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Tyler Perry's Alleged Stalker


4/21/2009 12:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0421_tyler_dawne_ex_2-1We've learned the woman who emailed Tyler Perry that he deserves to be murdered has been charged with felony aggravated stalking. And we've learned the alleged stalker had face-to-face contact with Perry.

The Fulton County D.A. in Georgia filed the charges against Dawne Wilson, who allegedly violated a restraining order by entering the premises of Perry's recording studio last week.

According to the police docs, Wilson "was seen talking today [April 15] to Mr. Perry at his studio in Atlanta." The police report says Wilson told cops she was "called to come to the studio by an employee there and assumed it was alright to be there."

Wilson is still in custody. If convicted, she could be sentenced to 10 years in prison.


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Just Noticing    

I know she's crazy, but no way she deserves 10 years.

2008 days ago


she probably doesnt like how tyler portrays black women as madeia. it is mockery.

2008 days ago

Just Noticing    

I think she deserves to get off with no time, probation, and a mental evaluation.

2008 days ago


@Noticing with the way the system handles mental cases that probably wont happen.

2008 days ago

Just Noticing    

I agree, #3

2008 days ago


maybe if she kills him she'll be able to plead insanity but if she stalks him she'll get time does that even make sense well thats the way it is.

2008 days ago

Just Noticing    

Hey ZOEMAYNE, I've never watched his movies because I find them buffoonish. Either she's mad because of what you said, or maybe because he's gay. Which is fine w/me, but that may be why he portrays Black women as crazy, or undesirable(Jill Scott's character), etc. He doesn't like Black women.

2008 days ago


And to prison for 10 years she should go. Stalkers are dangerous and unpredictable--they need to learn that stalking is a "no no." I have NO sympathy for any of them.

2008 days ago


Stalkers dont think by logic often time they have mental problems and throwing them in prison wont stop them. They need medical help.

@noticing I don't think tyler perry is gay IMO even though he dresses as a woman I just dont think hes gay.

2008 days ago


Tyler Perry is Tyler Perry in Tyler Perry's "The Bitch that Stalked Me, Tyler Perry".

2008 days ago


You mean you can get 1-4 yrs for rapeing those teenage girls from myspace but you can get 10 yrs for stalking?????

2008 days ago

rob white    

Tyler deserves a little threatening in his life, he is quickly becoming the all smiles dull drum face of Black America. Good stories, lame personality. We need more Wayans brothers on the big screen. I just watched an interview with Damon Wayans and Roxanna Cella, he is going into kid's movies? him and Tyler should switch goals

2008 days ago


not quite as fast as I used2b but i can still stock for a buck!.Data sellSS also

2008 days ago


I think because he is a celebrity she will be prosecuted and face prison. If he was not famous she would get a psych eval and be court ordered to seek mental health help for a year and the charges would be dropped. I saw a show about celebrity stalking and everyone of them got time unless the celebrity had sympathy for them. Like David Letterman had a stalker and he did not press charges because he knew she had mental issues. Tyler Perry does not appear to have any sympathy for a mentally ill woman so unfortunately she will wind up in prison.

2008 days ago

Insider Scoop!    

And what if you find out this guy lied about the whole thing. What if the girl had information on something he was doing fraudulent in his company and that was one of the reasons he lied on her like this. I found out the whole thing was a set up. He hired her as an extra in the film then invited her to speak to him for over 30 min. told her she could go home then when she was about to leave told her she needed to stay for another shoot. So she did and he had cops waiting for her in the back. He is a liar and this whole thing was a set up. Plus they dated back in the day. He is bisexual anyways. Trust she is NOT crazy and her life was ruined by this one man with mental issues.

608 days ago

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