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Economy Strikes -- Zoo Animals Forced to Hoof It

4/24/2009 2:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AntelopeSorry zoo critters, the recession spares no one.

Several foxes, bats, antelope, deer and other animals are looking for work -- after the economy forced the Bronx Zoo to downsize.

The Bronx Zoo is looking to close a $15 million budget shortfall, and this was the only way.

The animals won't be thrown out on the street, officials say they'll have to ship them to various zoos around the country.

If anyone ever needed a gazelle -- now's the time to buy!

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1944 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Now that guy's a horny celeb

1972 days ago


If these animals were left in the wild they could get their own food for free!

1972 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Mary... not with all the filthy humans turnin' them into Bush Meat... the jungles... what's left of them, are no longer safe for the animals -

1972 days ago


Send those poor animals to all those who claim they are from africa here in USA
They should be able to take care of them as they are pros and their leader ubama has been upping their food stamp money they can afford to feed the animals.
Problem is they will use them for tax purposes giving the animals names and claiming them as child dependents

1972 days ago


Ok, I work for the Bronx Zoo and we are having a difficult time but it's a necessary evil to lose some animals in order to ensure the continuing work we do and the other animals as well.

for the racist comments, you're an idiot! what does immigration have to do with animals? i knwo TMZ is riddled with Darwin nominees but some of these posts are just plain ridiculous!

The Wildlife conservation society wil strive to conitnue its mission of preservation and conservation.

1972 days ago


I was there recently and I saw an emaciated looking lion, it was really depressing the animals are miserable especially on Wednesdays when people go in for free so it's packed with all of these annoying kids crowding all over them stressing them out, it is really heartbreaking, they should at the very least eliminate the "free Wednesdays " because obviously they could use the revenue and it wont be as stressful for these poor misplaced animals, such a shame ...Zoo = prison we should do away with them and spend all that money preserving their original habitats and protecting them legally from poachers and industry

1972 days ago


Poor animals :( Maybe they can send some of them to the bigger zoos in L.A and SanDiego. I want a gazelle!

1972 days ago


Where are all the rich NYers at? The society people, the celebrities for goodness sakes to help save the animals? Come on now....David Letterman, Bette Midler, Kelly and Regis, all those people with houses at the Hamptoms, where's Ina Garten and the rest of the Food Network Studio stars and big wigs, Martha Stewart, Matt Lauar, the Ladies of the View, Meridith Viera, Al Roker, Ann Curry, all those top brass people at the NY studios -- seriously I'm sure they could spare some thousands to save the animals. What about MTV, for gosh sakes, they just shot their last Real World series in the Bronx. Get them to cough up some charitable $$. Where's the Clintons? Geesh, Bill alone could write you a check and save the animals himself. Jimmy Fallon, and Saturday Night Live (of course that falls under NBC studios) and all the other celebs that have residences in NY that I haven't mentioned.

Okay, have I given you enough ideas Dalma? Hold a charity event and invite all those people (or their people's people -- however that stuff works). A silent auction. A kids day. A dinner. A luncheon. Oh, get the NY Yanks or the Mets over to the zoo for promo purposes and get people to the zoo that way. I dunno, just some ideas for you to throw out to your fellow zoo employees. I hope you can save your animals. I LOVE ZOOS!!!!

1972 days ago


Perhaps Harvey should make a charitable donation to the Zoo. We're sure he can more than afford it!

1972 days ago


Terri, your comments make more sense than all the others combined. Most of these celebrities you mentioned can well afford to spare a couple hundred thousand (great tax write-off) to help zoos and animal rescue groups around the country. I read about a horse rescue group in California that was forced to turn away horses that their owners could no longer afford to feed and some of the horses were actually being euthanized by the L. A. County Animal Shelter! I wrote my rep and senators in Congress and asked that they spare a few $, maybe $50 apiece for all in Congress to help this rescue group. Did I ever hear a word back? That's right, Congress is too busy bailing out the automakers and banks. I firmly believe that the way we treat animals on earth is the way we will be treated in the hereafter.

1972 days ago


Okay, I work for the zoo and the real sad part is the short fall is due in large part to the ridiculous person running it. The cancellation of Holiday Lights, the opening of the dumbest and most cheaply built exhibit (Madagascar) which attempted to sponge off movie success and instead simply relocated animals already in the zoo and disappointed, not to mention it took 5-6 years to complete, and finally the lack of investment in already existing building, exhibits, and the animals themselves. Someone should check into the activities of the director, the zoo has been going down hill fast since he took over. No one cares about the animals their, nor the keepers, they care about merchandise which is what drove one of the greatest zoos in the world to say things like they wont have elephants anymore and they are closing classic buildings like the world of darkness. At least these are the reasons I quit.

1969 days ago

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