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Lisa Rinna's Body -- The G-Rated Edition

4/20/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just in case you missed her nude Playboy pictorial, 45-year-old Lisa Rinna broke out a tiny tiny red bikini and flexed her ridiculous physique in front of the kiddies...

LIsa Rinna
The kids couldn't look less interested -- but the guy in the background, he's impressed.

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Andy Roddick -- one of the hottest, youngest rising stars on the planet -- took his mind off his lifelong commitment to just one smoking hot swimsuit model (Brooklyn Decker) with some premarital golf on Friday.

The Roddicks - Launch Photos

After exchanging vows in front of friends and family, the newlyweds were spotted heading to their honeymoon on Sunday.

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Some stars are still not allowed to play with matches -- others sneak around and use them anyway!

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Laura, why are you hissing? Are you a snake? Too funny...You need to take off the blinders before you end up having your lips overinflated also. Lisa's lips were ruined by plastic surgery. I just read about it again. I just saw her before pictures and she was a knockout. The lips were ruined and it's hard to watch her speak. This should be a warning to others who decide to risk this procedure. These ugly lip augumentation procudures are making people look scary. Once these lips are stretched out, it leaves the skin saggy...The plastic surgeon needs to be sued! Go to: www.celebritycosmeticsurgery.blogspot

2009 days ago


wow, how hateful. She looks awesome, anyone would want to be in her shape, she probably works out a lot. Good for her, she looks better in a bikini than a lot of 20 somethings I've see at the beach....

2009 days ago


Jealousy, not hardly!! While Lisa has a great body, most likely she has a totally whacked out psyche that obviously makes her obsessed with her looks and trying to ward off father time....I'll bet she thinks of nothing else!
Besides, people who are Hell bent 24/7 to maintain a certain look are usually majorly insecure and truly not happy with themselves.... Freud would have a field day trying to figure ole Lisa out!!

2009 days ago

Skin Specialist    

Compare those pictures with the ones in playboy of Lisa Rinna, notice no sag in the boobs in playboy and no skin scaring above the belly button and no baby scar....I always said if you want to see a womens true body while your dating take her to the beach, no nylons, no pant and hip girdles and for extra credit throw her in the water and get that warpaint off and whala you have your natural looking girlfriend

2009 days ago


In the full body picture it looks like Lisa is packing something in her pants. I think it is wrong of her to pose naked in a sleazy magazine. She has a couple of kids and they will get teased about it somday. Kids can be cruel. No child wants their mom to be seen naked. I feel sorry for them. Moms are supposed to be decent, respected and not hurt their children.

2009 days ago


oh hell no what and the hell is this old hag thinking about? what and the hell happen to her face? poor thing did a truck hit her? what a ho

2009 days ago



2008 days ago


Her boobs look like saggy water balloons in the bikini. I bet she was photoshopped in the sleazy magazine. I feel sorry for her daughters. They will grow up thinking that in order to get attention, they will have to strip naked.

2006 days ago
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