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Paul McCartney -- Abbey Robe

4/20/2009 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After slaying the dodgy alta cocker crowd at The Joint in Vegas last night, Sir Paul McCartney left the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in a bath robe. You know they charge for those, right?!

Sir Paul McCartney: Click to watch


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artie help    

sir Paul the man can not smoke enough weed, gets the GOOD stuff and is very generous.

2011 days ago


If only more stars could be this classy!

2011 days ago

Linda Mott    

It's good to see that he is recovering from that HORRIBLE marriage. He deserves the best in life.

2011 days ago


OMG i'm a HUGE BEATLES FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sir Paul Mcartney is a ROCK STAR AND HE CAN DO WHAT EVER HE WANTS TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON HE'S A ROCK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ALSO AGREE WITH LINDA MOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011 days ago


Stars like Paul are given free rooms and gifts for staying at places like the Hard Rock Hotel. Its good for their business. No doubt they also give them gift-baskets with things like the bath robe. You guys are idiots.

2011 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

& many of th beatles early songs were NOT written by the beatles BUT they Never payed us a dime for any of those...We we got killed off.OH well beatles suck>SIR paul can`t write a thing at all OVER.That should help a few people to see the RIP.

2011 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

It never was it was the brit POP CBS staged invason ROSENBERG? MA~DONA TMZ SOS

2011 days ago


Where is Mark David Chapman when ya need him ?

2011 days ago


Run, fun, sun, gun, ton, bun, done,

Shall I continue Sir Paul? ask me that album of There Goes Rhymin Simon should have been dedicated to His Royalty himself.

He was not the brains, the guts, nor the soul of the beatles----just a rhymer. You'd think he'd be a happier person in his real life---I heard hes a miserable human being when the spot light is off...was very possesive and needy and clingy to first wife Linda. The second wife exposed him for what he is--an insecure fraud who needs his mommy.

Some of his songs are OK, but lets not elevate him to sainthood here folks. I wish he took his own advice "When I"m 64"...

Give it a rest, we dont need oldies nor new songs that all sound like ones you did 50 years ago. Retire---move out of the way for someone who is young that you could mentor or support, quit hogging the spotlight your whole entire life.

Enough. And dont always attack someone for having a different view or opinion than your own. You are a hater when you do people. We cant all love what and whom you love..if we did it would be hitleresque.

2011 days ago


I'm not sure what the issue is. It is quite common for performers leave the venue in a bathrobe especially singers. It's not news worthy, do your homework.

I don't understand those who slam Macca, just because his career has lasted 49 years, why do people hold that against him. I understand you have the right and deserve the respect to have your own opinion.

I guarantee you at Coachella every performer stayed for his show. People with talent recognize and appreciate others. I guess those who slam McCartney can only play one instrument your organ.

2010 days ago


Scary... but doesn't that look just like a picture of Presley exiting a venue????

2010 days ago


It seems that there are many appropriate comments here and a few made by morons who have nothing better to say. Mentioning the loser killer of John Lennon in conjunction with Paul McCartney is shameful.

2008 days ago


He has sooooo much while so many have so little. Why do people keep wishing him the best when he already has it all?

2004 days ago

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