Claudia Jordan tells us Miss California Carrie Prejean didn't play to her audience when she said "Marriage should only be between a man and a woman."

Claudia says, "She should have known her audience better. There's only like five straight guys in the audience at the pageant." You gotta love Claudia!

Launch photosThe former Briefcase #1 model on "Deal or No Deal" says, "I don't agree with what she said, but I don't think she's evil."

And we saved the best for last: "I've been in pageants, and I've been on TMZ, so I know what it's like when you screw up what you meant to say." First of all, love the honesty, Claudia. Second of all, exactly what part did Carrie misspeak?


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What she should have answered was "What do I care if you want to stick Keith in your anus Perez." Just don't try to get medical benefits or tax cuts to cover it.


2014 days ago


perez is just a fat cuban from miami why should he even be on miss usa

2014 days ago



2014 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Homosexuality is a genetic anomoly.. it isn't learned... it isn't chosen... it isn't preferred... it's a genetic mishap... a male'female hybrid... period. How humans deal with this is a whole other story. Homosexuality can't be helped on the part of the victim so let them be... it's just another way humans interact... In fact... sometimes I wish everyone was homosexual ...
most effective and organic/green way to reduce human population levels.

Beauty contests are designed for undeveloped intellects... so this story is hardly surprising.

2014 days ago


What a farce, the poor girl said what she felt and Perez Hilton is all bent out of shape because she didn't give a ''stock...politically correct'' answer...... Pathetic publicity for an honest answer

2014 days ago

Michael Madsen    

PH is bent out of shape because he is bent... he's a homosexual... it's not his fault but he is a mutant. It's a genetic thang...

2014 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

At last!!! A celebrity that not only speaks their mind but holds to it after the fact. I've always said I'm sick of these people who'll say things they "didn't mean" or that were "taken out of context" to save face from the public. She was thrown a politically loaded question and she threw back an honest answer. Pageantry and political correctness be damned, she answered the question honestly and held to it. God Bless You For Your Courage Carrie!

2014 days ago


I think Miss California rocked it. So proud of her. Perez devolved into a tantrum throwing child not getting his way. We all have opinions. Woo-Hoo!!

2014 days ago


just love how people think she "screwed up" because she was honest about her beliefs and DIDN'T cater to the audience and liberal media. Why is that society must now be excepting of everything and have no strong opinions about anything? I have a lesbian friend and a gay cousin, i love them, but am not a supporter of same-sex marriage, they know this and guess cousin believes marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman....and is AGAINST same-sex marriage!!!!

2014 days ago


She has a right to her opinion! Last time I checked this is America. She should have won. She is more attractive and actually sounds as if she has morals! And what the he!! is Perez Hilton doing there? Isn't it time for him to fall off into oblivion?

2014 days ago

Miss Spell    

I agree with #28. Low life Perez shouldn't have even been a judge in the first place. Good for Miss Cal. keeping true to her beliefs!!

2014 days ago


Falling in line with Hollywood's PC is taking away our Freedom of Speech and individual opinons. This has to stop where one's life can be ruined for what they believe. Somebody's got to stand up and disagree so we can all have our own view no matter what that opinon is. Is Hollywood really something to pattern our own lives after? Duh

2014 days ago

faaw-q attitude    

cry baby periz however you spell it, should stop his crying like a baby, you can say that right? she was saying her true feelings and take your gay politics elsewhere. the pageant is only turning ugly cuz you are making a mountian out of a little ass molehill. she should feel worse cuz. there IS a gay guy judging her, can she cry discrimination? you go miss california, screw perez.

2014 days ago

Mr. X    

Why should she cater to her audience? She gave an honest answer. Just because she doesn't agree with gay marriage then all of a sudden she's a villain. Give me a break. It's called difference of opinion.

2014 days ago


you don,t think she,s evil...well duh the country is against gay it should be i hope it never changes.she had the right and guts to say she is against gay marrage bravo ....and the audience she never have anything to do with the it in......and of course miss cal. now you see you really lost nothing......

2014 days ago
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