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Shots Fired at 'Dog' Chapman

4/22/2009 10:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Duane "Dog" Chapman and one of his associates were shot at by a man they were trying to apprehend yesterday.

According to police in Colorado Springs, Colo., Chapman and bail bondsman Bobby Brown were attempting to bring in a man named Hoang Nguyen when he allegedly fired at least one shot at Chapman and Brown with a handgun before fleeing on a motorcycle.

Chapman and Brown were armed with paintball guns and returned fire.

Hoang was later arrested without incident by Chapman early this morning.

BTW -- Dog's film crew was there ... but missed the shot (pardon the pun).


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To bad the guy didn't kill this racist piece of dung!

1976 days ago


have we not forgotten this man got a rapist off the streets I do not like racist people but I have to give dog credit for putting a man who rapes women and then runs across the border to then rape women over there in jail where he deserves to be, I saw no one else do that ask your self what have you done to make this world a safer place for our daughters,mothers sisters or anybody else for that matter.

1976 days ago


He should still be there in mexico getting a burrito in prison. Dang did i say that....

1976 days ago



1976 days ago


Hey dont bash "Dog" and besides he uses pepper balls and not paintballs so it will ultimmately sting the f@#$ out of your eyes just like the pepper spray he also carries and one more thing GO DOG!!!!!!!!!!

1976 days ago

Get over it    

Everyone has racist tendencies, most of you just never got caught spewing the crap. As far as melting guns goes, good job idiots. You yet again confirm that the fact that every facet of our lives in america can be controlled by some liberal anti-gun nazi. Take the guns away and the criminals will still get them. If they cant get guns then stabbings and beatings will rise. You cant blame an inanimate object for the crimes that degenerates commit. Bring back the death penalty and kill the gangbangers and white trash. YES they deserve death.

1976 days ago

NDN DOGG!!    

you have got to be kidding me!!!!....they "shot" back with "paintballs"!!!!!...that is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time!!!

1976 days ago


Hey Lou @ 9:55am april 22, You want to make the world a better place Get Realistic. Guns are inert. It is the human mind that determines intent. Perhaps we should Melt down All Criminals. Would'nt that make the world a better place. The gun is an equilizer. It is the peoples right to defend themselves, with guns.To disarm the people would only better serve a criminal's ajenda.

1976 days ago

NDN DOGG!!    

paint abll gun?!?!?....that is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time!!!

1976 days ago


The show is a waste.

1976 days ago

Jerry Williamson    

If Dog and these other bail bondsmen (what they actually are) would stop bailing these criminals out they wouldn't have to hunt them down. Of course then they wouldn't be getting rich off the 15% or more of the actual bond they get which is their fee for going the bail to get them out of jail to begin with..

1976 days ago


That paint ball gun is loaded with pepper balls.
Don't be nearby when the Chapman family lets go with those things.
Dawg has a felony conviction from his young hell-raising days in Texas.
Some guy looking for a fight got it and died in the brawl.
Result Dawg don't use firearms,
He has been asked why he would continue with this stuff just for a Reality TV show.
Man, the TV show is just an offshoot. Dawg has been a most successful bail bondsman (Dog, Duane, Beth,
Baby Lisa, the Skinny Assed Brother and a couple other family members. The show just helps pay expenses running between Colorado and Hawaii, and finances expansion of the family business.
In addition to making local celebs out of people who are usually regarded as less than front parlor society anywhere.
Every kid in Hawaii and along Colorado's Front Range hops at the chance to get on Bounty Huntetr and they don't even have to pay for information. Just give the kid time in front of the camera.
But, the important thing, the Chapmans make an honest effort to help these people rather than just throwing them back in the slammer and marking them off as acceptable clients.
Now that is different for bondsmen. Run the people to earth, shove their noses into the carpet or into the bathroom floor next to the stool, haul them out with arms cuffed at the back. Wash the pepper spray out of their eyes, give 'em a cigarette, make sure they aren't going into thejail with drugs and gear on them -- and tell them they will get them out in the morning after they see the judge. BUT MAN, DON'T BE STUPID AGAIN, TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS.

1976 days ago

frick dog    

the shows a joke,and yes so are its characters,from the burned out clown dog to his fat x pole dancer wife ,and his boy who probably wouldnt have two nickles to rub together,and his scary un sure daughter, and wtf??with the hair?? and dumb ass crook could see that hair from another state,and beths grunting as she hauls thosse big tits around,also a @e didnt have the class to remove the stupid show after,the racist rant,they give white trash a bad name.

1976 days ago


yes dog is a convicted felon and cannot carry a firearm but that isnt the only reason they carry the paintball guns, they carry them because its a non lethal way to stop someone from being violent instead of putting a round in their head. Just think about it if the only reason that they carried paintball guns was just because Dog is a convicted felon dont you think his son and everybody else on the show that carries one would be carry a pistol or some other type of weapon other than a paintball gun????

1976 days ago


Photo shows what a deer in headlights looks like. Did they find a gun.......well no, or was it an airsoft gun.....probably. Anyway "dog" (note the lower case d) now needs to change his name to puppy or puddles. To sum it up this is the dumbest story I have ever read about a family of morons.

1976 days ago
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