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Claudia Jordan to Miss Cali:

Work That Gay Room

4/20/2009 7:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss USA judge Claudia Jordan tells us Miss California Carrie Prejean didn't play to her audience when she said "Marriage should only be between a man and a woman."

Claudia says, "She should have known her audience better. There's only like five straight guys in the audience at the pageant." You gotta love Claudia!

Launch photosThe former Briefcase #1 model on "Deal or No Deal" says, "I don't agree with what she said, but I don't think she's evil."

And we saved the best for last: "I've been in pageants, and I've been on TMZ, so I know what it's like when you screw up what you meant to say." First of all, love the honesty, Claudia. Second of all, exactly what part did Carrie misspeak?


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It deserves California to loose the crown. There was an answer that could have made everyone happy. And she said from my Country which was stupid everyone there was from the same country. She can have her opinions but see where it got her nowhere fast. Ha she deserved to lose for stupidity.

2009 days ago


The gay community in our country have become worse than the witch hunts in Salem! If you don't agree with the concept of gay marriage than you are evil? Condeming Miss California for her religious beliefs, is just as bad as condeming someone for being gay!

2009 days ago


So glad most people agree with her for standing up for her beliefs, that would be a true miss america anyway, someone grounded in their own morals and dont give in to what others think about them.

2009 days ago


#133 "Jay"..."she deserved to lose for stupidity" Hmmmm...funny you should mention stupidity....look back over your comments - "loose" (correct spelling would have been "lose"), "there was an answer that could have made everyone happy" (oh, so she should have left her beliefs at the door and catered to YOUR beliefs), "everyone there was from the same country" (you were there and took a poll to see which country EVERYONE was from...Miss Universe???) Why is Miss California not entitled to her opinion just like the gay community? I have always found it funny how the gay community and those that support them demand tolerance, yet are INTOLERANT of those that don't agree with them...Way to go Miss are a WINNER, no matter what Perez Hilton, famous for a "website" and intolerant stances and Claudia, a woman who opens briefcases for a living, have to say...

2009 days ago

Gator Girl    

I think Carrie stumbled at first because the question caught her off guard. Perez was on Larry King last night and said Carrie should have been more politically correct and that she knew her answer lost her the crown. He is totally wrong to me! I think that he judged, and possibly others, judged her wrong for giving her opinion. I do not want someone to be called Miss USA if she is not going to stay true to herself. Yes Perez, she could have taken the easy way out and said it should be left up to each state (which is what has been done so far), but YOU ASKED FOR HER OPINION! Stop pouting like a baby because someone belives that marriage is between a man and a woman! News flash Perez.......Your parents are a man and a woman, because people of the same sex cannot have kids. I think Miss USA needs to get better judges for next year and make it clear to them that the young ladies should not be looked down or given a lower score, becaue their opnion is different than the judges. If you do not truly want to know what someoen thinks, then do not ask them!

Do we really need to comment about Claudia Jordan? I mean, we hve seen her on TMZ plenty.

2009 days ago


instead of the USA, the name should be USO (United States of the Offended) what a bunch of crying babies, What? he didnt hear what he wanted to hear TOO BAD!!! retard!

2009 days ago


Your a stupid Creep Perez! You c an't even play fair when people give you a responsible job.

2009 days ago


The religious nuts here are kicking into overdrive.Applaud her all you want but she is finished in Hollywood.
But maybe she can become the plural wife of some Mormon .

2009 days ago


This woman did nothing wrong. She told the truth and answered honestly.  Perez Hilton knew that his final choice would be determined by which ever  woman gave gay marriage the "thumbs up" and that dosent make him a good judge. His website has become more gay topics then celebrity news. - I hope his 15 minutes of fame is over soon.Hooray for a woman who spoke her true feelings even though is wasnt the PC thing to do - she should be given the title just for that !I, for one, refuse to deny the way I feel about gay marriage. True marriage is between a man and a woman.  That is how God made it and that is how it will always be.

2009 days ago

Karen Ann    

It's a shame anymore that you have to "play" the audience and tell them what they want to hear instead of saying what's in your heart. Why ask the question anyway if you're going to condemn her?

2009 days ago


The young lady spoke what she believed and she answered the question honestly and with poise. Why is that a problem? This should not be about whether you agree with her or not. She should not be ashamed for discussing her opinion and viewpoint.

2009 days ago


Seems like the Miss USA people were trying to be trendy by having Perez, but perhaps they never actually looked at his website. Is it becoming of their pageant to have on a guy that draws phalices with liquid emmissions all over celebrities faces on his site? I mean, it's funny if you are in the mood for that, but it is out of place to have him on Miss USA, no?

Perez's site has kind of sucked for a long time now, better sites are TMZ and The Superficial. If Miss USA wanted to have a trendy or "cool" celebrity, they should have invited Rihanna, or Harvey Levin, or Robert Pattinson, or Chelsea Handler-Something more relevant, people that are the buzz of today, not yesterday.

2009 days ago

Dr. Sanjay Goober    

I liked her right up until that hate speech flew out of her mouth. That's why the b*tch lost, too!!!
"in my country, opposite marriage isn't legal". Of course the Right is embracing her for her hate speech. They love to hate groups of people and she'll make a beautiful spokesmodel for them. She and Elisabeth Hasselbeck will probably be co-hosting a talk shjow on Faux News soon.

2009 days ago


What a loaded question that NITWIT POS AIRHEAD DIM Perez asked. I am not a man of violence but please someone punch him in the ever so round GUT! She was screwed with the MEDIA no matter what position she took.. However she does have personal convictions and she stood her ground. GOD BLESS her for that. She definitely didn't give one of those namby pamby PC answers like I WANT TO WORK FOR WORLD PEACE, GOOD GOD, GOOD DEVIL, DON'T STEP ON LITTLE BUGS OR KICK BABY PIGS IN THE CREEK and everything will be OOOOOTAY!!!

Finally a real person who CAN be a role model for the young ladies in this country. What a breath of fresh air she is.

2009 days ago



2009 days ago
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