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Oprah: 'Aha!' I Got You!

4/24/2009 12:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey just had another Aha! Moment -- when she decided to wage a legal war against an insurance company using her signature catchphrase.

Oprah Winfrey

Just a few days ago, Oprah's lawyers fired off a cease and desist letter to Mutual of Omaha demanding they shut down their plans to run a gigantic advertising campaign with the slogan, "Official sponsor of the aha moment."

In the letter, sent April 21, Oprah's peeps claim they have the rights to the "Aha Moment" slogan and they threatened to sue because O doesn't want Mutual to mislead her fans into thinking she's associated with them.

But Mutual of Omaha is fighting back with a lawsuit, claiming that even if Oprah had trademark rights to the phrase, she "abandoned" those rights by failing to "police their alleged mark" when other businesses used it in the past.

In the suit, filed Wednesday in federal court in Nebraska, Mutual asks the judge to rule that they have the right to use the phrase in their campaign.

A rep for O tells us, "Harpo has not filed a lawsuit or counterclaim against Mutual of Omaha. We hope to reach an amicable resolution on this issue."


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blue pen    

For crying out loud! She's going to claim she thought up the internet in a minute.

2007 days ago


The term "ah ha moment" is ignorant, anyway. The correct term is "epiphany." Anyone saying "ah ha moment" should be strung up and flogged. IMO, of course.

2007 days ago

Prejean is a dumb whore!    

Old Opie is such a phoney!

2007 days ago


Take on me!

2007 days ago


Hey figgin mom used that phrase 30 years ago whenI was in trouble...She'd say "aha" you got caught. what are you going to do sue every person that uses that phrase......AHA.... oprah you are being greedy and ridiculous.....and you expect respect.....screw you and whatever it is that you're stuffing you fat rich face with. she's become the black leona helmsley...the new queen of mean!

2007 days ago


what a selfish cow this idiot is. YOU own "aha"??? tooooo fnfunny. Nasty, fat, ugly, self-serving sow.

2007 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Very arrogant of Oprah. So now all her words are so golden that no one can repeat them. Get real, girl.

2007 days ago


Oh yeah, she made up the phrase---- just like Al Gore created the internet.

2007 days ago


It is such a relief to know I'm not the only one on the face of the planted who cannot stand Oprah. She is played out-Like Beyonce! I used to like her too, but she is just too much for me. There is a reason Gayle is her ONLY real friend!

And, she said that she was sitting in church one day and the preacher said "God is a jealous God" and she took that as God is jealous of her! Can you believe she actually thought that. Give me a break!

2007 days ago

Vick Fan    

Oprah needs an AHA moment herself. She needs to look at herself naked in the mirror and say "aha I am a fat cow. Maybe I should lose some weight again." This woman thinks the world revvolves around her. I guess she just can't have enough money.

2007 days ago


I'm so tired of this woman. She's way too full of herself.

2007 days ago


Don't bother trying to fight Oprah.

2007 days ago


The only reason she has an audience is the free stuff she gives away. Her Christmas show giveaway can come up at any time so people get tickets to her show , and they hope they hit the right show! She is so over...can't stand to watch her anymore..She acts like she is the expert on every subject. Watch her eat sometime...gross....she should spend her money on learning to eat with her mouth closed, and not throw the food around so everyone can see it. Cows chew with more class. But then she is an expert....................

2007 days ago


I'm on Oprah's side. The woman is a Goddess. I watch her every day. We have a black president only because of her. She's given over $300 million to charity, and she's been using the term before anyone. Omaha Bank needs to back off.

2007 days ago


Go Oprah. I'll side with her over a greedy insurance company any day. I admire her so much

2007 days ago
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