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Paris Hilton's BFF

Slams Head in Car Crash

4/23/2009 6:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brittany FlickingerThe winner of the MTV reality show "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" was involved in a three car smash up in Hollywood last night -- but escaped with minor injuries.

Brittany Flickinger claims she was on her way to a Hollywood party at around 10:30 PM when the car she was riding in smashed into two stopped cars on the 170 Freeway.

Flickinger says she wasn't wearing a seat belt at the time -- and slammed her head into the front windshield. We're told she went to a nearby hospital where she underwent X-rays and CAT scans -- but was only diagnosed with a chipped bone in her leg.

According to Brit, the other people involved in the wreck are all okay.


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It's too easy! Well, here I guess the X-Rays and Cat scans showed NOTHING! Stupid bimbo, wear a F*CKING seat belt whore!

2005 days ago


Was this the "before" or "after" picture of her? Which goes to show you...if your name is Brittany (however spelled)...DON'T run around with Paris'll only end up f***ed up somehow!

2005 days ago


To all of the empty headed bimbos with the "get well soon Britt" crap...I'm guessing you idolize other attention whores like fat ass Kardashian and Tila Tequilla huh? They don't give a rat's a$$ about any of you! Get a friggin life and idolize real role models like your parents.

2005 days ago


"ungrateful biatch" "wierdo" "whore" don't you losers have something better to do than put someone down after getting in a serious car accident? "karma is a bitch" take your own advice

2005 days ago


Brittany is just being a little bitch and so last season.

2005 days ago


Why is everyone bashing her? You dont know the TRUE story so leave her alone, I've liked britney since the whole show aired. Maybe you should get the story from BOTH sides instead of bashing someone. GET A LIFE lol

2005 days ago


Stop posting, Brittany, and go home. Your 15 minutes are just about up.
No wonder they had a psychiatrist standing by on the other BFF shows.

2005 days ago


LMAO. That's Entertainment!

2005 days ago


Dude the chick is even trying to use the accident to look cool. What a loser.
She is saying that she was on her way to MyHouse for the Rihanna party. There was no Rihanna party last night, it was closed for the US WEEKLY party. What a lame wannabe. On top of that she is still trying to use Paris by trying to get to her friends and exes. Who does that? Only a user like Brittany!!!!

2005 days ago


Methinks Brittany got herself a publicist who is telling her to hype herself a bit through creating arguments over her web posts?

2005 days ago


Why is everyone bashing her? Wow, if you need to ask that question you're just as self centered and clueless as Britt the twit. Personally kissing the inside of that windshield might have knocked some sense into her empty skull.

2005 days ago


jealous. shes dope. =] flyyyyy to the max fa sho. sometimes when things like this happen though you have to thank God almighty and make him be your number 1.

2005 days ago

HAHAHHAHAH WHO CARES!!! Seriously people. "Creating" a tv show to theoretically find a new BFF is about as genuine and true as oh I dont know, finding your Rock of Love from a bunch of whores. Paris was built and created off doing stupid things, and if you would expect the girl to "win" her friendship/show to be anything but insane then maybe its you all that are insane.

2005 days ago


why are you people are so mean? i think brittany is nice. and stop putting negative comments on her! you guys don't even know the real story in what happened between her and paris! so shut you're effing mouth!

2005 days ago


who? and friends with who?

2005 days ago
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