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Private Hasselhoff in 'Operation Spit Swap'

4/20/2009 10:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The heat at Coachella must have gotten to David Hasselhoff -- 'cause his new brunette mystery lady friend was forced to give him some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation over the weekend.

Hopefully, the 56-year-old got a lot of bed rest.


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2010 days ago


She looks blond to me.

2010 days ago


That's brunette...with highlights. I'm going to wish him the best and hope he happy!

2010 days ago


He's a lousy kisser!

2009 days ago


most likely a whore who has dollar signs in front of her eyes :)

2009 days ago

Just wondering    

Wow! I would rather kiss a dog butt than David Hasselhoff.

2009 days ago


She's probably way too young

Another predatory gross old guy exploiting and 'purchasing' a young woman?

Look at his jowly neck. Gross. She deserves a lot to have to kiss that.

2009 days ago

Dave In Tulsa    

Are you hasslin' the Hoff? Cause it sure sounds like it. Give the guy credit, at least he's upright.

2009 days ago

Bob Dole rules    

She looks like she has dark blonde hair like Kathy Ireland's.

2009 days ago


Amazing how dim bulbs who have never met any of these celebs up close and personal know all about them and their dates, S.O.'s, domestic partners, or ??
"Never Were's", "Never Could Bes", "Never Will Be's" and their miniscule minds can only hurl derogatory slurs and smears against people they will forever envy.
Paris Hilton for her inherited wealth and disdain for convention, The Hoff for his non-stop work ethic and what it and his talent and looks have brought him. The others for anything these microscopic critical minds can comprehend.
Not all by any means, but most of these celebs are good people, who work harder, have stronger drives for professional success and are willing to withstand the American Fans' insatiable lust for celeb gossip.
Why give a damn if any celebrity is seeing one person or another, living with one person or another, going for coffee or to Coachello with a new partner, or someone from the distant past of an entire year back?
The only thing any performer owes the paying audience is his or her's best effort and if meeting the fan in any acceptable situation [Not barging up to their table in a restaurant and demanding an autograph -- or standing outside a public restroom stall with paper and pen in hand demanding an autograph.]
Small considerations from the fan public can gain great results. Some years back, the biggest baseball star was having lunch in a midwestern restaurant. Two youth baseball teams were there when he entered and left shortly after he arrived.
As he paid his bill, the star asked why these young ballplayers were seated in the shade of trees across the driveway -- Had their bus had trouble.
"Why no, they are waiting to see you come out, these kids never get to see major league players in person."
Impressed first of all because these young men had not mobbed his table for autographs earlier, and their willingness to wait in a hot summer afternoon to see him walk out, he walked to his car, brought out several cartons of new balls he was to autograph for his agent, stuck several felt-tips in his shirt pocket and walked across to the players.
Every player, the coaches and parents, received a personally autographed ball and got a picture seated on the grass with the star big leaguer. His actions were not unusual for celebrities given a chance for civility by the public.

2008 days ago

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