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Tyrese's Prenup -- Ex Gets Nada

4/22/2009 5:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the prenup between Tyrese Gibson and his soon-to-be ex Norma Gibson -- and from the looks of it, she won't be getting much when it's all said and done.

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According to the docs, Norma doesn't get a piece of any of Tyrese's possessions -- not his production company, not his cars, not his house ... nothing.

The prenup does state that Norma would get a lump sum of $50,000 for every year they were married -- maxed out at 10 years. The couple was only married 10 months.

How's this for brutal? The prenup says that if either side files for separation or divorce, Norma has to move out of the house within 60 days -- or else Tyrese can get a court order to make her move out.


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single? holla!

I love you Ty!

1919 days ago


she didnt work cuz she was pregnant and gave birth to his child!!!!! - a shame, meanwhile word is he's trading in his beautiful black wife/mother of his child for some white skank.

1919 days ago


Very smart indeed!!! Everyone should take a lesson from Tyrese!

1919 days ago


Go Tyrese!!! Bitch shouldn't get a cent!

1919 days ago

telefoneman from BGOL    

at #93, thanks for a well thought out comment. glad to see not at there are sisters out there with common sense.

to the rest of you. are you even reading what your typing? "she must've been stupid", "he's cruel blah, blah, blah"?
i'm not going to stoop down to your levels and proceed with name calling or making general assumptions of bitches are this bitches are that, but i will say that many of you are showing your true colors on here. lol, seriously many of you are mad that she signed a prenup and is not getting anything for being with him for only 10 months.

i have no clue as to what caused their breakup nor do i care, but a few months does not entitle you to half of your partners income/wealth. at least see it for that..

and prenups do not mean he/she doesn't love you. it means the party wishes to protect assets made mostly before and so much made after the fact. I have a prenup in place with my wife to protect my assets prior to the fact. she wasn't less of a person for signing it nor was i less of a person for having one.

"if" i had married a scheming vindictive type of woman her taking "half" would do more then take away from me financially. It would put a lot of people of of work as i employ a large workforce for my company. should my employees suffer because me and my wife decided not to remain together? of course not. there is more to a prenup then most of your assumptions of it being a tool to screw women over. and like the commenter at #93 said, get your own. don't be afraid to make your own money if you want certain things in life. your mission as a woman isn't to go out and find a man to fully provide for you. i swear some women are either strictly looking to get with the richest of the rich and live off of them or fool around with the dumbest of the dumb and get beaten and drop babies by them sometimes.

1915 days ago


That's right Tyrese. Do you! Let that be a lesson to others. Make your own money m@!herf@k@r$.

1909 days ago
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