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Tyler Perry's Alleged Stalker

Government Ties

4/24/2009 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0424_tyler_perry_ex_2-1TMZ has learned the woman accused of stalking Tyler Perry -- and emailing him about the devil -- once held a pretty serious job ... working for the United States government.

Dawne Wilson, who is currently locked up in Atlanta on an aggravated stalking charge, recently worked for the General Services Administration -- an agency which helps manage and support the basic functioning of other federal agencies.

Before Dawne was hired, she had to go through an extensive background check -- which she obviously passed. No word if a psych test was included in the screening.

TMZ spoke with one of Dawne's former co-workers from their Atlanta office, who told us, "The whole thing was a shock ... it seemed out of character ... she never seemed unbalanced."

Wilson is still in custody. If convicted, she could face up to 10 years in state prison.


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ticked gsa employee    

1. she was a contractor.....
2. she was odd......
3. we(GSA) don't do custodial work...we manage %60 of the government's property through obtaining real estate, designing new innovative architecture, and....more...wikipedia us. thanks.
4. this chick isn't a representation of our entire workforce, obviously. plus she worked in IT....super-nerds can be odd. look @ Georgia Tech.

1999 days ago



2011 days ago


goverment employee ? She fits in with the rest of the idiots & losers in Washington. Number one is obama.

2011 days ago


toofastforyou! is my Gay Lover

2011 days ago


Trust me if a psych test was needed for gov't workers, 1/2 the people would not pass.

2011 days ago


This is crazy!! And Riverboy you must enjoyed being mucked by Bush for 8 years with no vasaline! I see you a brainwahed bum as well! Get over it retard!

2011 days ago


All of you that are on Obama's bandwagon will soon find out that we are in a world of hurt. Oops Big ASS Mistake America

2011 days ago


Beauty Girl. now that obama has told the terrorists our methods for keeping us safe, look out. Hope you are in the city they target next. Just a matter of time.

2011 days ago

what is tyler looking for?    

Dawne Wilson is a nut.

That being said, can Tyler Perry create anything that he doesn't feel needs to be prefaced with "Tyler Perry's..."? House of Payne's script is nothing but predictable and not original or creative in the least. I've enjoyed some of Perry's movies, but many are offensive to and exploitative of African Americans. And why can't he take his success and enjoy it without displaying the arrogance of placing his name in front of every piece? Heck, on the guide that appears on your TV, all you see is "Tyler Perry's", they can't even fit the name of the show or movie.

He needs to get over himself and practice a little humility for a change. And he needs to stop making money off of mocking every black stereotype there is.

Thanks for the vent.

2011 days ago


I'd really like to know from all you Obama haters why you keep insisting we're going to targeted for a terroist attack again? And yet we were so safe when Bush was President? What the hell does 9-11-01 say? Who was in office than? I don't recall feeling safe on that day. And could you please keep your answer SENSIBLE and not hatred filled?

2011 days ago


I thought this article was about Tyler Perry. How did Abama get included in this.

2011 days ago

what is tyler looking for?    

[i]11. I'd really like to know from all you Obama haters why you keep insisting we're going to targeted for a terroist attack again? And yet we were so safe when Bush was President? What the hell does 9-11-01 say? Who was in office than?[/i]
1. 9/11 wasn't Bush's fault. It was bin Laden's.
2. Bin Laden wouldn't have had the power to pull off 9/11 were it not for Bill Clinton. We had him in our sites, ready to kill. Clinton called it off. He was on the golf course and couldn't be bothered. Look it up.
3. Bush pissed away our soldiers' lives and time in Iraq (although taking out Saddam was a good thing), instead of putting all focus on finding bin Laden. Not knocking our military in the least...God bless them all.
4. I voted for Obama, nothing against McCain really...just looking for, you know, change and something different.
5. We must find and kill bin Laden. Like 7 years ago.

2011 days ago


i hope they protect tyler perry from this crazy - he shouldn't have to live his life wondering when this crazee is gonna come after him.

2011 days ago


Thank you Terri because obviously he aint out playing golf the first 8 months of his presidency like someone else was! Riverboy must be just that living on a River and guess what, I rebuke all you say against me DEVIL Riverboy! So there! Live it up in your high society home like nothing happens to you! Its so obvious you are a racist and need Jesus in your life! Go find him!

2011 days ago


Riverboy! Stick to the subject at hand since it's obvious you can only spit out the usual right-wing BS put out by Limbaaugh and company! For your information, the Bushes, through Bush Sr. has been selling arms to the Arabs, and the bin Laden family since the Sr. Bush left office! So....who was it again that let Bin Laden get away???

Obama is the only president to date that has an ounce of common sense in handling this economy and the stresses put on this nation. Since we are slowly emerging from the pain of the BUSH RECESSION, I think all parties talking negative about Obama and his plans, ought to just keep their mouths shut! and thank God that he's in office, saving your azz!

Now back to station identification, and Tyler Perry.....

2006 days ago
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