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'Sopranos' Star Calls In a Hit Over Miss Cali

4/22/2009 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who played Johnny Sack is so pissed off about the Miss California controversy -- he called in to the TMZ tipline to unload!

Johnny Sack - Play audio

According to our first celebrity voicemail, Vince Curatola is furious with certain people (blogger Perez Hilton, in particular) for bashing Miss California Carrie Prejean after she voiced her opinion on gay marriage -- calling the attacks "disgusting."

Curatola even issued Perez a challenge -- "I wish he'd come after me that way."


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stupid women & the religious right    

228. How come whenever the homosexuals talk about their lifestyle and convictions, we respect them yet when we talk about ours, they go great lengths to disrespect us?

Posted at 9:46AM on Apr 24th 2009 by PoliticsIsdirty

This is funny. You claim that "we" (you and your other personalitites, or fellow bigots?) respect homosexual lifestyles and convictions.. and then turn around and contradict yourself immediately. Talking about YOUR convictions? You mean the convictions that tell you it's wrong for two people who love eachother to marry if they happen to be the same sex? Do you even realize how stupid and offensive you are? Your convictions are, plain and simple, disrespectful of an entire group of people and what should be their rights, whereas their lifestyle likely has little to no effect on you personally.. but you just feel better (like miss tupperware-chested Cali) claiming biblical correctness...

2005 days ago


Who the hell says you have to be politically correct? There is not such thing, but a whim of the news media and the liberals. People like Perez Hilton don't know how to be polite. If he didn't want her opinion he shouldn't have asked for it. He asked, and she gave it to him with both barrels. Carrie Prejean should sue Perez Hilton for expressing her sexual orientation and expressing her "freedom of speech." Freedom of speech isn't only for liberals, but obviously Perez Hilton believes it is only for him.

2004 days ago

queen elizabeth    

NICELY DONE!!! I'd share a cannoli with him any day! Perez oughtta chill out and go somewhere that free speech isn't part of the constitution...

2002 days ago


Perez: you ask the question, be ready to receive an answer. If you did not want that answer then don't ask the question. What sort of guy makes himself famous by naming himself after Paris Hilton of all people. What a loser and a joke. Perez God don't like ugly and that means YOU!!!!!

2001 days ago

Mom of 4    

She should have won. She was asked her opinion and she gave it. Good for her. More people should be like her. Doesn't make her a bad person regardless what her position on gay marriage is. It is her right as an American to have her own opinion and to express it freely.

2000 days ago

Mom of 4    

Here is the e-mail listed for contact on the MissUSA website: Tell them how you feel directly.

2000 days ago
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